Saturday, February 24, 2007

Do you smell fish?

For the first time, I have doubts about a blog, this blog. I may be totally wrong. The money doesn't sound right. Or everything is too right that I can write that. Most of it can be considered male fantasy. I did read every post and put some to gender test with simple word counting. The majority of entries are female, with some males. The femaleness isn't overwhelming. For comparison, my best long pieces are females too.

OK, it's all trivial small things, the biggest is perhaps she linked Whoremonger but not me!


lux said...

I haven't read all the posts. but the three or four most recent ones definitely sounds like a genuine working girl to me.

And you know, maybe she's not linking you because she doesn't enjoy reading your blog or doesn't like your attitude or simply don't think you'd bring anything fascinating for other readers to read by linking you on her blog.

LA Player said...

The recent ones contain more male fantasies.

The Whoremonger bit is supposed to be a joke. But then, according to himself, he will not be interested in white college girls charging over $100 for a blow job.

James B. Logwriter said...

I just don't know, but I WILL tell you something. I am getting an incredible number of referrals from that blog. One day last week had more than 100 referrals from that blog in one day, and on the next day had passed my normal daily average by 9:00 a.m. for the same reason. I was discussing this off line with another blogger just last week.

James B. Logwriter said...

Oh, yeah. I asked her if she would put a link to my blog is she felt that I was worthy. Perhaps you did not grovel enough.

LA Player said...

I bet her readers are the Myspace crowd. If I'm interested, I would have created an account there and became a preyer.