Thursday, March 08, 2007

Boyfriends 3 1/2

Alternative endings.

In the Tracy Quan novel, she married a rich banker but didn't stop hooking. It seems to be an awkward story line but perhaps there's not much real alternatives. A banker must have asked her for a prenuptial agreement. Since it's too easy for the marriage to fall apart, it's best to work while you can to save some money.

Rich is relatively speaking. A house by the beach costs a few million. Half of that isn't that much. If you divorce it's less competitive than unmarried gold diggers. Again, saving extra hundred grand or two or three isn't a bad idea.

In Chanel's case she couldn't accept the marriage, which is always on offer. She rather held on to the benefit of having a rich boyfriend, keep the cards and the car, and continues working if she likes to. If she get married the first thing she has to do is to get pregnant. He's passing his prime soon. That's the unsaid condition attached. To her that's the end of her working life, and the end of her life as she knows it.

I would think it's easy to sign the paper and then quit. There's not likely to be a prenup and she would get half. But she couldn't do it. That's plain cheating. She has her family reputation to think about. If she doesn't take this chance, she may do a lot better but not a lot worse. She couldn't give up her reputation for a million, or two or three.

But if her boyfriend gave her a few years before having children, I think she will definitely try it. There's little difference compared to a girlfriend and she will get half at the end, if she still doesn't want to have children.

There's more to it. His whole family is against her, treating her as a gold digger. He doesn't approve of her circle of friends, the circle who don't know that she's a hooker. When he left town for business, she went with her friends to Hawaii. He tested her and she failed, even though her mother covered for her. That's what he needed to break up.

To her, rich is natural, included by default in a husband. Otherwise, did she work for nothing? She couldn't say good things about him. Good looking is out of the question. I may have seen him perhaps - there's not that much good Japanese restaurant in this part of town. They weren't that close as she didn't find him easy to talk to. With friends, she could close the door and talk all day or night. Her mother doesn't care about the smoke as long as the door is closed. I had the luck to call her out once when her hair is full of smoke.

As for the easy of breaking up, Pretty Woman said it all. Sooner or later you will run into old clients, who still wants you, or want to take advantage of the situation . For reasonably unforgettable girls such as Chanel, you can imagine how many guys know her and how many will recognize her.

Chanel didn't care to leave her old life behind. She kept seeing her old friends like Joann, her old buddy. Maybe she is always thinking of coming back to hooking full time. Maybe she can talking anything with her. One day she had dinner with Joann at a place convenient to her work. She never stopped working full time. It's unlikely for anyone to remember Chanel as she didn't work in the area for a long time. But people recognize Joann at the restaurant and couldn't stop themselves from going up to Joann and asked to be introduced to Chanel, assuming she's game. They knew it's a very bad thing to do, but they couldn't help themselves.


Anonymous said...

If the boyfriend of Chanel is so rich then why does she need to work as a hooker still? If it's boredom then there are plenty of other jobs around. Do you have a pic of her? We are soooo curious. Fantastic, addictive blog by the way. Thank you!!

The Player said...

She's a respectable girl friend, not a sugar baby. She got to use his car, got a super duper card from him, but not allowance.

She doesn't have her own money. She lives with her mother, work a little on online gambling as she is interested, got nothing else to do, and doesn't mind having a little money to spend.

She's a big gambler - a simple Vegas fun trip could cost her thousands. I think that's what got her into hooking (?), and that's all her money went. She can't use her boyfriend's card for that.

She got little skills. Once you got hundreds an hour as a hooker, any other jobs that she can do become miserable. Many escorts can tell you that. Certainly she doesn't do it because she's bored. She had plenty to do if she has the money to go out in style. And certainly she doesn't like hooking that much, not at all surprising. She said she kept a few clients - so that's easy money.

Anonymous said...

Are they still together Chanel and her boyfriend at the moment? We read that they possibly split up. why did he finish it with her? Did she want to break up with him - did it affect her? It's nice that she lives with her mother though...
So I suppose that her boyfriend has not given her allowance so she likes her own money to spend. I assume she could save her money if she is living with her mom though... I think that she enjoys hooking but pretends she doesn't. she may enjoy the power that it brings her too. I know a few escorts in the business. Some have totally quit the profession and are able to work in normal jobs & still save good money. They are still young.

The Player said...

I'm almost certain they have broken up. When I was seeing her, he dumped her because she went to Hawaii with her friends, who he didn't approve, while he was away, behind his back. He checked her up and discovered the lie. At the time, she wasn't going to call him to make amends, because after all she wasn't prepared to marry him and have kids right away. Even without this incident, he wasn't going to wait forever for her to marry and have kids.

I'm sure these girls can start fresh. But for her, I suppose she at most finish high school, and several years with no work history. Here there is not much main stream jobs that she can get.