Saturday, December 30, 2006

Re: offending the ladies

Male staff and male guests do seem to enjoy spotting prostitutes. But are they any better than female staff and other female guests? Male staff may look at you from head to toe as a compliment. They may also stare at your flesh impolitely, which they can't do to any other women. Or they just want to pick someone to look down upon with hostility.

I was once in Bangkok for a night by the airport in a rather new hotel, which explains the lack of patrons. A male staff solicited me, escorted me out to get a girl friend to bang, on a hotel taxi, with a hotel driver. When the four of us came back, the female receptionist insisted on me paying the extra guest fee right there. It may well be the rules, but she wasn't at all helpful or courteous. I couldn't just told her to put it on my tab. But we have to stand at the front desk until I paid and signed for it. All the time she wasn't looking at anybody. She got everything done without looking at me.

Since my girlfriend set foot in the hotel, the male staff never stopped looking at her. The staff to guess ratio was about infinity to one. The next morning, the guy came in like a chef to ask if everything was OK. I asked him to translate a bit. I found out that she wanted me to take her to Pataya. Certainly I would have, if I wasn't credit limited at the time. Still she kept me company until my later afternoon flight and inevitably another bang in between. The guy stared at her so much that after he left the room, I understood with difficulty that my girl friend begged me not to allow any one else in.

When the time came, I thought she would prefer to leave alone. Actually I wouldn't want to leave the hotel with a hooker. But she wouldn't do anything else but to follow me. I felt as if there were male staff in ever corner. They were genuinely courteous, with semi Japanese greeting postures, or showing off their English, 'Had a good night, sir?'.

I should feel like a VIP but I felt awkward. She cannot feel any worse, shy like a kid. She was half a step behind me always, grabbing my arm, using me as a human shield. The lobby was hell with a staff ratio of infinity to one. Even my driver on the previous night was there to greet me goodbye. To her, it must be 'if looks could kill'. Once out of the main door, she was alive again. We waved goodbye as in a rock concert, me at the back of a taxi, she just stood there.

I can't say anything special about my girl friend, but I can tell you how we met. When I got there, the manageress brought out three lovely girls sitting around a table a few yards in front of me. I just couldn't pick one. I even pictured how good each girl would look beside me when we go out touring, or dinner at night. At the same time, I was extremely distracted by the sexy young, fit, leggy manageress in her tight short. If I were any more experienced, I would have asked if she was game and picked her. But it was a complete standoff. It was like the prelude to a group gun fight in Westerns, everyone zoomed to the poker face of all others in turn. Then someone opened the partition wall. Like a flood gate, it felt like a wave of girls coming out and stood by the walls so as not to obscure each other. It took me about a minute to pick my girl friend without taking a closer look.


Some girls hang out at hotel bars, and some girls hang out at Vegas casinos. Other than those, I would think girls would hate to be picked up on their way to and out of hotels. In US it would be risky unless you don't screen your potential clients. In some Asian cities, the top internet girls just invade the best hotels, who can't do much about them. They do incalls and they have all the money to pay for everything. You can sit at the lobby just as any other respectable tourist, and watch the hookers go by. They dress decent but it's too easy to spot if you are local. If only they would allow themselves to be picked up, you don't need no Internet. Every time I went in and out of these hotels, the hookers (plural) in the lift, or the ones (plural) waving down taxis outside the door, all seemed better looking than the one I booked.

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