Saturday, May 14, 2016

I thought the queen has something under her sleeve to pop up her empire. But it looks like her empire is still collapsing.

It first came to my mind that Martha is possibly one of queen's recruit. Instead of competing, she is doing the same thing like any other team member. But since she is so different, if that is true then the queen is very much involved in bigger things. It is of course possible.

It is also likely that the queen got in touch with Martha and became professional friends. But more than that, it seems that they are in it together now.

The queen has been flip-flopping about appearing in her big social event. If not, it is a sure sign of collapsing. I think the reason is lack of interest by club memners. So, she lost her interest too. Now she is doubling up.

I had been denied club membership at first. Then no one offered me membership benefits. Now, she just accepts everybody! Sure she will have enough people to attend the event. The new members only have a few days to find out that the club is what not it seems like. Most likely they won't heard about anything else and will be excited to join any activities.

She threatened about kicking out inactive members. That would be silly. Why not take as much as you can and they will be active.

Now I discovered that she may have a new recruit. This time she kept quiet about it instead of introducing her as a new member. This is logical since being labelled as a team member didn't do you any good.

Interestingly, this new recruit seemed to be copying Wonder Girl! Showing a lot of legs and feet but few other body parts. I fell for it because I thought it could be Kendall leaving the queen. But I'm not going to be fooled again.

The queen seemed to be going all out this Friday, with her newest recruits and older ones and maybe herself. She also tried another new strategy. Friday can be quiet as everybody south of LA all drives to Mexico. On the other hand it can be brutal with weekend warriors.

Today everybody is here, with some weekend warriors and some visitors. The queen's effort sank totally. Pre-booking was announced yesterday. There was one classified update early this morning. And that's it. Some were taken down, maybe in the morning. The ones that weren't taken down were probably no one was interested so nobody will call.

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