Sunday, November 06, 2016

RIP The Team

Relaxing on the toilet seat after the job, I replied to Kendall's private message a couple of hours ago, saying that "I will, and I will!".  Then I opened the contact list on my phone, at the same time I got a ding on my phone that made me almost jumped; it was a message from her.

To my surprise, Queen announced the inevitable news that her team was over. I wasn't surprised by her demise but the timing. I thought the social event was going great and the Queen was able to delay the inevitable. Attendance was great probably because she put herself out on the raffle. All of a sudden, everything was canceled the day before, and she had a few days at most to refund and erase any trace of her team, before severing all contacts with the world.

It was a familiar story. When the girls became established, the middlemen became greedy, blackmailing them for a large continuation fee or they had to start all over. For the team, it was even more complicated since the face of the team, the Queen must have a cut already for all her troubles.

Even though Kendall stayed low profile for a couple of months, she would have a lot to do with the demise of the team. The Queen recruited her and on whom she relied for her operations. But with pictures side by side, it was Kendall that I picked, never interested in the Queen myself. Despite the good words for the Queen all over, she must be under pressure not to compete directly. She picked retirement, living off booking fees from all the girls she recruited into the business.

After a while, even her most loyal fans realized that her girls couldn't be exceptional all the time. The Queen was making do with whoever comes her way. Some never made it to the big time. Some hardworking ones didn't last long. The exceptional ones never bothered. They can make it anywhere and her client base wasn't that exceptional.

That was the time when the Queen put herself back into the market quietly. That was the time when old issues came back to haunt them all. You can't honestly promote other girls when you bill yourself as the best, with a fee to match.

I wouldn't have bothered if the Queen didn't put up a list of girls going their independent ways with new names, but Kendall wasn' t on it. Even though I wouldn't have much time to patronize her, I was sad to see her go. We never had bad blood between us. I would have seen her already if not for ...

My Lucky Star turned up after so many months after I saw her, having deleted her account briefly. I would have rewarded her but she moved across town far away. In a private conversation, a guy told me that she is the one to get married to. I agreed; I saw her three times in a week! But no, I wasn't enchanted. I liked her character and she was the first one in the line of girls that satisfied me in many ways. The sex was great; she was able and eager. But I could tell that she wasn't charmed by me, not having a deeper connection than a client-provider relationship.

Then it was Pretty Schoolgirl. She was charmed by me but she chose to keep a distance; I took that as a challenge. So I jumped at the chance after so long, almost an absence as long as Lucky Star. She recognized me of course. And her Mrs. Robinson's outfit didn't disappoint. But she wasn't into ordinary clients like me. She turned ups again because her relationship with her last sugar daddy ended naturally after a couple of months. She even refused to get off her saddle when I tried to push her up and off my equipment. I didn't know if she really enjoyed it that much, or she didn't want me to mess her up too much for the next appointment.

She was really what I wanted so I tried to book her in advance the next week. Finally, my charm worked. She was all smiles, kissed me more and with tongue, talked about things and even other girls. She told me her preferred schedule and I was supposed to see her next time. But then she didn't appear and her booking line was unanswered. She is my type but I wasn't in a position to pursuit further.

Then it was Chanel II, of course. I didn't see her because her picture wasn't outstanding. Maybe some clients like it that way. Now she put up some model like pictures, showing off her model legs. Indeed she was within an inch or two of Kendall's height. She is most likable; who would text her friend for a threesome chat, when their mutual client, me, was lying naked next to her? I just couldn't find the chance to see her again because of the way she operates. I did try, though.

Stephanie, everybody's wet dream as documented in the urban dictionary, is real and she came back to the area closest to me so far. I always have a place in my heart for her and always have an hour reserved for her. She is all that, blond with milky smooth skin, pretty, having nice curves and breasts to die for. But the only problem is that she is a safety girl. A deep French kiss would be at least a few months away if I work tirelessly on her. I don't have that much time to spare. And since she is an unspoken member of Queen's team, I doubt if she will turn up anytime soon.

I missed Kendall, and I wasn't the only one, obviously. Another guy posted in a public forum his admiration for her. Though it may all be a promotion in disguise. Then a friend of her responsed, telling everybody that they can contact her privately for Kendall. I did, mostly out of curiosity. But I did want to see her, even more so since she could disappear for good.

Kendall was helping out her friend to start her business in the area. Her friend sent me Kendall's new number and I told her to explain my situation to Kendall, that I have very limited chance to get away to see her. My charm must have worked, again.

Very soon, Kendall used her friend's private message to reply with her own "signature", telling me to save her phone number, and come to see her whenever I have the chance. I got what I wanted and I was very satisfied with myself. I didn't reply immediately because all was said and done. And I treasure her response too much to just write something.

When I needed a toilet break, I brought everything with me for the long haul. Despite being on the toilet seat, inspiration came and I replied, "I will, and I will!" That was the most poetic way I could think of to say that I will carefully save her phone number, and I will see her whenever I have the chance. But that wasn't the best line.

I sent her my number again, writing that, "You can send me updates anytime; it's not likely that I will be buried with text messages and PM's whenever people hear my name, LOL." Seeing that I was so good, I woke up my phone, opened the contact list to save her number. That's when my secret line dinged. It was a message from Kendall, telling me to save her number. She beat me by a mile. She entered my phone number, sent me a message before I even managed to open my contact list to type her number.

Whether she is very keen to see me, or very keen to fill up the slots on her next working day, I wouldn't know. But in giving me her private number, she overtook Chanel II in my heart. And that she doesn't advertise anymore for now while keeping some of her clients begin to look like what Chanel had done.

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