Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My rituals

As I have mentioned before, I sometimes work into the middle of the night, eating a lot of snacks. I don't clean up before sleeping because I don't want to wake up anybody. If I need to work off my bad breath fast, I would brush, floss, and scrap a few times a day, plus mouth rinse with hydrogen peroxide, or just diluted hydrogen peroxide.

The day before, I would trim my bush. I shave with a razor along the direction of hair growth, so there will not be any problem to allow the hair to grow back. Otherwise, I have to use those products as suggested by Gillette to control the bumps and razor burns, or to shave every few days till eternity.

At one time I was completely bald, except a small triangle on my lower belly. But you know, it's difficult to shave the balls bald, and the directions of hair growth are complicated. I cut myself at the same two points over and over, though the wound are pin sized. So now I keep the hair at my balls short instead of bald at difficult areas. Also, I do not shave on the day, so I will not have to cancel when accident happens. The same reason not to brush and floss within hours of the appointment.

Some girls like the clean bald look. Others don't understand why guys have to do it. It also depends on culture. To some girls who are not used to this, bald balls mean I am being treated for some skin disease or even worse. I think my unique hair cut don't bother the girls that I see, except when the hairs on my balls are very short but not bald. I was told that the tinkering sensation when kissing my balls are too much to bear.

As for reason why I do it, my template answer is trying to look bigger and longer. But I think with all the rituals, the date doesn't seem so short, confining to the hour.

Then I will try to take a bath before the date. When I first came to Cali, very soon I needed to find the most moisturizing body wash I can find to save my skin. A couple of years later I developed allergy like skin rash all over my body. My dermatologist can suppress the symptoms but the cause is a mystery. All he can do is giving me an injection if the affected area is large, and steroid cream if the area is small. I was seeing him with increasing frequency. Somehow I started applying moisturizer all over my body after every bath and the problems disappeared. I also found out that steroid creams are very different from each other. Once out of desperation, I used somebody else's steroid cream to relieve my suffering. For my own prescription, I apply the whole tube just to feel slightly better. For this cream I tried, trace amount can make the rash disappear in hours.

I got compliments about my skin from time to time. But once after the bath, I went to get a massage to kill time before the appointment. The standard massage 'oil' here is some sort of petrolatum solution. The cleanup at the end is by hot towels. After all that, my date not only complimented my skin, but caressed me and examined my skin at close range. At the end, she was still clueless.

Some girls use not only body scrubs, but a pretty effective hard scrubber. I feel the resulting smoothness weired. I do use facial scrubs, preferably with micro pores, not on the face but on even more sensitive skin - foreskin.

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