Monday, January 15, 2007


After I tried something different, Laura, I decided to pick some safe bets. But the situation is depressing. I did noticed for a while that the relevant website rankings kept falling. I thought there are more and more popular websites. After some checking, I can see that the estimated number of johns visiting are dropping fast for over a year.

Take cityvibe, still the top ranked national directory, it's trying to keep it's number up by competing with itself, by offering free craigslist like service in parallel. So I think eros is the top dog now if you sum up the traffic in all the domains, eros-la, etc.

Looking at my area of cityvibe, there are 19 listings with reviews. Oh yes, TER is so successful in some ways that cityvibe can't beat it, so it go along. The two obviously hot girls are reviewed as rip-offs. I don't know who's stupid or who's playing tricks here. The others are the usuals, old, ugly, can be any body's pictures, and cross postings from Craig's. LA has a few more times reviewed listings, but then you have to screen out the fake reviews. It's like microsoft selling you a claimed-to-be bullet-proof operating system, at the same time bundled it with anti-virus software, requiring you to manually inspect which ones are viruses.

Reviews are important but really no big deal. The best is to have real contact with some real people if you are not afraid that some shadowy people have your phone number. They will be worried if you have anything to do with the internet. If you have personal contact with some real people via the internet, it's next best. The worst is relying on the internet only.

If I screen the unreviewed ads that catch my eyes, I usually ended up in taking risks on border line cases. If I have time and money to spare, I do like to take risks. This time I don't expect too much and just wanted a safe bet, until next time.

So I picked Cat, under 20, something like the Disney Princesses that I mentioned earlier, mainly because she came back so soon after new year. I think in the short term, she may be back more often than I want to see her - as good as a local.

She got a suit in a eerily quiet hotel. I should have brought my own music. I was a little pleasantly surprised when she opened the door. From her professional pretty pictures, I think she's near the bottom of the cheer leader pyramid - slim but not skinny, who can support somebody on her shoulders. In real person, she looks much nearer to the top of the pyramid, which I preferred.

I got naked lying low on the bed while looking at her undressing. She paused a little when she was in her aqua blue bra and pantie, kneeling down on the bed. Good move, but I didn't move a muscle. I just liked to watch her undress. She took everything off, smiling, and paused. Again I didn't move a muscle. I like to watch her, real breast, medium sized that hangs well, perky nipples. While I was watching, she moved slowly towards me on her knees. She expected to embrace me with her breasts, but I started kissing her flat stomach instead.

I didn't know why she didn't show more of her legs on her pictures. After years of training, I would think she possibly has thick legs. But she has a pair of nice and lean legs. Her feet is small and sexy. Her pedicure looked pretty professional, long and perhaps extended. The color is whitish that I loved - eatable. But at a glance, while I was touching her ankle with my lips, I spotted some cracks or holes on her nails. I didn't go any further. Later, when I was looking at her hands, I realized that the cracks were tiny deep blue decorative patterns on her manicure and matching pedicure. The lesson is - plain and simple.

When she started the blow job, she wanted it to be picture perfect. She leaned sideways on my body so I have full view of her. She curled her body and legs so her feet was right in front of my eyes. Without stretching my hands I could reach her legs down to her perfectly shaved pussy.

I did the doggy and continued sideways entering her from behind. I didn't want to get too excited looking at her. When she felt that I was not threatening, she opened up her legs so I could go deeper. Inevitably, I turned her over, holding her cheek to cheek, penis into pussy.

I was holding her and kissing her cheek affectionately. Again she turned her head and gave me a lingering kiss on the lips. The last time she did it she ended it with a whisper, "I like regulars."

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