Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bringing out the GFE

Now I have the formula! It's not complicated. You probably don't need it. But if you need it, there it is.

First, the virtual cat fight went three ways! Today I met a new friend Wonder Girl, effectively announcing that I'm out of the queen's game next week. Later this evening, within minutes that Kendall posted her classified, Martha and Wonder Girl all responded with theirs. I am sure that they are not on the same team. Even in the same team they spread their classified apart. And Martha won't even be near the same airport!

I was in need of some more blonde therapy. But I ended up with leg therapy. Wonder Girl's classified was all about legs. I was hoping I could find a replacement for Kendall, or it might just be Kendall herself with another name.

Wonder Girl wasn't that wonderful. It was a nickname she picked herself. Her leg aren't that long and she is not as pretty as Kendall. But Wonder Girl is a very nice package and everything else may be better than Kendall.

Now I have 3 very different girls who weren't that GFE for a start when we met. It turned out they are, or I turned them into, the most intimate GFE's.

The first one is 26 to 30, very professional, the gangster's girl friend, a near model material wearing almost no makeup. Maybe I froze when I met her and she didn't think I like her very much. I didn't even know what she offers. She seized the moment and started the blowjob. Then she put on the cover and rode me. I didn't seem to have the option of doing something else. I could only admire her beautifully newly enhanced breasts. I couldn't even touch them much as she was riding on her rhythm.

I saw The Schoolgirl a few times and I never knew she could be GFE. She is probably still teen and looked like a teen. Today is out first meet, Wonder Girl and I. She's a bit older but still a schoolgirl package. Now, there's no hugging, kiss on the cheek or anything friendly or intimate when we met. They are supposed to be GFE but I just couldn't approach them and start the DFK. Even when I asked The Schoolgirl, "give me some more?" She just gave me a longer kiss on the lips.

The first thing they do, both of them, was to hold my cock in their hands or in their mouth. They felt safe that way without my cock doing any damage. Maybe I got bigger and bigger now. There's really nothing much I can do other than let them blow. Of course they are good, or I would have told them to stop.

First, you have to survive the BBBJ, then the cowgirl. Somehow they want to blow you up so you are done. If I didn't tell them to stop they will blow all the way so you are not capable of anything else. If they can bring you to almost climax with their BBBJ, then they will try to bring you there with the cowgirl.

For Wonder Girl, I told her twice to stop the BBBJ, and twice to stop the cowgirl. If I wasn't making myself clear, she would ignore me.

All three times, I ended up in the missionary, probably doing some harmless little thing in between.

My formula is to fuck them silly, or fuck their brain out, so they don't know what's going on anymore. They just don't care. Looking nack, I think they might just be enjoying it.

Then you test drive, kissing on her cheeks, lips, etc. When they don't bother about anything any more, that is the time you move in. You can kiss them however, and they will response spontaneously. I was kissing The Schoolgirl on her face. It was she who turned her lips to me and started to kiss passionately. Wonder Girl just laid their defenceless. I inserted my tongue and fought with hers.

Gangster's model girlfriend changed a lot before and after. After her cold moves, she deliberately spread her legs like telling me to get over with it ASAP. That was supposed to response to my look that I didn't like her looks.

But after I fucked them silly, everything changed. I doubt if they were capable of thinking about anything. All the response were real, natural and spontaneously.

Now I know why I had to hold their heads like they were severed from their bodies. The more I screwed them, the more they went into a trance, incapable of moving their limbs, incapable of taking a defense stance. Totally open, totally vulnerable. So I ended up screwing them harder and harder. It wasn't hard at all as the way I kissed them stimulates me and gave me more and more adrenaline.

I held their head so they didn't move with their body being screwed hard. So I could kiss them whichever way I wanted. My elbows and arms are like stands on the bed, stablizing my head and theirs.

Is that simple? I could go on to do some other GFE stuff but why? It was a very comfortable and very satisfying finish.

Now I regret why I didn't do that more often. So don't give up when they don't give you DFK when you went inside. And don't complain about the lack of GFE when you give up the missionary and did something else.

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