Monday, October 01, 2007

My vacation

19, ~USD120. Eastern European import price, but doesn't look like it. Her legs will beat all local girls standing shoulder to shoulder. There are a few of these, even prettier sometimes, but the market for them isn't great. Very tempting. I kept telling myself I'm not here for European girls. But she isn't standing up. I suppose her tummy isn't too great. The deciding factor is that she covered her toes - she doesn't take care of herself from head to toe.

19 (claimed), maybe slightly older that suits her style. Import on short visa. Normally ~USD 90 but she charged ~120. Looked like TV stars. But she didn't show much and there's nothing else to fall back on. The worst case is that she has short legs, slightly curved, and turnoff toes.

19, most expensive type local girls starting at USD 150, some doesn't include room, at $40 for 3*+ hotels for 2 hours. I like the delicate look, including her legs and toes. Waist line is seldom the problem and she showed it too. As for the face, I can't wait to let her in when she knocked my door.

That's all for the moment. I am very busy, often doing it days in a row. I'm not quitting any time soon.

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