Thursday, May 05, 2016

The classified war continues. Martha raised to the top in no time and was the top target. She also used and received girl to girl marking in the classified.

The queen announced her troops' movements today early yesterday evening. She sent one of her troops to Martha's location. Kendall will be close to me.

While I showed myself online yesterday, Kendall dinged my phone when she was updating her classified. That can't possibly be a coincident. You don't announce your pre-booking twice on the day before, once like 5 pm and one 11 pm. Those following you would have known, and there were not much people around, except you know that I was

I think Kendall has not enough takers early this morning, when the queen sent a reinforcement all of a sudden. And while I showed myself online again during lunch, this girl's advertisement was updated again. Ding! But no, and no. Total marketing, pricing, customer service failure. 

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