Sunday, March 04, 2007

Boyfriends 3

The rich boyfriend who doesn't know (that her girlfriend is a hooker).

When Chanel came clean on her boy friend, it occurred to me that the story is straight from the Tracy Quan novel. Even though I regard her as the professional liar, her story makes a lot of sense. I guess it's common for hookers to have a rich boyfriend? Not? And I didn't understand why Jane didn't believe it.

For the "rich" bit, if you are anywhere successful as a call girl, you are not working just for survival, but for money, perhaps lots of money. And since it's not likely to work out, why waste time on a poor guy? And because of self esteem, you are not expecting the ideal man, why tolerate shit from a poor guy?

How come he doesn't find out? Richness also comes into play. He may want a trophy wife, or cute babies. Other than that, he wants to keep part of his life private from his girlfriend. Maybe he's already working on mistresses who don't qualify for wives. His excuse is busy. They don't see each other that often, maybe some weekends or family occasions. She lives with her mother. He doesn't want her to think that she has to provide sex all the time in return for her spouse AE card. She doesn't want to look like a gold digger. Getting piles of gold cards but providing little in return doesn't count as gold digging. It's gifts with no strings attached. It's a perfect match. She has plenty of time to see clients.

How did she get a rich boyfriend? Clients are looking for call girls that they don't (or can't) date. With some experience, she can be everything for everybody. If you need class, it's pretty easy to see how the other half (the rich) lives. Unlike Compartment girl, if you take it easy, by not insisting on charging full rate for everything, you will get lots of invitations to top resorts, best restaurants in town, big boats, exclusive golf clubs.

In Chanel's case it's robbing johns to look good in front of peters. Each time I didn't pay her enough for a pair of her shoes, or sun glasses. But it doesn't take many johns to finance her wardrobe. She looks ultra high maintenance on big occasions, where big fishes would turn up, or someone would fix her up with someone.

Chanel's mother must be beautiful. She had a hard time bringing up her children, sometimes a single mother, but all turned up rather well except for the youngest Chanel. Nobody in her family knows that she is a hooker. Her sisters and half sisters married quite well, i.e., rich husbands. Her sisters have decent jobs and at least one even made a great deal of her own money in the booming years. They gradually moved up to Newport Beach or Newport Coast.

(Since I hate the ideal of becoming The Graduate, who is recognized by all hotel staffs, I tend to make use of cheap online deals to get random hotels every time. Chanel hated that as she has no sense of directions. If GPS were affordable as now, I would have given her one. But once she knew how to drive down to Newport Coast, the areas in between became easy. Before that she drove round and round but couldn't find Crown Plaza by the 405 freeway. Now Extended Stay America well hidden deep in Newport Beach was easy for her - she seemed to know the cross streets well. Or perhaps she gained a few clients in Newport Beach.)

When Chanel's brother-in-law went to South East Asia for business, her sister stayed for her job and the kids. But her brother-in-law would phone everyday and night to check on his wife! To make things worse, his wife would organize girls' (??) night outs when the husband is away. Anyway, Chanel has plenty of family and friends who could fix her up with somebody who is doing pretty well.

Rich boyfriends have higher potential for happy endings. But still it's hard for things to work out well. To be continued next time...

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