Monday, May 02, 2016

Love is gone!

There wasn't any blonde on Sunday to do therapy. So I went for leg therapy instead. Do you know how successful was my GFE formula on Wonder Girl? When I put on my clothes after a shower, she was sitting on the bed naked, full of confidence, waiting for me. She looked like she was congratulating herself for a job superbly done, a surprise to herself.

When I was all done, I went for a goodbye kiss. She just pointed her lips at me and I couldn't possible do anything else but to kiss her right on the lips. Then she said, "see you!" with so much confidence. Instead of reciprocating, I gave her a big warm satisfying smile. I hope that's as good as saying see you.

Being new has it's disadvantages. You don't say these things lightly. Maybe I see you five times and then disappeared without trace. I also don't easily say it. Even if I mean it they will not believe it. Another brand new girl may change everything. But I'm not too concerned when I say "see you". Mostly likely they won't remember me if I don't turn up again.

I think she called herself Wonder Girl ever after. I'm good.

Do you know how successful my formula worked on gangster model? She is a very elegant person with some high resolution tatoo on her back. After all the GFE she asked me where I was going. Believe me, I know this things. She was trying to offer me some deal, overnight or the evening. It was a Sunday evening after all. But I had to go to the airport to pickup famiy. Fuck.

And I wasn't even trying to DFK The Schoolgirl. She just turned onto my lips when I was fucking her silly.

OK. I am sorry, Wonder Girl, the leg therapy didn't really work. Not enough legs. So I was preparing for some blonde therapy. Both Martha and Bridget are a bit uncertain. But then I found a new source, and many of them available every weekday.

Then I watched the queen deploying her troops again for the start of the week. It wasn't easy to observe that someone are going to have sex with your girlfriend.

I'm not going to have sex for two days in a roll again. But if I can't hold it, it will not be Kendall. Imagine if I make a GFE out of Martha, that would be an earth shattering win for my formula. She doesn't even kiss! But anyway, she went to the other airport. So she would be out of action for the whole week in case I need her.

I felt a little sadness for Bridget, who didn't announce her prebooking yesterday and didn't turn up this morning. She could be disappearing forever just like that. Then I had to try the new source of blonde therapy. It would cost me dearly.

When I was trying to do some work today, my phone dinged. It wasn't just Kendall updating her classified, it happens every few hours to every hour. It was Angel reporting to duty! Fuck. If I don' t see her today I have to wait for two weeks! And I already missed her for two weeks. She could be the cure for Kendall. What was I doing yesterday?

What could I lose? A few bucks? So I booked her.

You know what? She was excited to see me at the peep hole! And it showed all over her face when I got in. You know, they never really know who's coming, John Jim or Jack, unless you know them well and you have a distinguished nickname or lastname.

Did I told you I like her for her maturity? 20 something rather than 18 year old school girl? How wrong I was! Maybe last time it was within an inch of each other all the time. And we slept side by side talking after.

Staring at her natural, back length curly blonde hair, blue eyes and angelic face, I realized it was exactly her in her school girl pictures. She smiled last time, but not like this, like a curious schoolgirl.

She is a cross between a delicate schoolgirl and a elegantly slim surfer girl. She is not at all big but she is about the same height as me. About the same weight too. I'm very slim and the woman at the supermarket checkkout before us said to the checker, "they made me look bad!" And by looking at her you know she works out, and the result is not bad at all. That's another story. So, it's easy to think she isn't a schoolgirl package at my close point of view.

I'm such a good catch that she decide to go all out to keep me when she saw me at the peep hole. Last time there was only so much she could do without knowing what I like, and how much I liked her.

We DFK's like long lost boy/girl friends. Soon she got on top of me too, DFKing me non-stop. That reminded of the blonde who I auditioned a couple of months ago. I thought she was the one but Bridget is far ahead. The other blonde would go slow, taking her breath in between. Bridget did my vacuum cleaner thing better than me. And she had no intention to stop.

Today she seems to look a little different. Maybe all that much blonde hair on her looks neat. Women do wear that style and that much hair to work. That's why she looked a bit older last time. May be she put on some makeup to make herself look more mature last time. Well, some clients may prefer that, especially for a dinner date. Because of my excellent timing, I think I bumped someone off for at least 10 minutes.

Her breast is perky and young. So I think she was at most mid-twenties. But today, I checked again and it could be more likely 18-20. Her pink tatoo is a bit out of place in a >4.5 star hotel room. And today, she showed off her pink pedicule. Did she read my profile or my blog? I was going to bring out my all natural baby wipe. But then I thought it could take very long. I hesitated for a moment and went for the DFK first!

But certainly, my #14 DFK became escort 101! She just let everything out and wouldn't stop kissing me. That was also for my Kendall exorcism. And nothing of her left inside me this day.

I am now certain that her blowjob is bad. It's not like she didn't want to do it. There is no ruthless in her. It's tame. I was trying to get into my GFE formula when she wanted to do cowgirl on me for the first time.

You know why? She went on to do the reverse missionary. She wanted to finish me off. She wanted to fuck me silly. It wasn't at all the Asian style, artistic ad elegant. It was totally awesome hardcore! She almost did it if I didn't visit Wonder Girl yesterday.

So it's my turn to fuck her silly in the missionary. But I forget that it's not easy for everybody. Let's say Bridget is not as new as Wonder Girl and some others. That doesn't make any difference in my lust for her. Her mind was still there, but she is already a GFE. So I pumped hard down there and did the head holding thing.

Unfortunately, I was still hard but I had nothing to give. Blame the hard work yesterday. I asked her to do a handjob. She added some lube. Then I took off the condom. It was a very romatic thing if you haven't try it. I did it once with Pretty Schoolgirl. But she wasn't a GFE.

We were staring at each other. I was staring at her back length blonde hair and her angelic blue eyes, rubbing her blonde hair on her leg with my hand. Then we started kissing again, the DFK type, non-stop.

Her handjob is about as good as her blowjob. It's not bad but it's just not ruthless enough to come. So I did it myself, wanting to come on her belly. We were still kissing romatically. Wonderful.

After that, we were actually holding each other close. She crossed her leg over me. And I caressed the blonde hair on her leg.

She was waiting naked on bed when we kissed goodbye. I told her don't stay away for too long. I had to wait for two weeks to draw blank. She mentioned about me going broke. Then I said to her, "see you!" She replied thoughtfully, "yes, see you!"

See, we don't say these things lightly.

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