Monday, January 22, 2007

Copernicus vs Galileo

They are two out of three of the most influential Acquarians, who are the most talented people of the Zodiac.

Copernicus developed the model that the Sun is at the center of the universe instead of the earth. With his model, the copulation of the positions of the planets became simple. His peers read about his works, but since he was in the establishment, a man of the Church, he waited until his death to publish his work. The preface of his book, which probably wasn't written by him, stressed that the model was something like a mathematical concept to simplify computations, which does not necessarily represent the reality.

Galileo has little to do with the model except that his technological improvements in optics allow him to observe the planets and prove that Copernicus is right. His persecution by the Church can be avoided. But I think he's arrogant, miscalculated, impatient and simply cannot be flexible about the truth.

Well, if you are still hanging on, you must be courtesan material, or for guys you are very much in touch with your inner power and wisdom.


Aldo said...

this was very helpful

The Player said...

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lorddarkon101 said...

wow u rlly hate galileo even though it was him who discovered the basis of gravity (2 objects of any mass or weight will fall at the same rate and hit the ground at the same time)