Thursday, June 22, 2006

Food and sex

There's something very sexy about raw meat, but first of all, this post is mostly about off beat food, little about sex.

I have written about the girl in common with me, who couldn't turn down Blue Fin and Yellow Tail Belly. Yes, my favorite food is sashimi. But I'm not sure I should call it that: I cut up my own raw fish. It's not as good looking, but it's unmistakably Japanese. Nobody else in the world would eat raw fish as the top dish.

I am trying to be a simpler man. I wasn't too sophisticated to begin with, but now I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a simple man. The amount of Blue Fin I would like to eat in a meal would bankrupt me very soon. So my favorite fish is Alaska Salmon. It's available in numbers in the supermarkets in August. But it can be found sometimes in Trader Joe. The way they do it, if it's there it's there; if not, you have to wait for some unknown time. It's deep red, it's totally lean as Tuna. As I understand it, Tuna is a borderline specie for mercury levels. Salmon and in particular Alaska Salmon should be healthier.

The only problem is that, any other Salmon, even most Tuna, taste like fat pork in comparison. The exception is Atlantic wild Salmon, also available from Trader Joe. And if both are not available, he would soothe your agony by Norwegian farmed Salmon, which claimed to have no coloring, anti-biotic, etc. It tastes OK too. There's also wild Pacific Socket Eye Salmon in summer, but they are as rare as Alaska Salmon.

There's something very sexy about raw meat. My second favorite food is rare Black Angus New York Strip. I like to generate intense heat with my barbecue, and drop the steak on it for a little while so as not to burn the whole thing. So to me it's not only rare, but bloody. With less heat and long cooking time, the taste is just different. This is my second favorite because I couldn't beat the restaurants. I understand that they have to hang the steak for a long time at some temperature to drain the blood and for the flavor. But I like bloody. Some steak houses don't even dare to offer rare steaks anymore. It's the same as that some oyster bars won't allow taking away the oysters, but anything else will be OK. It's a liability.

But now Trader Joe has some Iowa steak occasionally. It looks purely raw, but I think they have gone through the restaurant process somewhat. The flavor is comparable to restaurants even if you broil it with high heat. There is one thing that I can beat the steak houses. I can gobble up a bottle of Burgundy at home with no worries.

I don't like white wine at all, not even Champagne, unless it's very dry. Perhaps it doesn't go well with any of my favorite food. I like red, most quality red, including Chianti. I prefer European wine. It's strange that respectable wine become cheap imports in California. CA wine is good, but can't be all that good. I prefer French, which doesn't have the thick grape taste, but taste more alcoholic.

With sashimi, I like lightly chilled Beaujolais. The large bowl of ice that often comes with the chef's sashimi is well suited to chill the wine as well. But sadly, most authentic Japanese restaurants don't serve that.

I talked about gobbling, but I'm actually a bad drinker. If I drink a glass or two, I will go to sleep, or the sex will suffer. So I have an excellent alternative - the only brand of non-alcoholic beer from Trader Joe. They brew it the same way as their brand of premium Germany beer, but taking away the alcohol at the end. It's the best non-alcoholic out there. More than that, I don't miss beer anymore - it's not second best. So now I'm very American, a 'beer' and a steak. But the 'beer' goes well with sashimi too.

I suppose I fit the profile of attractive clients as described in various escort blogs. (Hey you, why are you laughing so hard? Have you met me?) But since I started to enjoy a bottle to two a day of 0.5% non-alcoholic beer, I acquired a beer belly. My regular girl saw it growing and always made fun of it. May be I really need to start working out - that would be a good excuse without arousing suspicion.

Like Alaska Salmon, summer comes with abundance of girls. Time to celebrate with 0.5% alcohol beer, Burgundy, Californian Cabernet, cool Beaujolais or Sangria. I have simple tastes.

A little more about sex in part two.


Clandestine Call Girl said...

Next time you grill a steak, use a pointed knife and stab the fat around the outside a bit. The heat will get into the fat and gristle, melting it, softening it, so it's like butter.

I can grill like a man, even with a Weber grill and charcoal!


LA Player said...

"I can grill like a man" that would be a good ad title for specials offered at slow days: Father's Day, 4th July, Superbowl. And who could resist if you can host a barbecue date?

Clandestine Call Girl said...

Except, I never go "on sale" (I'm better than that) and what's a slow day? ;)


Gillette said...

Isn't Trader Joe's the best? Great fish, great wine...just GREAT! There is one in my town now, but until then I knew every Trader Joe's off of every major highway from Sacramento to LA, San Francisco to Carmel and would stock up whenever I went past on a trip.

Sounds like you would rival the Japanese I have seen eating sashimi at restaurants. I am in awe of the amount of raw feesh they can consume.


LA Player said...

Now I know, on Father's Day, where many guys sneak out for a couple of hours to spend their gift cards - CCG's hardware store.

I never thought of that, because my town is 20 minutes via toll road away from the freeway. So I looked up Trader Joe's locations. There are sufficient numbers for road trips, but it depends on your luck: there's still only one in San Diego.

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