Friday, May 13, 2016

No hair cut today

My enemies and allies were very active the whole of this week, whereas they are usually hosting one or two days. Except for Martha, who is new doing it full time. I waited for everybody to report to duty this morning. Martha is here after disappeared for most of the week. I feel good because if I somehow miss anybody else this weekend, very likely I can take it out on her. But then I have no crush to see her.

Finally, I got the ding on my phone that I was waiting for. Bridget reported for duty, but she is an hour's drive away. If she turned up any day this week I would have seen her. My only reservation is whether I can perform at the same level last time, or whether she could keep it up. There is pressure. And actually I feel relieved since I know for certain she won't be here for today and not likely for a few more.

With all that got out of the way, I started the desperately needed hair cut. Towards the end, the flowbee guard broke without me knowing. Unbelieveable! Unfortunately I was triming my bush after my hair was done. So my ball was sucked into the flowbee and ouch! Now I am desperately putting everything on it and pray that it will heal before Monday. I'm not even going to take a shower in case an infection develops.

Fuck, Bridget just came back. Fuck Fuck Fuck. What do I do???

Long story coming up...

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