Thursday, June 01, 2006

The players?

Updated Feb 24, 2007

Finally, I did it, taking off the link to this entry and leave it to the dust. Some accidental or occasional players may or may not want their blogs to be included in the list. Some 'players' don't write about hooker experiences or hooker stories; what left? Discussion boards? Do I have to subscribe to 100 people?

I keep track of these blogs but not because I find it interesting. I just keep an eye on what's going on. There's not much to read anyway.

I came across Sigmond's blog when he was about to abandon it. I said many things but basically I don't read luxury travel blogs when I travel on a budget, which isn't small but there's always something bigger that I don't find relevant or interesting.

As for the East Coast, I'm jealous: agencies are not allowed to survive in South California, except for the rip-off types, which are legal. We don't build up references and communities via blogs, but via discussion and review boards. As for suicide girls, what can I say except that all tattoos are carefully counted and reported here.


A review in The Erotic Review has a perceived value of $10. You also get the bragging right, and useful references. There must be something odd about anonymous players with a blog. For me, one can only put in so much extra contents into a review that has to be 'approved'. I dazzled them, I made them laugh, but at the end you know they just want you to write mechanically and exactly what happened with the minimum number of words. And when the big time comes, very soon TER realized that they cannot afford to let guys say what they want on the discussion boards. They rather moderate with heavy hands; leaving the boards half dead and totally boring. The picture that TER painted is as distorted as the big dog, which takes years for the die hards to realize it and abandon ship.

Nightside Johnny has something interesting going, but he's reluctant to be regarded as a player. Sigmund Fuller is way out of touch of popular culture. In an odd way, he reminds me of ex-sugar babies who always carry expired super-duper cards in their handbags; can't forget the faded glory. (By no means I'm implying that he's on the way down.)

The West Coast culture is always somewhat at odds with the East Coast. There's no surprise that I'm not a big fan of New York John and The Poet. Either the playing field is very different or we are very different players. I respect that.


The Glengarry Leads said...

I'm retired, but I still look at the landscape. The sites like TER and I'm often skeptical of. When I have read reviews of certain girls, I can tell that they were most likely written by the girls themselves. It happens very often. As I've written in one of my previous posts, there is a lot of incentive for the operators of those sites to be influenced and corrupted by providers who pay to advertsise on the sites. While I think they are generally a good idea for exposing rip-off girls, cash-and-dashers, robbers and fakes, I think these sites are pretty much irrelevant for most everything else.

Also, I think posting a review to one of those sites is a possible future invitation to a visit by an investigating police detective. What if the girl gets beat up, robbed (or even killed) 3 years down the line? The police find her TER/Bigdoggie reviews and track down each and every guy who writes a review about her. Or what if the girl was an agency girl, the agency gets busted, and the police go combing through reviews posted on these sites to assist in finding witnesses and or codefendants?

I always thought it was best to develop a good sense of smell and use your brain.

anewyorkjohn said...

Very disaapointed to hear that you do not like the east coast blogs, and am quite curious as to why.

I just found your blog today. Although I have not finished reading it, I do happen to find it interesting.

LA Player said...

I said I'm not a big fan, but I read the East coast blogs regularly. It's interesting; just that the recent blogs seem too elitist that I can't relate to. May be that's a false impression - I just read the first few entries.

LA Player said...

More, agency is a dirty word in the West Coast. So it's hard to find the right girl to drop big money for a couple of hours, if you only do so once a while. Usually I go for my comfort level prices to manage the risk, so I won't go mad if I were disappointed.

Sigmund said...

I like your blog, good style and very straightforward.

I enjoy being out of touch with pop culture, at least as most people perceive it. The irony is that most of the people who drive pop culture, for example in the entertainment industries, are also out of touch with pop culture, substituting instead their own strange native culture.

LA Player said...

It may be a bit late, but I learned to live with what I can comfortably afford. So I'd rather spend time cursing the TER reviews, than drooling over girls that are out of my price range - that's popular culture.

smokeythebandit said...

Although these sites do have their problems, I think TER and Bigdoggie still do a great job of informing hobbyists such as myself about whats going on in the industry. They still give me the information I need on the services providers provide.

I have however found another good site for escort reviews that is similar to the TER and Bigdoggie, and having been a member of both at differnt times, I found this site tna review to give me something a little different. For one like you mentioned earlier about the boards being edited, and from my experience their boards dont seem to be watched over to much, and they also offer a little more to their members.