Wednesday, January 17, 2007

She was the filthiest

She was the filthiest - she would do anything.
That is what her pal said of Caprice, the "A-list", "High-class" escort who charges up to
£2,000 a night, who was murdered by her boyfriend. You can find the link of the article in Nia's blog. The money isn't that great but her clients include singers and football players.

I suppose her pal said that with admiration or envy.

I commented somewhere that basically I do not like the idea of judging people by what acts they perform, whether they have "class". There is safe, and safer, sex, which is a different story.

Getting what you don't get at home seems to be very primitive. But are we all trying to get those? Simply put, I pay to date people that otherwise I wouldn't (or couldn't) date, and I want variety in sex, "classy" or not.

Sex acts include some sort of humiliation, as in S&M. Sex is not only about sex, its about power sometimes. Telling her what to do feel good too, especially kneeling down, on all fours, etc.

Asking a street walker to do certain acts feel very different from asking a well educated, classy lady to do the same thing, charging a lot more.

I was late in learning foul languages. I was so bad that when I tried to say something bad, all my buddies would throw tomatoes at me if they have one. To them I sounded really terrible. To this day, I can't say a foul word except for fuck. I like innocent ladies that talk dirty. Then I can start practicing my foul languages without fear of retribution.


It must be the snow. All the hot ones are coming back to, or stuck in, SoCal this weekend.


caroline said...

You never fail to interest or entertain do you.

I think you could be come filthy rich by turning your log into a TV show it would be the best of reality TV however I guess you would have to compromise on anonymity.


LA Player said...

Very smooth, caroline, but now you know what kind of words had the most effect on me.