Monday, December 18, 2006

The search

Caroline suggested some music for my next encounter. Pitty that if Chanel is still around, I can bring my laptop, loop the music while we are at it, and see if that works. But bringing romantic, passionate love making music to see a new girl is a risk.

Since the holidays is coming, I have to do something or I have to wait till next year. So I got the idea. I'll blog the progress of my next encounter. If you don't hear any more of it from me, that means it's a flop.

Guess what, our county have such a good reputation that we are spoiled for choice for touring girls at this time of the year. Here is a second home to many of them. Aviance (picture left 1) came back only after a week or two. She didn't bother to advertise. She just left a message on our local board calling for her old clients to PM her. And then there's the sweet Katie (2). More of the same, Jenny (3) and the new girl (4). I never met them, but numerous guys will vouch for their realistic pictures. One of these days, I'll book six of Katie's and Jenny's all at once. There are plenty of these girls, but they seldom touch down together on the same turf. Each of them have to wear a Disney princess costume while walking into my room in a Disney hotel. A single Katie and Jenny's type will be fun when fitted with Leg Avenue fantasy collection. Not much talent is involved. But predicting when they will turn up next is a problem.

So I booked something like (bottom 5). Laura, 5'10 tall, 140 lb. Some meat on the bone for a change. I may like some soft cushion while cuddling at this time of the year. By the way, if any girl include her feet in her pictures, and her toes look a fraction as good, I will certainly book her, provided all other things equal. I can only see vaguely Laura's pedicured toes in one of her pictures. The other reasons that I booked her: she's local, reputed to have nice skin and use a lot of moisturizers, more mature than the Katies and Jennys.

And the preparation has already been started. Sometimes I work into late nights at home. I like the peace and quite. I eat snacks, but after that, I don't want to wake up everybody by using the bathroom. So I have bad breath occasionally. To be sure, it will take a few days to work it off. Some of my teeth are densely packed, the main cause of bad breath for me. The best tooth brush doesn't help at all. So I floss when I can. And then the tongue scraping, the remaining cause. As for mouth wash, the most effective I think is half strength cheap hydrogen peroxide. It oxidize everything on contact, visually stunning. Now there is the traditional Listerine type mouth wash with H2O2 added, for it's whitening effect.

Not that Laura is very expensive and this date is very important to me. It's becoming some sort of ritual to me.


caroline said...

Why is it a risk to bring love making music?

I am not an escort. If I was I imagine a man making those efforts in wanting to create enjoyment and pleasure would make it feel more like a good day at work then otherwise.

Also if it was the first time.

LA Player said...

Oh yes, I'm going to analyze that when I'm back blogging. For a start, even with reviews and posts, she's a complete stranger. You don't know if you want to be romantic with her, or you want to get into the sort of atmosphere as the music you bring. For example, a hard fuck is always good, a safe bet, rather than asking her to get apparently emotionally involved.

Or you burnt a CD to enjoy it with your girl friend together, but she doesn't like it at all.

In my area, first encounters can be rather stressful, or even risky. Clients don't normally bring anything to the session in the world. Bringing electronics is suspicious.

Sure there are other reasons, me or others.

caroline said...

Fair enought and good resoning..

Thanks you.

But what would be better: A hard fuck or an emotional one?