Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Escort advertising

Escort advertising sites world ranking


The top sites above aren't doing badly, as English sites are dropping while other language sites keep rising up in world ranking.

CL Craig's List isn't primarily an escort advertising site, but it actually is. You can count the handful of posts in say jobs, and compare to the hundreds of posts per hour in the erotic service section. It's free.

TER The Erotic Review is an escort review site paid for by membership subscriptions. But for your own benefit, players and playmates alike, treat reviews as advertising and you can go no wrong. The traffic is probably more than all the other escort malls combined.

CV City Vibe learns from CL. In the beginning, if CV sees pretty pictures in CL, they will invite the author to advertising on CV classified. It's free for everybody but few read it. At first it seems contradicting, the free classified in CV competes with it's own paid advertising. But it's exactly like CL. CV hope to boost the traffic rank with the free advertising section. There's no way for outsiders to tell whether people read the paid advertising or read the classified. Without a boost, who would want to pay? CL is free and lots of readers. If you ask somebody to write a review for you in TER, it's much more effective. All you need is a free homepage somewhere.

TBD The big doggie is formally dead. So please don't bother about reviews there and don't post your touring dates there - nobody read it.

CL has big problems because they don't give a dam about the escorts section; they don't make money out of it. But they will do their best to keep up the traffic, without it they are nothing.

Personally I have simple software tools to deal with CL to make life easier. It's a sort of custom download accelerator so you don't have to click on the title of every post to see the content. I surf CL as well as other malls, but CL is just much more interesting. Calling someone up is a totally different matter.

Now some online newspaper are copying the CL model. They allow much higher resolution pictures. If you pay up, you can have bigger ads in better locations.

200 x 10 x 5 x 50 = half a million
That's the formula to make half a million in a year tax free, in 50 weeks, 5 days a week, 5 hours a day for $200 per 30 minutes.

It's not good nor bad. And of course it's not sustainable. But that's the idea, you can even make more. All the tools are available for you to do it compared to a couple of years ago, or may be just last year. You can spread the money over several years or more, but the risk is much greater.


Anonymous said...

Too bad you're not in Seattle... we have www.thereviewboard.net which is pretty well written IMO.

LA Player said...

TER was once good. San Fran RB still has it's fans. TER started in LA and went on to conquer all the states, and became another bad dog.

mona said...

I agree with all of your statements. I am a female escort myself, and I have experience with and/or have been reviewed on all five of the sites you mention in this post. I use craig's list most for advertising, because as you stated, it is simply the best option out there that is totally free and that allows for maximum exposure. TER does have quite a bit more credibility than the others, but that's mostly because it is a national review board, rather than a local site. I was sad to see that the old Craig's List Review Board was shut down a while back...I think the pathetic attempt at creating its carbon copy (TNA Board) and starting fresh with nothing, was not the best idea...anyhow, you don't find much written on this topic, or anything related really...so it was nice to "stumble upon" something with some familiarity in the electronic ether.

The Player said...

Thanks for your validation. It would be even better if you have a profile so I know you are a true escort. Best of all I'm thinking of sex all the time now and I love to see somebody looking that great. (Warning: my picture is just an avatar)

miss lasy said...

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Rani said...

The only problem with these website ranking is the question - exactly how well targeted are then and do the masses of escorts on their sites get the correct exposure?

The Player said...

For exposure small ad sites are bad news, I would think. It's a problem advertising these small escort sites. For the big escort sites, they are there for years and people know where to find them, basically they are indexing sites. Hosting is virtually free so you can have as sophisticated sites as you can pay somebody to do it.

Small paid escort sites are dead unless you run it like an agency specialize in something, have reputation, exclusive girls etc.

Best is to get into the most popular escort review sites, guarantee exposure.




vanicalove said...

As an escort, I find Eros and CityVibe to be best. But you do have to know the where, when and how. In Chicago and Atlanta, CityVibe is great, but in DC it's hit and miss.

As far as CL, I love it. It's not blocked by a lot of the security programs may companies impliment. It is a good way to find clients who might not be aware of some of the other sites or message boards. Finally, everyone - even those who claim to hate CL - browse Craigslist. Good exposure. Now CL does have a reputation for "trashy hos", but I think of it like a nightclub. Come dressed like a ho, with your assets all out, drunk and willing to hump on any guy then you will get treated and consider a skank. But if you present yourself in a classy manner, are selective and smart you can be really successful.

As for the review sites like TER and TBD - again the where, when and how. I do not participate in TER at all. Too much drama, and the guys there were not respectful. Bad mouthing women and their fellow hobbyists to no end, trying to negoiate rates for reviews and participating in unsafe sex. Leaving hasn't hurt me. I check it out ever now and then and if things change, I would go back, but every time I look things seem to be getting worse.

Vanica Love

maurice said...
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maurice said...

I like all of the sites mentioned, now that craigslist has started charging some girls are a lil leary to post.My girlfriend (i am gay) is an escort, she says its a lil scary since cl is so friendly with LE. She now uses a site called dontlookanyfurther.com and has been getting some pretty good calls from them and there other site ielistings.com

Stipica said...

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Palace VIP said...

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Rachael said...

Finally something good about CL! Vanica Love said it best - even those who hate it, use it.
I've met some of my most wealthy clients off Craigslist. It's the quality of the ad, and the follow up.

One guy off there claimed not to do "pros" but after a few intelligent exchanges of emails (I built my own site, he was a computer nerd), we ended up seeing eachother and having a great time.

Eventhough CL has started to charge, it still pays off most by far - if you don't mind weeding thru the asshole trash responses.

As far as quality responses, Eros Guide gets the best... but it's much more exposed (I recently found a career outside of this and got a job that I love).

A big advantage of CL is that I can place a fairly anonymous ad and remain low profile.

In St. Louis there is a local board and community, but not my target market and terrible reputation for tolerating drama. The meet-ups are good though- I just take it with a grain of salt.

Anyway- great to hear something good about CL!

My site is http://RachaelBenedict.com

Escorts said...

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R Bunny said...
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R Bunny said...

I have advertised in San Francisco with Verified Playmates- San Francisco Escorts and it has been working for me so far. Other smaller sites, have been not been working for me.

Anjelyze said...


Donovan said...

Great post, never expected to see Craigslist (CL) at the top. I know CL definitely gets tons of traffic but where I'm from (Vegas) the girls are shaky on using it. Surprised Backpage isn't up there with CL as well, if you do a search for many of the primary keywords in the different cities e.g. Birmingham Escorts, San Diego Escorts, etc. you'll see those sites up there with other escort malls like eros, cityvibe, girl-directory, etc.

I want to get a plug in if I can, I just released a new site that I offer Free Escort Advertising, there's paid accounts of course but being a new site I know I need to drive traffic, and the right kind of traffic to all the Independents advertising.

I've ran and run a few successful escort campaigns, probably the most notable is www.lasvegasescorts.com which I designed and do the marketing for.

If anyone's interested in XOXO please stop by and create a free ad, you can always reach me directly by clicking any links on the site that say "webmaster". Thanks for allowing this plug, all the best in 2010!


Luna Londyn said...


Hardly comment but wanted to here because it was damned hard to find an honest review about advertising sites from escorts and sex workers themselves. Thank Goodness!

I've been in the industry for over five years to varying degrees, but I recently started escorting professionally. When I first started out, I didn't have a website or high profile pictures. I posted on CL with just my words and what I had and received bookings from both upper and middle class clients. Deleted the rest of the trash. I also posted different types of ads... fetish, companionship, dating, etc and that helped tremendously.

Once I earned more money, I quickly jumped on the bandwagon and gave all of the advertising sites listed here a try for 1-2 months. As mentioned, TER was completely unprofessional, catty. Someone who conducts biz utr doesn't need reviews; it merely helps. I only participate on BESTGFE, which is actually an EXCELLENT place for sex workers in Philly, NJ, and NYC. However, if you are in NYC our average price here is more than what clients expect in Philly; but, if continue to talk on the forum and advertise (cheaper than Eros), than you should receive good clients. Is there drama? Of course cuz it's a forum. But admin and those who participate on the thread try to diffuse as best as they can.

If you're worried about LE, then ditching CL altogether is a bad idea. Sites like Eros are like CL but much more expensive. Regardless, they attract LE (I've gotten calls). Also Bait n Switch deters clients from trying out new girls on Eros so that doesn't help someone like me. They actually raised their ad rates recently so I decided to end my marketing there. Although I did receive promising clientele, they were VERY few and far in between. Since I live in Manhattan, you would think Eros would be worth but it isn't. Cityvibe and Big Doggie didn't get me a single phone call and BP, well... it's BP.

Very true... Certain cities for ad sites yield different results. Good luck to everyone here!! :)


Hot Chakras said...

I agree with just about everything Luna stated. "Certain cities for ad sites yield different results."

And although Eros brings you good clientele, their notorious nickel and diming and raising fees are a turn-off. I haven't advertised there in a year.

Snow birds are coming in South Florida and I am debating whether to advertise Eros this winter or not. There are a couple of new free sites that's bringing me calls but they announced that they will be charging at the start of the new year.

TheGoodyStore said...

I have been using backpage and cityvibe lately. I used to use eros.com but there prices are continually going up.

There is a new site that I learned about at the AVN Expo, they are called www.TheGoodyStore.com. The site is looking really nice, they have very diverse content, and are offering a free month for all adult entertainers. It is worthy of a check out :)

Hope that is helpful.

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computathugz said...
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JT said...

I have come across a site that is not bad and very inexpensive..

assured companions dot com and it also addresses a lot of security concerns within the industry

judyn said...

It seems that CL does not allow advertising for escorts anymore. There is one site where you can advertise anywhere in the USA and Canada. The site is www.freenationaladvertising.com

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