Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I don't usually haggle on the phone. I'm not a good talker, and I'm a bad haggler. Once I tried to haggle at a small tire shop. Months and months later, when I fixed the leak in my high performance tires, I found out that they didn't give me new valves that cost a few dollars each. You get what you pay for is somewhat true in the playing field. Some girls will make sure of that to justify their concessions.

On the other hand, if it's up to them, the girls will charge what you can afford, rather than what they can offer. In some difficult cases, it's no use telling them that I read their reviews, and I know what they charge. Or, I said xxx recommended you to me and told me the price was xxx. That's useless. They just want to give me the VIP treatment, and charge me accordingly. I would say if there's any sort of good upsell, this is the best kind.

(On the contrary, I did meet some girls that give me the bare minimum, assuming that I couldn't afford them again. Some told me to call their private number in the mornings, when they were not doing agency work, for a better price so I could see them often if at all.)

I met a girl via a high price agency. Later I ran into her at another lower price channel. She didn't seem to be interested in seeing me. She didn't return my calls. If I wanted to see her, I still had to pay the higher price. We settled somewhere in the middle, but all she had in mind was to get back to the top. It didn't matter to her what her majority of clients paid. She didn't need me at all. If I didn't pay up, she could see anybody else but me.

If business is slow, or a girl needs urgent money to pay the bills, she may offer concessions. The difference is, if she offers specials, she will be grateful that you take it up. If you haggled hard for it, the money saved may not worth it. If you pay the normal price, and play the cards right, she may treat you as a VIP, hoping for a big tip, or for your repeating patronage. If you got a big bargain, you are not going to leave any tips, and you are not likely to come back at the normal price. You are cheaper.

On the other hand, there are so many talents. Who will you see next? Many johns don't see the same girls again, as if the next girl they see will finally be the perfect woman. They can't do anything about it. Once you let them know that you are interested in seeing them again, they are likely to sweeten the deal for you. Very often it's $100 off and the like (when the asking price is > $400). If you book them again, it's a sure thing. They will happily put you in the priority list. Indeed the higher new client price compensates for the risk of being rejected.

But money isn't the main issue. In the Internet age, they can't charge you a lot less than the other guys without them knowing - that's trouble. But they can offer a lot of other things to keep you coming back. Take kissing for example, I don't deliberately look for girls who kiss. If that appeared on her reviews, it must be 'true', and she kisses everybody. That's not a lot of fun. I had this girl, who must be at her low point, losing a lot of clients to the competitions. She kissed me for the first time after I had known her for months. After that, it was haggling all the time. From light to deep, then I brought in the tongue. It was mechanical at first, then responsive, to passionate. She couldn't take any back.

More often than not, I have to hint that I can offer them a lot more if they do what I want. TER is a disappointment to me. Very soon I found out that I wasn't attracted to the girls who would do things that I wanted, or actually many guys wanted. To get around it, I have to offer them very expensive facial and body plastic surgery. It's a lot cheaper if I find the girls that I'm attracted to, and tempt them into doing what I want.

I had this girl who is very non-business like. I paid her a very good price that I regretted. Not because she wasn't good enough, but I saw her more often than I expected. That hurt my pocket. I wanted to tell her that if she didn't offer something I that felt comfortable, I couldn't keep on seeing her; that's the truth. As she doesn't talk about money, I couldn't slip less money into her pocket or handbag. Anyway, she has an oral fixation. So I told myself it didn't hurt to see her a few more times.

It started probably when I offered to show her around her new neighborhood. I said I would take her to the beach and she said yes. I thought it was some sort of fancy talk without substance. But one day I called her after lunch - I really took her to the beach. I offered her coffee and some survival tips - bring lots of quarters for the meters and more importantly, for all the toilets around the beach. Then I went back to work! For that price, an hour in a hotel room wasn't enough for me. It had to be dinner dates, coffee dates, etc. But I wanted more. If I were to keep seeing her that often, she had to spend half a day quality time with me sometimes as a bonus. Indeed, in some circles, a night or a weekend in Vegas is a reward for loyal clients. The fee is symbolic or even free. Sometimes you just offer some play money for her to gamble - and split the winnings.

She offered to cook for me. I turned up at her house at lunch. It would be nice to fuck her after that. But nothing happened. She wasn't unhappy but hinted me to go back to work if I wasn't staying. So I went back to work. Once we even met after work at her neighborhood coffee house. Then I went home. I did fucked her regularly. I just liked her to spend more time on me. Just when I felt that I wasted enough of her time, when I was ready to and had to haggle, she told me she didn't want to take money from me anymore. That's another story. Suffice to say that it didn't work out. As I have said, I prefer to be the ones that are paying, rather than the one that's not.

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The Glengarry Leads said...

I found that most girls "interviewed" me a little bit before they gave me a price. This was back before most of them (stupidly, in my opinion) listed their "prices" on their ads or websites. Anyhow, back to this topic...I found that the price I was quoted was often directly proportional to the occupation I told her about or the area of town I lived in. I learned a bit from this and started being more generic with my responses so that the girl would not assume my pockets to be bottomless pits.