Sunday, June 11, 2006

Dear Jessie Parker

Posted by capps , 6/10/2006 1:53:15 AM

Really Strange, for 2 months and 10 days. This business has changed???? Or is it me???? I'm still hot and in love sex. Last time I posted this, people said have a special. If you go to my website I STATE "My prices are NOT carved in stone anywhere" and that has been on my website forever. I've had to post on CL and see odd men for low prices!!!!!! What happened to all the GREAT MEN from TER????? Jessie Parker, still here in Newport Beach.....Just a little lonely.

Website rate: 275 / 30 min, 500 / 60 min

You can say that business has changed. Newport Beach is a little unusual. There always have been only a handful of escorts in the whole county advertising publicly. Most are over 35 but still attractive for that standard. They are highly overcharging for LA standards. If you have time for the traffic, LA is a better place. For that sort of price, if people have time, east coast guys will fly to Europe, or Argentina, even Far East. LA is peculiar, it takes almost the same time to fly to all those places, hard luck.

These girls rely on regulars - they stand no chance for visiting girls. In the past there are occasionally girls from Canada, who would take a detour to Newport Beach areas when they visit LA. Now there are constant supply of Canadian girls forming a permanent presence. And then there is CL. Most girls are visiting, or on permanent tour. If not, they are on a day and off several days, it's as good as visiting. For visiting girls, there are more varieties, better looking, younger, do more, and charge cheaper. They have to make it irresistible for guys to call up while they are in town.

Local girls like Jessie offering half hours do not make sense. CL girls charge at most $200 for half, model material at 18, not model material at 38.

So it have to be well off older (>>38) gentlemen who are comfortable with the high charge than LA. There aren't that much. There are, but probably not slaving through Internet escort malls and TER.

And then there's the 'sure thing' factor. In the past, TER gives you confidence, and there's only a handful advertising in NPB areas and got good reviews. Now there are other cheap review sites that do not cost you $20. It doesn't need to be a lot of 'sure things'. There only need to be a few, sufficient to represent types of girls that guys will go for.

And then there's the myth that you pay more to be safer. Well, if you engage in 'went the extra mile' activities, you will feel better if you pay more, but are you really safer? If you really want to be safe, maybe you can read the disease statistics across racial lines - there's a remarkable difference.

With CL, some organizations that hate to advertise also came out. You want lookers you have lookers. You want MILF, you get more than you bargain for. And that's the sure thing, from 9am to midnight.

Well if you really have deeper pockets, I would suggest to try something different. Say a $200/30 min young looker for appetizer, and then a 28 year old MILF for the main course followed my massage. You save money by not seeing Jessie instead.

Or find some $150 / 30 min good looking dead fish. Throw her $500 and you will be surprised by what she would do. But of course YMMV. The best looking rip-off dancers at 18 all are willing to go all the way for a grand, negotiable too.

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