Thursday, June 08, 2006

Call girl relationships: random thoughts

I always feel that having any non-trivial relationship with a call girl is difficult. Now you can see it from many blogs. When something go wrong a little, it will easily became an avalanche. Perhaps it is because they are constantly living at the edge, and so are johns. By 'the edge' I mean they respect each other, and despise each other also.

For johns, they have to pay to get any date and get laid. They cheat their wives and their girl friends. On the other hand, many johns are successful and attractive. There are many things that ordinary house wives and girl friends just wouldn't do. Time and commitment aren't what they want to offer. Dr Zhivago cheats.

I think some academic paper says 2% of US women sell sex at one time. Of 100 women, how much would you say that they are attractive, beautiful or outstanding? At least from my own experience, for some market segments, the 2% are disproportionately better looking women. So what are the odds for, say, a young pretty new immigrant without much of an education and no skills? You can use the service of a PI, or a prostitute, in which case you don't worry about her background.

Well, prostitutes suck dicks for a living, and lots of it. They are promiscuous early on so the crossing over is relatively easy. After that, everything is money. They love money. You cannot be sure that they really like you a little as a person unless you don't pay a dime. If they really like you , it's very likely that they will also enjoy their job a little sometimes, maybe just the sex, maybe just a beautiful cock.

Girls dig different kind of johns. Professionals are the usuals, if only they are easy to screen and to verify. At one time it's stock options - it doesn't matter what you do, as long as your company is hot. Professionals can only charge you so much an hour but some guys are having income by turning up at work, and still earning when sneaking out for a long lunch time rendezvous.

Some girls despise professionals, six figures don't mean much to them. It's not much in some places. But if you have a little business, a little shop, that's different. Doesn't matter it's dirty, doesn't matter it's in a slump. If you survive and have spare money, you have potential. It's too easy to have half mil revenue and on the way to over a mil. If you juggle a bit on the books, six figure incomes are nothing.

Some girls, typically had some education and had a proper job, like educated professionals. Others find it hard to communicate unless for those self made guys with unconventional jobs. Single girls tend to be nicer to attractive single guys within 10 years of their age. Others tend to be nicer to middle aged married guys. You can treat them as nice as you can; they are not likely to turn into a stalker. The oral fixated will always praise a big thick beautiful cock when they see one, but they will not charge less for it.

Call girls need the money or love the money? It's all relatively. Boy friends at school at 11. Senior boys notice her and chase after her across grades. Before 16/18 it's rich kids showing her the world. After that it's rich men. Then the most eligible boys and men moved on. What left are men that she doesn't want to be seen with. Come 19, if she hasn't drop out yet, and find herself to be among the long term unemployed, what will she do? Minimum wage isn't any life for her, so you can say it's necessary.

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