Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Let me start with the most promising type that I saw: pretty boyfriend, partner boyfriend.

Let's call him Jack, and his girlfriend Joann. They are in it together, probably from the very beginning. He's the driver, the body guard. That's why I ran into them together once. He's medium tall, looked gentle, soft speaking, with a pair of intellectual eye glasses, sort of pretty, but too gay for many girls' taste.

I imagined that it's Joann's only way to keep him and settle him down at a young age - to sacrifice herself. They are a young couple who couldn't find things worthwhile to do. So Joan worked, got the money to enjoy life while they are young, and put him through college, or that sort of thing. I know they borrow from the Madam sometimes when business is slow, and Joann work it off. It's also Madam's way to maintain a steady supply of workers, rather than everybody becoming freelancers.

It's hard to explain. I think it's Joann's idea rather than Jack manipulating her into working. The last time I heard, they are still together after at least several years. Jack finished his college and got a job for 30K a year. It's not enough for Joann to leave work, especially when Joann wants a new Z3. While Chanel is breaking up with her boyfriend and losing her new 740 'company' car at the end of the lease. Joann was a college girl next door type. Now she bolted on a pair of double D's and carries on.

How do I know all these? You may have guessed. Joann is Chanel's buddy. And of course I fucked them both.

Chanel and Joann probably started together, but Chanel didn't give me the chance to say I knew. When I mentioned that Joann is pretty good, and that I saw her several times, Chanel would say she worked a lot longer than she did. They both worked for that Madam. Joann opted for a steady income and stayed with the Madam and several other agencies. Chanel had nothing to lose as she was living with her mother. And since her face is more outstanding, she got picked for a higher end agency for a while. That's when I met her.

Since I knew Chanel's history by asking around insiders, I didn't like the high end agency fee a bit. When I tried to persuade Chanel to skip the agency and go private with me, she refused but told me she could recommend a 'cheaper' friend to me, who must be Joann. But Chanel never introduced Joann to me. In this case introduction would be silly for Chanel. At that time if I met Joann I would certainly switch.

I met Joann by accident. An agent called me that he had a new girl that I must see. I screwed up big time on the traffic. The girl had other commitments when I arrived. So the agent called another girl to cover for the must-see girl. So I ended up with Joann, and I found out that the must-see girl was Chanel. The good thing was that, this agency was less high end than the agency that I used to book Chanel. So later I gave Chanel an offer that she couldn't refuse, without breaking my bank. And I got hooked on her.

Back to Joann. She's pretty but not outstanding. She is slender with some meat on the right places, slightly taller than Chanel and slightly heavier. I can remember her pale round tight bouncy bottom. I can say that Joann and Jack is not about great sex or are fuck buddies. It's more like companionship and comfort sex. How do I know? Did I say that I fucked Joann?

At the time, when Chanel didn't budge on her high end agency fee, I asked for Joann instead. Maybe I asked for her really because I wanted Chanel to know, and make her jealous. But certainly I liked Joann, so I had nothing to lose.

Of course Joann remembered me. Many girls tried hard to impress me (and others) at the first date, saying how much they appreciate my patronage and how eager they want to please me, and look at me with sparkles in their eyes. Many other girls maintain some distance and remain cool or lurk warm on first date. But if I asked for them again they will change dramatically. They may like me very much on first date, but the chance for average clients to ask for them again is pretty small. So they don't want to waste their effort or emotions. Joann is one of these.

So it's pretty easy to get Joann's private number. I called her the next week for a long session, on her freelance day. They always wear causals, plain enough to go in and out of residential houses without attracting attention. That day she got something special for me underneath. She deduced me with her cartoon panties and matching white socks.

The next time I called her, she didn't sound at all enthusiastic. She couldn't have forgotten about me. She told me in plain voice that she couldn't make it that day, but maybe the day after. May be Madam was around. But being me, I could imagine that Chanel wasn't happy, had some territorial issues with her regarding me, and that Jack wasn't too happy about me. It seemed to me that Jack is always around to make sure that her girlfriend doesn't run away with anybody, and to make sure that Joann wasn't enjoying herself too much. I didn't date Joann again for no particular reason. If we met that day things could turn out very differently.

Boyfriends who know what their girlfriends do would find it hard to deal with. But for Jack it's particularly hard.

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