Saturday, May 14, 2016

Now I kknow why I have different impressions of Bridget every time. Two weeks ago I caught her right after a make over. The same volume of beautiful blonde hair, but fresh, and not like after work in the middle of the week. More like a teen girl going shopping than an admin.

And I blamed myself for not going after the pink pedicule she showed me right after I entered the room. I even had my all natural baby wipe ready for it. It must had been freshly done.

Now I remembered what she was trying to do. She moved right in front of my face, about a few inches so she could see my whole face and nothing else. And so I must be seeing her whole face but nothing else. She then stared at me with her peiercing blue eyes and a sweet smile. This was what Chanel did to me exactly.

Bridget had those naked makeup on and her face is perfect for it. I didn't know she had makeup on. She did told me her lipstick was gone because of me. But it seemed the same to me. At the time she looked her best. I happened to run into pole position by accident. She was trying to imprint her beauty permanently into my brain. It was like wudu.

When Chanel came right after the beauty salon, she would do that too. But once I realized what she was doing, she would do that with a naughty smile. Happy times! Of course she wasn't doing it for me. Maybe for some other VIP. And for her boy friend. And circle of friends. And her boy friend was paying for it happily. And I remembered she would do that if I was upset or angry about her. She just didn't need to do anything else, like saying sorry.

Last time I saw Bridget, that was yesterday by the way, she had no makeup on. She was still very lovely in a different way. A little more mature. I think she just came back to town and decided not to put up those expensive makeups just for me. And she thought I would like her just the same. Maybe she did put it up later, in case I messed it all up, just like last time.

The hotel was at a prime real estate area. It was large but the rooms are a bit small. After I stepped inside the room, I decided against turning around to kiss her because there was only a very narrow passage there. So I walked right inside until the dresser and then turned.

She was waiting for that, embrased me and gave me a lingering deep kiss. The time that I planned this on Kendall, she gave me the cheeks first as usual. When she realized I was aiming at her lips, she went for my lips, but I was going for her cheeks. Didn't work out.

Then the pressure of seeing Bridget again were all released. There was no other better way to say that she missed me and she wanted me, badly. I was really missing her and I told her so.

As for the sex, it's the same old bad blowjob. But even worse, the hotel pick that day to test their fire warning system. My cock dropped on cue. But Bridget found my weakness or should I say strength. She actually knew what to do. She would leave my cock, crawl up to me and DFK me. My cock would rise again in no time.

This time she said, "see you". I was pretty sure but I wasn't certain. In this split moment of hesitation I didn't say it back. But I hope that she was so certain that I didn't need to say it. My crush on her is diminished a little after seeing her again. But that's natural.

I began to feel sorry for Kendall. Not the kind that I told myself that I should be sorry for her. But I actually starting to feel sorry for her. If this intensifies I may be able to see her soon. It seemed like she was trying not to mess up again when I was VIP. And when I wasn't, she still treated me the same. But just not I wanted. But then again, I can't resist her blowjob.

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