Sunday, May 08, 2016

Martha's revenge! For next week, the queen open fired with her top gun, or weakest link, Kendall. I would think her location was to tempt me. But I am holding up fine, 14 days now. The queen must have been watching the bookings. After 30 minutes, Kendall changed her hotel location. This is a sign of weakness and pretending won't help you.

Within 15 minutes, Martha announced that she would come to Kendall's location too. This is obviously to get back at the queen who sent one of her troops to Martha's location last week.

Within minutes, the queen deployed another girl to the other theme park. Her tone was playful, as if playing hide and seek with Martha.

I hope Bridget turns up tomorrow.

BTW, I think he queen tsent somebody to spy on me. I will tell you anything if you just ask.

Update: Today her friend announced that she would joint Kendall in her location. So everybody is there. This is not good. May be one of them were booked and that's the preferred location. Or maybe none of the two was booked. They just wait there and hope.

Update2: I forget to check. Kendall's classified was cancelled some time before start time. It could be a sign that she was all booked up. But it was impossible after changing location last night. I think she didn't bother to turn up. Either way, there's no point to cover up. There's some sort of equilibrium. If you are that popular, some people will be turned off or they cannot keep up. Some people just like non-clock watchers when they have plenty of time.

Also, the cringe social party is almost whacked with a little help from me. Meet and greet parties will always be popular. But it's good for meeting new people. If the newest girl has a list of clients at least several pages long, what's the point? And if you are not already on her list, you should step into a crowd all have a lot of history with her. Cringe!

And in the first place, the parties are for people who don't mind meeting their in-laws there.

Now the queen will not even be in the party! There's no money in it for the whole evening! I don't see why one would go without sex at the end of it. But if there is sex, then you have to aution off the girls? But why would you pay more when you can book her any other time?

To make it worse, I suggested gangbang, burake, orgy, etc etc to solve the ratio issues.  It would not be practical otherwise. I also suggested these as apetizers so people don't need to sit through the evening for nothing. And if you participate, you don't even need the party after.

My plot is worse. If you want to forget someone, it's best to see her in action in one of the above, unless she is as good as a porn star, that you will keep buying her movies no matter what.

So Kendall and the 1st location could be a total diversion. All of the qeeen's other troops went to the other location, where Martha wasn't at. Haven't heard from Martha for a day or two. Busy much?

OK, the queen announce a bombshell early Sunday, that her newest crack troop will be out all week long. So I think she was desperate enough to bring everybody out all at once. But at the last minute, her bombshell cancelled. I think her whole empire is a shipwreck.

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