Sunday, May 28, 2006

Double Standards

Presidents playing dumb? Even without that normal guy act, I don't blame him. Everybody make mistakes. If somebody shoots at my planes for 10 years, I would have done something about it long ago. If somebody thinks that he has something dangerous for me, I would take his word for it. Strange enough, those who voted not to finish the job 10 years ago are getting away with it. That's a mistake - you have to anticipate that later a dumb president or the public turning dumb will have to start it all over again.

So I appreciate the guys working for me, mistakes or not. Most need information away from their home base. I try to tell them something as long as it's publicly listed. But sorry, using words like AFB doesn't get you any secrets. In some circles at least, the military guys are quite welcome. They check up frequently, more than anyone else I think. They are easy to please. Some just touched down, was driving to home or whatever, stopped by in LA to get a long needed release. Perhaps the young and the healthy add icing on the cake. I know that some guys just don't bother to change their uniform. If they have trouble finding the place they want to go, and often it's well hidden, other people in the know are happy to give them directions. When girls see them, no screening, no question, just understanding and even discounts.

Indeed I thought about doing just that - wearing a military uniform for an appointment. It's cosplay (costume play) at a higher level - sort of harmless impersonation. I don't know how it works out in LA, but sure it will work in Italy. I went to the wrong beach and became a soldier without any intention on my part. I didn't even look the part.

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