Thursday, December 14, 2006

Heather Lives

While I was online yesterday, I get a "me bong me bong" from LA's own legend, Heather. She was a pioneer in may ways, multi-talented, who was also a writer. Since my laptop sound is always turned off by default, it's too late when I noticed the flashing meebo tab among many other tabs I was browsing. I missed her by a minute. So let me make a quick self analysis on her comments.

I'm totally anonymous. When I was not, I ran into shadowy figures, one went so far as to photograph me with a porn starlet on the first meeting to prevent me from kiss and tell. So this blog is an outlet, when you have no body else to tell. Bragging is part of it, so is confession. But if you look at what some other bloggers charge, there's nothing much for me to brag about.

Can I hold a relationship? I remembered one comment saying that he has relationships one after the other, and don't understand the need to cheat, something like that. Can you imagine that if one is too successfully in relationships, will he miss all those searching for a new parter, the initial thrill, the first kiss, the passion, the lust, and the dying passion? Sometimes you want to relive something without string attached. Sometimes I feel more alive, more boost.

I would call the commenter's relationships serial relationships, each one heading for an iceberg sooner or later. Each one is a mistake. Each relationship is a temporary one waiting for the next one to be better. How about a parallel relationship instead? Sparing an hour from time to time to have some alternative "relationships" may be a way to go. Everybody is happy.

What if each relationship last one year? Two year? Ten years? Some families keep a dog before the babies. Then the dog grow up with the babies. Then when there's not enough room and too much trouble when the babies grow up, the dog is given up for adoption for given to someone who's not fit to take care of it. There should be something of a life time achievement award that you cannot take away.

Men like massage. Women like day spas, massage included. It's not uncommon for women to ask for pussy rubs given the right circumstances. To me it's just a treat. Can you separate pleasure of the flesh from sexual pleasures? A foot massage always turn me on. I would guess in tantra everything is sexual.


carolinebrede said...

I have just discovered your blog.

Previous I discovered some similar once that was abandoned.

Don't abandon this.

Reading your blog goes well with the tunes of Air, Playground Love

LA Player said...

I guess that's a compliment ;-) I like the Levis commercial. Here's the original sample. There's a prom version too.

Anonymous said...

carolinebrede, where's your blog? Surely you have something to write about too ;-)

caroline said...

1. Yes that was a compliment but really not written meant as one, just my thought.

2. My blog is here: it’s new and blushingly innocent in comparison so I think hardly an interesting project for anyone but myself.

LA Player said...

Some sort of parallelrelationship.

caroline said...

Player with your sense of good music you have to also listen to the below if you have not already(I know this has nothing to do with your post)

John Martyn: Sunshine's Better feat. Talvin Singh, Couldn't Love You Better

Thievery Corporation: Lebanese Blond very sexy and in tune with me I should like to think ;-)

And to get you in tune for your next encounter (which I should like you to write about) Ursula Rucker, Circle Jazzanova Mix