Wednesday, January 04, 2017

The Italian trip

Finally, partnering with a girl who worth the extra fee, I made a nasty sex video with close up organs and mutual interactions.

I had a narrow window to make myself a happy new year. All my friends were not there that day. Even if they were there, making appointments early in the day without advance notice is a hassle; that will be true also for some hotties.

Without some obvious priority, picking would be hard work. Do you go for looks? Reviews? Popularity? And you have to tell the diamond from the fakes.

After a while, I decided to go with my instincts alone. I picked a thicker Baywatch type model, with blonde hairs to match. She looks sexy as hell all nude, front and back, standing up straight, maybe with a little twist of the ankle and feet. To me, safer bets are skinny spinner girls with smaller or flat chests.

A few times I picked full bodied women I ended up with a BBW bigger than her pictures. I also find hot Real Housewives with fuller legs sexy, but they may come with cellulite or stretch marks.

She wasn't even pretty to my recent standards but I went for sexiness. I hate thick eyebrows and the fake permanent ones are killing me. But she had the Brooke Shields look. I hate the eyes of cat woman look; either they have small ugly eyes or they are junkies. She did make her eyes beautiful to go with her eyebrows and she looks very healthy. She has thick lips with a nice and sexy outline so she doesn't need a bold lipstick colour to alter the look. Her face is perfect oval or almond shaped so every organ looks good on it.

Still, somehow I think she might be ugly, thick and short. But still, I went for her sexy as hell pictures.

On the first impression, I ended up with a Baywatch model but more down to earth. She did wear a lot of makeup to look good but not enough to feel like a photoshopped head or worry constantly about the cover being messed up.

The camera did make her legs longer but her young flesh is bursting out of her skin all over. The camera didn't do justice to her natural breasts; I would say they are smaller D sized. They didn't look too good on photo paper but once I got hold of them in my hands and mouth, I hate to let them go. The best is her full bottom between her killer waist and a well-proportioned pair of legs.

Immediately, she told me where to put the donations and showed me the bathroom for a shower. But I had the feeling that she was trying to sound like a veteran to cover her nerves. Or maybe she wanted to see the money first in the most professional way she knew.

When I was taking my time after undressed, she crouched onto me to start the blowjob. I sat upright to kiss her. She hesitated for a split second but accepted the mission gracefully. It started as a lingering light on the lips. I brought out the tip of my tongue and she reciprocated. I increased the suction and wrestled with her tongue. She didn't back away, which I would say "eager to please". My passion went high in that awkward sitting position so I put my hand on the back of her head and pushed it to my lips for the full DFK. There was no resistance.

While sitting on my legs, I work on her breasts, left, right, left, right and then left ... She was frozen for me to do my things as if she was thinking, "Oh, not the left again. When will it end?"

She was blowing me without reservation but her hands were involved a little too much. That when I told her, "I forgot to do something first." It was her heavenly bottom. But first, I ate her, ate her legs, licked them a little and kissed her feet, a little plump but goes well with the rest of her. When I turned her over, I dived straight into the deep crack between her buttocks and buried my face there, surfacing occasionally to suck, lick and bite on her cheeks.

It was so good that I ordered the Italian on her menu. But she didn't understand. So I explained to her what I carefully checked out on the urban dictionary. Pam said she knew it but not the term for it; maybe because she was from up North. Also, I did it more often than I would admit but neither did I know the term until recently, that it was trendy to put it on the menu.

She took it calmly when I climbed on top of her back, stacking my tummy on her back, head to head, shoulder to shoulder, That is a contrast when some girls will worry about you raping their ass without cover when you are facing their backside. When I was cultivating fiercely between her buttocks with my mighty auger, she bent up all of a sudden like having an orgasm. My cock must have split her lips open down there.

"I am not trying to get in !", I assured her talking next to her ears. Obviously, she wasn't worried bout that and reverted to playing dead for me to do what I wanted.

That reminded me in my earlier career of the rip-off dancer who had a pear shaped body. I was so horrified when she started dancing that I stopped her immediately. It was the time when management put us two together in a room like gladiators. They were not legally responsible for what we do between ourselves as long as we didn't bring any weapons, absolutely no condoms.

Somehow I ended up sliding up and down on her big, exaggerated bottom. I was so into it when she suddenly asked, "Are you trying to fuck me?" I didn't even remember how it ended, probably a handjob.

I was wrong to say that Pam was playing dead. Actually, her head was up and turned around a bit so we always had some face time. "You are such a good girl!", I told her with my mouth on her cheek. Since her shoulder was a little up, I sent my left hand in to grab her left breasts. I am more used to grabbing with both hands when I am flat ironing somebody. But since her head was up, I found it more natural to put my right arms around her front. In the heat of the moment, my left hand would squeeze hard on her breast but my right arm would almost choke her neck. But she wasn't worried. I felt the connection between us because she was so at ease even at the beginning.

When we were cheek to cheek, me subtly swimming the dolphin style, I whispered into her ears, "Can I come?" As if she seriously meant it, her sexy voice said, "Yes! If you want to". I don't remember her exact words but they all say the same thing trying to be unique.

I would think we needed some preparations but she just laid there. Soon I came buckets between her buttocks. When the last drop came out, I rolled over to the clean side of the bed. She got up with a big smile on her face, "Very wet".

She went on to wipe the bed with my tower, complaining that, "I don't like white sheets because you don't know what's on them." She didn't talk too much but she was indeed honest and straightforward.

After cleaning up, I asked to take pictures of us naked as an excuse to leave her a good tip. She offered that on the menu. But she insisted selling me the full video package. I was a bit off guard. I only wanted a little souvenir to remember a job well done, not spending a lot for a short video. I knew she wanted the money but I walked out in good terms. I was late and there wasn't much time left. Sex was over and the last thing I wanted was just some naked video.

She was on my mind after the goodbye because I didn't know when we will meet again. She was new here, not local but lived not too far, and couldn't tell me when will be her next visit. I looked at her pictures in a new light. She does have a Baywatch body and she has a stylish and pretty face. I hate myself for not asking for a video first.

Of course, I love videos with me in action but the girls may have too many rules to be desirable. The prettiest blonde had to use her phone, sending me the picture after editing. I still haven't get it yet. Someone's idea may be letting you taking a naked video of them for a minute or two, posting solo all the way. And I bet someone would not allow their face to appear. Someone may want to hold your camera and take your video themselves.

She might be missing me too, turning up on the next Monday. I asked for an early morning appointment the next day but she is a night person. So I risk using up all the excuses for her, joining her in Sheraton for a very late morning coffee in her room presented by Starbucks.

I was a bit disappointed because her Baywatch hair was all tied up, her makeup wasn't stylish and beautiful as I hoped for, and she was in a morning robe. OK, never meet a night person in the morning. She wouldn't be ready. But she did ask me one hour before the appointment to confirm my attendance. That was enough time for her to put on her foundations, big fake eyelashes, and some tapes.

Even though we seemed to have some deeper connections, she still asked me to put the donation on the table up front. I did pay for a video without asking questions. Last time she said I can use my phone and she doesn't care what I shoot. That was good enough.

Just when I picked up my phone in hand, she was crouching on the bed like a pro, showing off her booty in front of me. I got close to her bottom with a phone in hand, almost pulling off her panty when I remembered I was coming for. It wasn't for videotaping a C-list porn star naked.

With videos by my side on my phone, I can tell you exactly what happened next. Instead of pulling her panty, I wet kissed her legs down to her slightly plump toes, licking them and sucking them. With my phone on one hand, I got more excited and nastier. I imagined myself watching myself sucking on her juicy toes. I praised her for not ticklish and then went no mercy for her toes and feet.

Because the tongue is such a small object, I remembered to turn on the selfie mode before going to the other end to DFK her.

I did have a problem in the morning preparation. I was prepared to shoot TWO videos, one close up on the phone and one on a camera mounted on a tripod. But I couldn't find the high end, compact camera and tripod set that I could almost carry in my pockets.  I could also carry them on my hand because that was tourist territory after all. But if I could have only one I will pick the phone; you will not miss.

I planned it many times in my mind. Not more than two seconds after our lips touched, I sent out my tongue. She understood what I wanted and sent hers out too. She really didn't care what I did with the camera; our tongues was licking each other in between vacuuming. At the time she was still crouching like a tiger, turning her head to receive my "kisses". Pushing her over, I climbed on top of her, changing into a more comfortable position to do the DFK. With the camera on, I felt more passionate, I did everything for longer and nastier. The good excuse was to do it for the camera; I paid for it.

Other than tongue licking tongue, the other fetish I would like to catch on camera was licking her armpits. Of course, not all armpits are sexy.  The bare armpit is a soft, vulnerable, pale, shy and sexy place. I got her armpit on camera and went for it. She was OK with everything but she couldn't stop laughing. I let her off but the reaction was priceless.

I enjoyed enough of her breasts last visit but this time it was totally different. As if holding a small mirror, I saw myself groping her hard and licking on her cherry. Finally, I pulled her panty and dived in.

I made sure to capture my tongue digging on her lips, and also my finger inside her. When I was struggling she offered to hold the camera for me. In hindsight, not only she held the camera, she was making sure to catch my lips eating her lips and my partial finger outside her pussy.

The next thing I had to do was spanking her, using my teeth, tongue and lips on her bottom. During all of that, she wiggled; it was so fantastic.

With the camera on, her blowjob was as good as anybody else. She was showing off. It made a lot of sense because it's impossible to forget her with a permanent copy and if I show it to my buddies it would be great advertisement. She is the sort of person not worrying I post her video on the internet. I don't understand but her home being up North may be the reason.

I complained to myself last time she was using too much hand. This time she went handsfree on her own accord. I was watching her on and off camera at the same time. When I watch again privately afterwards, my cock got so big that I had to vacate the toilet.

I asked her to ride me while I caught her bouncing breasts and her full frontal on camera. After I done what I sat out to do, I let go. What a way to go!

She was so comfortable on camera that I wondered if she was a porn star. Or maybe she was very much into me or felt I was totally harmless. She told me she did some photo shots and she majored in films if I got it correctly. "The female body is an art form", she said. I agreed but I wouldn't go there any further. All I wanted to know if she had done some porn before. I was polite not to use that word and she didn't use that word either.

We had a good conversation because it was a very cold morning and I was warm and cosy on the Sheraton bed even without a comforter on top. She was young and into travelling to more places than she had been. So I told her all about it.

She told me about her partying and asked me if I am a party animal. She even told me that she failed the driving test. Did I tell you she was into me? This time, her face was less pretty and a lot less stylish than her pictures. But I will have no problem driving her anywhere she wants to party together if I were single. I did tell her I have a family because it's hard to hide that I used up all my excuses on her after all.

It was money well spent. Next time I will concentrate on the penetration, on camera that is.

The Italian brought back memories long long before I knew what Italian was. First, before I had steady girlfriends, I did it occasionally on the comforter.

Then it was Mrs player at the starting of our on and off relationship over many years. I was so unsure and she was so young at about 16. I was such a good catch that I was approved by her family. I decided that if I had to walk away I would walk away void of guilty feeling. That's what the Italian was for. After all, it was a big upgrade on the comforter, lol.

We did everything except penetration of anything, not even her mouth. It was so nasty to put that monster into your cute girlfriend's mouth. We did it anywhere, tents, youth hostels, the back of the top deck of a bus and she was so keen to jump onto my bed naked.

When it was time to come, I would mount on top of her, try to a good traction between her legs and buttocks. I would work my cock up and then fire away. It was such good times. After the deed, she would have a sweet, satisfying or even wicked smile on her face. She was proud to have some good catch crazy for her. She was satisfied that I was totally satisfied.

She would also make fun of me from time to time, such as making a crude imitation of me at my climax and refer to the Italian position in many silly terms. Pam reminded me of her, so sweet, so at ease and so eager to please.

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