Wednesday, January 10, 2007

London or not?

I was shocked by Nia's mention of recent London's price. I did some homework, got carried away, because it's not easy. Now let me finish what I set out to do.

The Internet price for an hour is still #150, and #200 will give you a model material East European - at least with clear shot of face, waist and legs. So it's not a lot of difference from the 1999 price, which Punternet put on it's FAQ pages. So I believe you can get a rather lovely British girl for #150 not via the Internet. Outside London it will be slightly cheaper, with more part-timer feel than glamorous.

With the Internet, I'm certain there are many photogenic British charging #300, #350 and up.

The other reason for my interest is that I'm a currency trader, a lazy one, with some GBP left in my account that I should have sold long ago.

There used to be a London girl, Carrie of Max's girls I think, who come to visit LA very often. She frequented the LA local discussion board when she's not here. Haven't heard from her for a long time. With the current exchange rate, it's totally not worthwhile for her to visit anymore.

The image is a purely random selection from the advertisements and reviews.


niadarkandlovely said...


I can send you some links to some agency sites, of girls that are drop dead gorgeous, and value for money. Are you on email?

LA Player said...

Sure, now that I decided not to take London off my rotation list. aplayerinla at yahoo. BTW, did you tried them yourself ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling you'd like Brazil and Argentina (if it is pure monetary "value" that you seek).

LA Player said...

I didn't think I'll like Brazil, just to find that Buenos Aires is full of imports, including many hot Brazilians. I won't go there again unless I speak Spanish.

The English Courtesan said...

London or not? Definitely London I'd say!

You might rather enjoy the Erotica show at London's Olympia, reading your latest post - the aftershow party has a fully fitted dungeon, or so I'm told... ;-)

Livvy xxx

LA Player said...

Whoa, it might just be enough to lure me back into the cold damp winter.

What can beat a party with a dungeon under the London Bridge arches?

I would also say that nowhere is better than Phantom performed in that little Soho Theater.

Blogger said...

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