Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Fantasy wear

Laura got herself a nice room in a nice large hotel near a family resort. I love these hotels. There's always some guests around. Nobody will notice anybody else. She opened the door in a strapless sexy bra and a very sexy matching throng. In her pictures, she's good looking standing straight up facing the camera. All 5'10 inches and 140 lbs of her looked good for her price bracket. But she wore a see through teddy that I have doubts about. Now that the teddy was gone, I had to burst out "woooh" at the door. Not a gentle "wow" as a compliment. But more like a refined version of outburst when the home team scored. She's not a skinny Victoria's Secret model, but she looked thinner and prettier than her pictures. I followed her into the room. Just when I was not looking, before I examined in more detail how sexy her throng was, she was completely naked in bed.

Working girls had a limited choice of clothing. (Street walkers included; it's all about flesh, flesh and flesh.) For incalls it is usually sexy lingerie, classy or otherwise, to clinch the deal for first time clients. For outcalls, it's anything but to look like a call girl, to look out of place. For the LA weather, in 5 star hotels and seedy motels, jeans and casual top is often the default choice.

Most of the time, when you like what see, it's untouchable. Girls don't want their priced processions being broken, under too much wear and tear. More importantly, they want to keep their outfit clean, so they can walk out clean after a shower, or save some time for laundry.

For new encounters, it's about the law, or the circumvention of it. Both sides are under pressure to do what officers of the law wouldn't. Getting naked and starting foreplay right away are good. Then everybody can start to relax. Sometimes it's psychological. You can do anything but taking their clothes off.

This is a case when gifts are rewarding. They have to model it for you right? Let you take a good look, and let you play around in it. Quality lingerie is a good bet. Perhaps it's too good. I hate the idea that they show it off to their boy friends and other clients. But then a gift is a gift, loosen up.

But soon, I found out that my girls aren't lingerie models. Or else they would have been making a good living out of it. Finding something that fits is a challenge. Then there are the flaws in everybody that you know or not. Even with easy to wear super bras and wonder bras, the outcome is often disappointing. Models have perfectly shaped D or C cups. Sometimes your girl wear it well with all the right curves, but they just don't have the long model legs to make the throngs look extra sexy.

So if I have to, I would pick something like this. A fancy pattern that is visually stimulating and a texture that I can feel. In addition, after looking through several catalogs, I picked this white almost see through suit, a jacket with a mini skirt, to go with the black/red bra and black throng. I will be really turned on if somebody wear that to work. Imagine that I can take the whole outfit off bit by bit, or rip it apart all at once so nobody else can have it.

The problem is, for the impractical suit, Chanel (the professional lier) wasn't keen on trying it because it was one size too big. I had to return it because I didn't think she was interested in getting a smaller one at all. For the very practical bra and throng set, she gave me various reasons not to wear it for me again, like she lives with her family and don't want them and her friends to see her going out with something erotic underneath. But I think she wants to keep it as part of her private wardrobe, not to associate it with anything in her secret life. I had the luck to see it only twice.


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