Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The new Dom in training, who got my vote for most likely to succeed, once recommended my blog for writing about but not judging call girls. I felt so like a bimbo. I just don't feel like to open cans of worms. And there's not much to judge, similar stories, too much sex too early, short of money or want a lot of things, boy friends who know or not.

What is there to like? She may put a john into the no list and hang up just because he asked the wrong question on the phone. We spend on average seconds on the pictures that get rejected. We also make split second decisions, whether to walk away, or open the door. Johns and hookers all feel so powerful (and yet so vulnerable), which is unhealthy. Normal people give other people more chances than that. I remember someone said when a guy said something boring or wrong, she would think that the guy is lucky when she is there for free.

Are we jealous of others? Very difficult unless there is a deeper personal connection involved. For example, the following comments are left by call girls on their clients, and the true meaning behind them that don't make me jealous.

a cool laid back guy ---------------- all talk and no action
very handsome -------------------- can dine with him without losing appetite
a total gentleman ------------------- 2 minute tops
wonderful time --------------------- my pussy didn't feel a thing

And since everybody seems to have a boyfriend, that will be next.

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