Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Two for the road

It was my plan to call PL only once at 9:30 am. I was not going to call her every 15 min to wake her up. That would be too desperate. If I came up with plan B, I would tell her that it was too late when she returned my call. If she didn't return my call, the chance that I would see her again would be very slim, unless I could think of another good excuse.

Before I could say much, she asked if I was going away. I didn't remember that I vaguely mentioned the vacation and sex trip to her. She must had been counting the days. She was available but she had a problem. She had food allergy and got lots of bumps on her face. I didn't believe that. She drinks and eats exotic sea creature, some even raw. How could that be? Maybe she overworked. Maybe she had an orgy. Maybe her face was the reason she didn't call me for so long. She suggested the day after.

So I told her I was going away that day. And I told her that I need a good sleep on the long haul flight by using her service. When I told her about my last sex trip, she had the nerve to ask me to see her before leaving. If not, the consequence would be something like bad treatment when I came back. This time she wasn't in the position to demand anything.

I hesitated a bit. It was my bad luck. But thinking about it, I just needed an escort, any decent escort. Her face wasn't supposed to be importantly. I just needed good sex for a good night's sleep. So I asked her when she would be ready. She asked for 1.5 hr, and late for 20 minutes. And she wanted a hotel at Disney so she could see her doctor afterward. I regretted a bit to book her. She asked for extra time to prepare and late as usual. Disney Hotels at summer is more expensive than Newport Beach.

When I saw her, I didn't regret anymore. There were bumps on her face, but it was like teenagers who do not know how to take care of their faces. Her long breast length hair was straight again, with high volume and flowing. Recently, her hair was sticking together with gel, and sometimes too bad that she had to wash it and went out wet. Her eyebrows were neatly trimmed. She used makeup carefully to cover up her bumpy face.

She knew where I was going, and it looked like that she even dressed to compete. A tight black T-shirt, belly button length with metallic things sown on it. Tight long jeans. She was so casual that I didn't even look at her shoes. If she wore a pair of expensive sexy shoes she would have made me notice it.

I stuck to my plan. I finished my coke, took off my clothes and went to take a shower - nothing fancy and kinky. After she took her turn, I could see that her skin was smoother, more curvy in the right places, and she even painted her toe nails pink at home. More surprisingly, she shaved and was almost bald, except for a tiny triangle.

We went straight to business. Before that she declared that I could do whatever I wanted. That's her way of apologizing and making up to me. Of course that didn't mean that I could do anything!

Seeing her like that, I didn't fight myself anymore. I grabbed her and kissed her passionately - more passionate than usual because I hadn't seen her for many weeks. I did miss her lips and tongue a bit, may be more. All my cool plans went up in smoke.

When I finished on top, I rolled over, covered myself with sheets and rested. When she finished cleaning up herself, she hesitated a bit and lied down on her tummy beside me, naked, dangling her feet to show off. That's her problem. She always thinks of next time, how to lure me back. I don't know why she doesn't think of the present. If she grabbed me and kissed me then, it's impossible for me not to call her sooner. But she kept a distance as if a ration would make you come back for more.

Since I could see that her figure improved toward her old self, I was certain that she was on the pill last year. Another evidence was that I didn't remember that she had her period last year, but this year she kept reminding me of her period so I would not call her at the wrong days. She confirmed it. So her breaking up with her rich boy friend story holds up.

We talked a lot with her feet dangling around. When she blamed me for calling her at the last minute, I gave her my prepared phrase, that I didn't dare to book her in advance again. I thought I slipped in similar phrases one or twice, but every time she changed the subject. Suddenly, she wasn't too patient when I was talking. I immediately realized that time's up; I knew her too well.

When she put back her clothes on, I gave her a kiss and saw her to the door. Out of the door, she turned back, 1/2 demanding, 1/2 asking, "Call me again?". Sensing victory, I just smiled at her sweetly. But she wouldn't take no for an answer. "Call me!" This time 1/3 demanding, 1/3 asking, 1/3 begging. I wasn't going to let her off by saying yes. I managed to say something "You are too highbrow". I didn't know what exactly I mean, and it didn't matter to her as long as I didn't say yes. She had no choice but to leave unhappy.

She could have sweet talked me into anything inside, instead of taking the risk outside the door. But in that case, I could have given the full length of my prepared speech instead of half a phrase. And I would have demanded a lot of conditions, most of which she had already promised in the past.

I slept well that night, but I wasn't on the plane. I lied to her. I was on the plane the next day. I really didn't want to call her in the last minute. But since I slept really well that night, I could not resist to take another one for the road.

So I called the booker at the Newport Beach incall apartments. I saw the picture of the only girl there, which wasn't too promising. The booker said there would be new girls on Friday. But that would be too late for me. I took her anyway.

She wasn't bad. Certainly better than sleeping pills. At the end I tried to find something to compliment her. I bite her back and her tight little butt, which made her nervous at first. So I complimented her tight little butt, and her smooth feet. But she said that her feet aren't smooth, but mine are. I think she's right as I rarely wear shoes for a long time. Usually sandals and for this season - slippers. Indeed I find that country girls have nicer feet, while trendy city girls have oppressed or deformed toes.

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