Monday, May 09, 2016


I have to let it all out now. The trigger is yesterday when I was checking out at the supermarket. After uploaded all my things on the belt, I can hear the checker guy and the packing girl shooting each other playfully, "what's the point" about 10 times. Then the girl said, "I'm a minor." Then they shot each other again for a few rounds.

What do you think? Yes, the middle aged guy found that I'm a good catch and asked the girl to go for it! She didn't say no, but "I'm a minor, what's the point?"

Maybe hard to believe, but I know the protocol. First, you met in some stores. Their friends will talk about it and they will approve. Then one day you arrive on a quiet afternoon browsing in one hidden corner. The girl will appear from nowhere with a bright smile and ask if you need any help.

The last time it happened was a couple of months ago. And before that, a few years ago. Unfortunately at the time, the cashier machine asked for some random ID check. Or maybe they did it on purpose. There were only two teens in charge at the time. When she saw my ID, she must have felt so stupid. Her friend must had laughed her ass off. The next time I went there, she almost wanted to tell me not to come back ever again.

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