Monday, May 23, 2016

Post game analysis

Two of the Queen's team members didn't attend the meet and greet event. First, I think they are the ones that don't rely on appearance, that is, not that good looking. I'm surprised that one of them, the reliable one and now a veteran, left the team! She was still working hard last few weeks. I think she realized that it doesn't pay off working in the team.

One of the team who went to the event, left the team after. She is new and rarely works. I saw her face picture once and she is doable. If she actually went, it may be a farewell party to thank the Queen. But this doesn't make any sense. It doesn't help anyone. The more likely reason is because after seeing all the client pool, she was disappointed!

Attending or not, this girl may have left long ago after her career launch. The Queen just keep her in the team by name. But why leave now? Perhaps Q got some new recruits and her team looks respectable in number without her now.

Attending was one girl who got kicked out of the team, and an other one who didn't make it. But they are operating just as any other team members.

The new recruit who Q introduced before event received lukewarm welcome. I don't think she will go far based on her pictures, or the lack of it. Q tried to make up with words, with a height about that of Kendall, meaning long legs. Was that written for me?

A veteran joined the team after the event. What for? I doubt if she knows much about the team. The event is indeed successful.

But if the event is really really successful, the team would be booked up for weeks without classified. But then, Kendall, the new one, and the kicked off one all starts the week pre-booking together. I was expecting that. All those who went to the event will be club members. If they wanted to see Kendall, they would have done so. Although Q allowed / invited a lot of new members in, but the same thing apply. They must have seen Kendall's classified if they have been active on the local social network.

For some reason, Q put me on the attending list. An busy error or to annoy me or make me feel bad? So I sent her the entrance fee in the form of points for classified. Money did talk. She talked to me about another new recruit, if she would like to join. But again it wasn't anything like Kendall.

BTW, Q announced that she is going to marry another man, not the one originally announced. Is that another natural born heart-breaker? A joke? To erase an online identity?

I can now stay off Kendall for long without feeling too bad. But as I said, the others, especially Bridget, doesn't know how to blow by comparison. Looking back, I think Kendall deliberately, very consciously put some voodoo into it. I remembered her fully deployed posture, her trance while sucking. It didn't matter whether I was looking at her face intensely or not.

I really couldn't blame her. But I would think girls like her wouldn't create any drama. She didn't but drama came all the same. I wasn't expecting this after invested time and money and emotion on her.

If she calls me up, like Chanel, and says she missed me, I would have rushed to her right away. She doesn't need to say sorry. Doesn't need to say she misses me.  For Chanel it was like, "It's been 3 months now, where have you been?".  So demanding. It was more like, in her obedient girly haunting voice, "how are you?". Or it would just work the same, "get you ass here right now!".

But Kendall is not Chanel. I only got Chanel's number after a long time and some incidents. If they give up their number so easily, they would have a whole court of stalkers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The meet and greet

No, it's not the Seeking Arrangements' one. It's the Queen's. I was a bit underestimated her and overestimated her at the same time.

Imagine that Martha and Kendall stand shoulder to shoulder!

There's not enough desperadoes to attend so she opened club membership to anybody. That was an insult because she personally rejected me with a lot better credentials than the new members. And she deliberately withheld club membership benefits to me for a few transactions. The new cheapskates will not give any chances for her to do this.

Even though I never said I will go, I was on the RSVP list.

Even her team members weren't attending. I suppose it was less good looking ones who don't want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Kendall and the likes. So, you know how good their team is.

If she is after the entrance fees, it's at most a few thousands. But each of her team members have to spend the whole evening for it. I don't see how to justify the effort. As for future marketing purposes, it could have a negative effect. See, even her active team members weren't attending.

The number of ladies attending is impressive. So, I'm certain that Martha is on her side, though probably not one of her team. Unless the queen is getting something out of it, like helping them with bookings, she is doing all the hard work while the other ladies rip the benefits.

She even introduced a new team member, who looks promising at first. But the reception is lukewarm. If she is any better, I would introduce her in the Meet, instead of putting her to work first before the event.

I'm not even sure if they are working as a team or the Queen just let them fight for survival. Kendall announced her schedule first as usual. The Queen then announced her new recruit working the following day. Who wouldn't wait a little and try new toys? Then there is at least another working the same days.

I can see that Kendall turns up early every time. Good training by me. It's not about the waiting, but about what it looks like to the clients.

I would think Kendall will be a bit out of place in the company of other ladies. Martha would be alien. If I only know that before, I would have thought of something. There is someone else to pitch against. I would have seen them some more to tighten the bounding. It could be fun.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Now I kknow why I have different impressions of Bridget every time. Two weeks ago I caught her right after a make over. The same volume of beautiful blonde hair, but fresh, and not like after work in the middle of the week. More like a teen girl going shopping than an admin.

And I blamed myself for not going after the pink pedicule she showed me right after I entered the room. I even had my all natural baby wipe ready for it. It must had been freshly done.

Now I remembered what she was trying to do. She moved right in front of my face, about a few inches so she could see my whole face and nothing else. And so I must be seeing her whole face but nothing else. She then stared at me with her peiercing blue eyes and a sweet smile. This was what Chanel did to me exactly.

Bridget had those naked makeup on and her face is perfect for it. I didn't know she had makeup on. She did told me her lipstick was gone because of me. But it seemed the same to me. At the time she looked her best. I happened to run into pole position by accident. She was trying to imprint her beauty permanently into my brain. It was like wudu.

When Chanel came right after the beauty salon, she would do that too. But once I realized what she was doing, she would do that with a naughty smile. Happy times! Of course she wasn't doing it for me. Maybe for some other VIP. And for her boy friend. And circle of friends. And her boy friend was paying for it happily. And I remembered she would do that if I was upset or angry about her. She just didn't need to do anything else, like saying sorry.

Last time I saw Bridget, that was yesterday by the way, she had no makeup on. She was still very lovely in a different way. A little more mature. I think she just came back to town and decided not to put up those expensive makeups just for me. And she thought I would like her just the same. Maybe she did put it up later, in case I messed it all up, just like last time.

The hotel was at a prime real estate area. It was large but the rooms are a bit small. After I stepped inside the room, I decided against turning around to kiss her because there was only a very narrow passage there. So I walked right inside until the dresser and then turned.

She was waiting for that, embrased me and gave me a lingering deep kiss. The time that I planned this on Kendall, she gave me the cheeks first as usual. When she realized I was aiming at her lips, she went for my lips, but I was going for her cheeks. Didn't work out.

Then the pressure of seeing Bridget again were all released. There was no other better way to say that she missed me and she wanted me, badly. I was really missing her and I told her so.

As for the sex, it's the same old bad blowjob. But even worse, the hotel pick that day to test their fire warning system. My cock dropped on cue. But Bridget found my weakness or should I say strength. She actually knew what to do. She would leave my cock, crawl up to me and DFK me. My cock would rise again in no time.

This time she said, "see you". I was pretty sure but I wasn't certain. In this split moment of hesitation I didn't say it back. But I hope that she was so certain that I didn't need to say it. My crush on her is diminished a little after seeing her again. But that's natural.

I began to feel sorry for Kendall. Not the kind that I told myself that I should be sorry for her. But I actually starting to feel sorry for her. If this intensifies I may be able to see her soon. It seemed like she was trying not to mess up again when I was VIP. And when I wasn't, she still treated me the same. But just not I wanted. But then again, I can't resist her blowjob.

I thought the queen has something under her sleeve to pop up her empire. But it looks like her empire is still collapsing.

It first came to my mind that Martha is possibly one of queen's recruit. Instead of competing, she is doing the same thing like any other team member. But since she is so different, if that is true then the queen is very much involved in bigger things. It is of course possible.

It is also likely that the queen got in touch with Martha and became professional friends. But more than that, it seems that they are in it together now.

The queen has been flip-flopping about appearing in her big social event. If not, it is a sure sign of collapsing. I think the reason is lack of interest by club memners. So, she lost her interest too. Now she is doubling up.

I had been denied club membership at first. Then no one offered me membership benefits. Now, she just accepts everybody! Sure she will have enough people to attend the event. The new members only have a few days to find out that the club is what not it seems like. Most likely they won't heard about anything else and will be excited to join any activities.

She threatened about kicking out inactive members. That would be silly. Why not take as much as you can and they will be active.

Now I discovered that she may have a new recruit. This time she kept quiet about it instead of introducing her as a new member. This is logical since being labelled as a team member didn't do you any good.

Interestingly, this new recruit seemed to be copying Wonder Girl! Showing a lot of legs and feet but few other body parts. I fell for it because I thought it could be Kendall leaving the queen. But I'm not going to be fooled again.

The queen seemed to be going all out this Friday, with her newest recruits and older ones and maybe herself. She also tried another new strategy. Friday can be quiet as everybody south of LA all drives to Mexico. On the other hand it can be brutal with weekend warriors.

Today everybody is here, with some weekend warriors and some visitors. The queen's effort sank totally. Pre-booking was announced yesterday. There was one classified update early this morning. And that's it. Some were taken down, maybe in the morning. The ones that weren't taken down were probably no one was interested so nobody will call.

Friday, May 13, 2016

No hair cut today

My enemies and allies were very active the whole of this week, whereas they are usually hosting one or two days. Except for Martha, who is new doing it full time. I waited for everybody to report to duty this morning. Martha is here after disappeared for most of the week. I feel good because if I somehow miss anybody else this weekend, very likely I can take it out on her. But then I have no crush to see her.

Finally, I got the ding on my phone that I was waiting for. Bridget reported for duty, but she is an hour's drive away. If she turned up any day this week I would have seen her. My only reservation is whether I can perform at the same level last time, or whether she could keep it up. There is pressure. And actually I feel relieved since I know for certain she won't be here for today and not likely for a few more.

With all that got out of the way, I started the desperately needed hair cut. Towards the end, the flowbee guard broke without me knowing. Unbelieveable! Unfortunately I was triming my bush after my hair was done. So my ball was sucked into the flowbee and ouch! Now I am desperately putting everything on it and pray that it will heal before Monday. I'm not even going to take a shower in case an infection develops.

Fuck, Bridget just came back. Fuck Fuck Fuck. What do I do???

Long story coming up...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Every time when I am near Mrs Player, we were like dating! Even in the supermarket, taking out, in and out drive through. Nobody dress that well like her if not dating. Even in her most casual clothes I could look like a billionare for some people who know the total price tags. But since she is the opposite of a blonde model bimbo, we just look like a well to do young couple in love.

How young? Her enemies said her online pictures look like 16! And since I don't look like a sugar daddy, or that she doesn't look like a sugar baby, I suppose I don't look far older! Just last year, a 30 something girl with an 18 year old perfect body told me that I looked 20's at first sight. And it wasn't a compliment. She held back until the 3rd meething when we were more acquantined.

Imagine that last time we took out, we arrived when the resturant was full of people waiting outside. She went in and out on her sneakers, costing more than my wedding leather shoes, wearing a ankle length dress split from the tights. Every man, woman and children did the double take. Naturally she walked fast to get less attention, but her dress was like flying in the air.

Last time we went into a neighborhood faster food resturant, guys in the kitchen peep at her through the hole to the front. The guy at the counter ask me if we had a good day as if we were in a 5* resturant. Even if you don't know the price tags, it is obvious that you don't dress that well in casual clothes unless the date is important!

At the supermarket, the fat checker is a joker and a foodie. He was chatting with the woman in front, promoting our food on the belt - ice cream, chocolate, all sorts of prime meat. She looked at us at times and said something. She was afraid that we heard her and misunderstood. She came over to say proudly that, "you  guys made me look bad". She has the typical housewife look, not hot nor sexy in shorts, but a pleasant body to look at. I bet she could do better if not for a supermarket trip. Her comment is more about Mrs Player than me but I'm taller will killer legs under my sagging pants!

Monday, May 09, 2016


I have to let it all out now. The trigger is yesterday when I was checking out at the supermarket. After uploaded all my things on the belt, I can hear the checker guy and the packing girl shooting each other playfully, "what's the point" about 10 times. Then the girl said, "I'm a minor." Then they shot each other again for a few rounds.

What do you think? Yes, the middle aged guy found that I'm a good catch and asked the girl to go for it! She didn't say no, but "I'm a minor, what's the point?"

Maybe hard to believe, but I know the protocol. First, you met in some stores. Their friends will talk about it and they will approve. Then one day you arrive on a quiet afternoon browsing in one hidden corner. The girl will appear from nowhere with a bright smile and ask if you need any help.

The last time it happened was a couple of months ago. And before that, a few years ago. Unfortunately at the time, the cashier machine asked for some random ID check. Or maybe they did it on purpose. There were only two teens in charge at the time. When she saw my ID, she must have felt so stupid. Her friend must had laughed her ass off. The next time I went there, she almost wanted to tell me not to come back ever again.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Martha's revenge! For next week, the queen open fired with her top gun, or weakest link, Kendall. I would think her location was to tempt me. But I am holding up fine, 14 days now. The queen must have been watching the bookings. After 30 minutes, Kendall changed her hotel location. This is a sign of weakness and pretending won't help you.

Within 15 minutes, Martha announced that she would come to Kendall's location too. This is obviously to get back at the queen who sent one of her troops to Martha's location last week.

Within minutes, the queen deployed another girl to the other theme park. Her tone was playful, as if playing hide and seek with Martha.

I hope Bridget turns up tomorrow.

BTW, I think he queen tsent somebody to spy on me. I will tell you anything if you just ask.

Update: Today her friend announced that she would joint Kendall in her location. So everybody is there. This is not good. May be one of them were booked and that's the preferred location. Or maybe none of the two was booked. They just wait there and hope.

Update2: I forget to check. Kendall's classified was cancelled some time before start time. It could be a sign that she was all booked up. But it was impossible after changing location last night. I think she didn't bother to turn up. Either way, there's no point to cover up. There's some sort of equilibrium. If you are that popular, some people will be turned off or they cannot keep up. Some people just like non-clock watchers when they have plenty of time.

Also, the cringe social party is almost whacked with a little help from me. Meet and greet parties will always be popular. But it's good for meeting new people. If the newest girl has a list of clients at least several pages long, what's the point? And if you are not already on her list, you should step into a crowd all have a lot of history with her. Cringe!

And in the first place, the parties are for people who don't mind meeting their in-laws there.

Now the queen will not even be in the party! There's no money in it for the whole evening! I don't see why one would go without sex at the end of it. But if there is sex, then you have to aution off the girls? But why would you pay more when you can book her any other time?

To make it worse, I suggested gangbang, burake, orgy, etc etc to solve the ratio issues.  It would not be practical otherwise. I also suggested these as apetizers so people don't need to sit through the evening for nothing. And if you participate, you don't even need the party after.

My plot is worse. If you want to forget someone, it's best to see her in action in one of the above, unless she is as good as a porn star, that you will keep buying her movies no matter what.

So Kendall and the 1st location could be a total diversion. All of the qeeen's other troops went to the other location, where Martha wasn't at. Haven't heard from Martha for a day or two. Busy much?

OK, the queen announce a bombshell early Sunday, that her newest crack troop will be out all week long. So I think she was desperate enough to bring everybody out all at once. But at the last minute, her bombshell cancelled. I think her whole empire is a shipwreck.

Saturday, May 07, 2016


Since I stayed off Kendall for a week, the queen went into panic mode. Martha is flying high like a kite, drifting fast from town to town where the money is. Bridget usually appears once a fortnight, but she reappeared on Friday after I just saw her on Monday. Too soon. My plan is to wait two weeks so I can flood the condom again. Do I want another romantic handjob?

The queen is sending her newest troop to do what Martha is doing, open for the whole week doing whatever she can, in's and out's. I would think it will backfire just like the expedition. And it doesn't matter a bit. I don't have an erection looking at her pictures.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

The classified war continues. Martha raised to the top in no time and was the top target. She also used and received girl to girl marking in the classified.

The queen announced her troops' movements today early yesterday evening. She sent one of her troops to Martha's location. Kendall will be close to me.

While I showed myself online yesterday, Kendall dinged my phone when she was updating her classified. That can't possibly be a coincident. You don't announce your pre-booking twice on the day before, once like 5 pm and one 11 pm. Those following you would have known, and there were not much people around, except you know that I was

I think Kendall has not enough takers early this morning, when the queen sent a reinforcement all of a sudden. And while I showed myself online again during lunch, this girl's advertisement was updated again. Ding! But no, and no. Total marketing, pricing, customer service failure. 

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Love is gone poem

Is it misunderstanding or lack of understanding?
My love was thick like wine but met with resistance.
Today you give up everything to return to me,
but love is fading.

Bleeding in tears, I asked, "What went wrong?"
Lovers reunited but there's no connection in the hearts.
Today, you seemed like a total stranger.
Even though you are as beautiful as ever.

Love is gone.
You hurt my heart, made me miserable.
I have no choice but to give up.
When did my tender love disappeared?
There's no way to recalculate.

Love is gone.
Since you took it away, there's no return.
Although we meet again today,
My thick love is gone like water.
Don't mention the past.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Love is gone!

There wasn't any blonde on Sunday to do therapy. So I went for leg therapy instead. Do you know how successful was my GFE formula on Wonder Girl? When I put on my clothes after a shower, she was sitting on the bed naked, full of confidence, waiting for me. She looked like she was congratulating herself for a job superbly done, a surprise to herself.

When I was all done, I went for a goodbye kiss. She just pointed her lips at me and I couldn't possible do anything else but to kiss her right on the lips. Then she said, "see you!" with so much confidence. Instead of reciprocating, I gave her a big warm satisfying smile. I hope that's as good as saying see you.

Being new has it's disadvantages. You don't say these things lightly. Maybe I see you five times and then disappeared without trace. I also don't easily say it. Even if I mean it they will not believe it. Another brand new girl may change everything. But I'm not too concerned when I say "see you". Mostly likely they won't remember me if I don't turn up again.

I think she called herself Wonder Girl ever after. I'm good.

Do you know how successful my formula worked on gangster model? She is a very elegant person with some high resolution tatoo on her back. After all the GFE she asked me where I was going. Believe me, I know this things. She was trying to offer me some deal, overnight or the evening. It was a Sunday evening after all. But I had to go to the airport to pickup famiy. Fuck.

And I wasn't even trying to DFK The Schoolgirl. She just turned onto my lips when I was fucking her silly.

OK. I am sorry, Wonder Girl, the leg therapy didn't really work. Not enough legs. So I was preparing for some blonde therapy. Both Martha and Bridget are a bit uncertain. But then I found a new source, and many of them available every weekday.

Then I watched the queen deploying her troops again for the start of the week. It wasn't easy to observe that someone are going to have sex with your girlfriend.

I'm not going to have sex for two days in a roll again. But if I can't hold it, it will not be Kendall. Imagine if I make a GFE out of Martha, that would be an earth shattering win for my formula. She doesn't even kiss! But anyway, she went to the other airport. So she would be out of action for the whole week in case I need her.

I felt a little sadness for Bridget, who didn't announce her prebooking yesterday and didn't turn up this morning. She could be disappearing forever just like that. Then I had to try the new source of blonde therapy. It would cost me dearly.

When I was trying to do some work today, my phone dinged. It wasn't just Kendall updating her classified, it happens every few hours to every hour. It was Angel reporting to duty! Fuck. If I don' t see her today I have to wait for two weeks! And I already missed her for two weeks. She could be the cure for Kendall. What was I doing yesterday?

What could I lose? A few bucks? So I booked her.

You know what? She was excited to see me at the peep hole! And it showed all over her face when I got in. You know, they never really know who's coming, John Jim or Jack, unless you know them well and you have a distinguished nickname or lastname.

Did I told you I like her for her maturity? 20 something rather than 18 year old school girl? How wrong I was! Maybe last time it was within an inch of each other all the time. And we slept side by side talking after.

Staring at her natural, back length curly blonde hair, blue eyes and angelic face, I realized it was exactly her in her school girl pictures. She smiled last time, but not like this, like a curious schoolgirl.

She is a cross between a delicate schoolgirl and a elegantly slim surfer girl. She is not at all big but she is about the same height as me. About the same weight too. I'm very slim and the woman at the supermarket checkkout before us said to the checker, "they made me look bad!" And by looking at her you know she works out, and the result is not bad at all. That's another story. So, it's easy to think she isn't a schoolgirl package at my close point of view.

I'm such a good catch that she decide to go all out to keep me when she saw me at the peep hole. Last time there was only so much she could do without knowing what I like, and how much I liked her.

We DFK's like long lost boy/girl friends. Soon she got on top of me too, DFKing me non-stop. That reminded of the blonde who I auditioned a couple of months ago. I thought she was the one but Bridget is far ahead. The other blonde would go slow, taking her breath in between. Bridget did my vacuum cleaner thing better than me. And she had no intention to stop.

Today she seems to look a little different. Maybe all that much blonde hair on her looks neat. Women do wear that style and that much hair to work. That's why she looked a bit older last time. May be she put on some makeup to make herself look more mature last time. Well, some clients may prefer that, especially for a dinner date. Because of my excellent timing, I think I bumped someone off for at least 10 minutes.

Her breast is perky and young. So I think she was at most mid-twenties. But today, I checked again and it could be more likely 18-20. Her pink tatoo is a bit out of place in a >4.5 star hotel room. And today, she showed off her pink pedicule. Did she read my profile or my blog? I was going to bring out my all natural baby wipe. But then I thought it could take very long. I hesitated for a moment and went for the DFK first!

But certainly, my #14 DFK became escort 101! She just let everything out and wouldn't stop kissing me. That was also for my Kendall exorcism. And nothing of her left inside me this day.

I am now certain that her blowjob is bad. It's not like she didn't want to do it. There is no ruthless in her. It's tame. I was trying to get into my GFE formula when she wanted to do cowgirl on me for the first time.

You know why? She went on to do the reverse missionary. She wanted to finish me off. She wanted to fuck me silly. It wasn't at all the Asian style, artistic ad elegant. It was totally awesome hardcore! She almost did it if I didn't visit Wonder Girl yesterday.

So it's my turn to fuck her silly in the missionary. But I forget that it's not easy for everybody. Let's say Bridget is not as new as Wonder Girl and some others. That doesn't make any difference in my lust for her. Her mind was still there, but she is already a GFE. So I pumped hard down there and did the head holding thing.

Unfortunately, I was still hard but I had nothing to give. Blame the hard work yesterday. I asked her to do a handjob. She added some lube. Then I took off the condom. It was a very romatic thing if you haven't try it. I did it once with Pretty Schoolgirl. But she wasn't a GFE.

We were staring at each other. I was staring at her back length blonde hair and her angelic blue eyes, rubbing her blonde hair on her leg with my hand. Then we started kissing again, the DFK type, non-stop.

Her handjob is about as good as her blowjob. It's not bad but it's just not ruthless enough to come. So I did it myself, wanting to come on her belly. We were still kissing romatically. Wonderful.

After that, we were actually holding each other close. She crossed her leg over me. And I caressed the blonde hair on her leg.

She was waiting naked on bed when we kissed goodbye. I told her don't stay away for too long. I had to wait for two weeks to draw blank. She mentioned about me going broke. Then I said to her, "see you!" She replied thoughtfully, "yes, see you!"

See, we don't say these things lightly.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Bringing out the GFE

Now I have the formula! It's not complicated. You probably don't need it. But if you need it, there it is.

First, the virtual cat fight went three ways! Today I met a new friend Wonder Girl, effectively announcing that I'm out of the queen's game next week. Later this evening, within minutes that Kendall posted her classified, Martha and Wonder Girl all responded with theirs. I am sure that they are not on the same team. Even in the same team they spread their classified apart. And Martha won't even be near the same airport!

I was in need of some more blonde therapy. But I ended up with leg therapy. Wonder Girl's classified was all about legs. I was hoping I could find a replacement for Kendall, or it might just be Kendall herself with another name.

Wonder Girl wasn't that wonderful. It was a nickname she picked herself. Her leg aren't that long and she is not as pretty as Kendall. But Wonder Girl is a very nice package and everything else may be better than Kendall.

Now I have 3 very different girls who weren't that GFE for a start when we met. It turned out they are, or I turned them into, the most intimate GFE's.

The first one is 26 to 30, very professional, the gangster's girl friend, a near model material wearing almost no makeup. Maybe I froze when I met her and she didn't think I like her very much. I didn't even know what she offers. She seized the moment and started the blowjob. Then she put on the cover and rode me. I didn't seem to have the option of doing something else. I could only admire her beautifully newly enhanced breasts. I couldn't even touch them much as she was riding on her rhythm.

I saw The Schoolgirl a few times and I never knew she could be GFE. She is probably still teen and looked like a teen. Today is out first meet, Wonder Girl and I. She's a bit older but still a schoolgirl package. Now, there's no hugging, kiss on the cheek or anything friendly or intimate when we met. They are supposed to be GFE but I just couldn't approach them and start the DFK. Even when I asked The Schoolgirl, "give me some more?" She just gave me a longer kiss on the lips.

The first thing they do, both of them, was to hold my cock in their hands or in their mouth. They felt safe that way without my cock doing any damage. Maybe I got bigger and bigger now. There's really nothing much I can do other than let them blow. Of course they are good, or I would have told them to stop.

First, you have to survive the BBBJ, then the cowgirl. Somehow they want to blow you up so you are done. If I didn't tell them to stop they will blow all the way so you are not capable of anything else. If they can bring you to almost climax with their BBBJ, then they will try to bring you there with the cowgirl.

For Wonder Girl, I told her twice to stop the BBBJ, and twice to stop the cowgirl. If I wasn't making myself clear, she would ignore me.

All three times, I ended up in the missionary, probably doing some harmless little thing in between.

My formula is to fuck them silly, or fuck their brain out, so they don't know what's going on anymore. They just don't care. Looking nack, I think they might just be enjoying it.

Then you test drive, kissing on her cheeks, lips, etc. When they don't bother about anything any more, that is the time you move in. You can kiss them however, and they will response spontaneously. I was kissing The Schoolgirl on her face. It was she who turned her lips to me and started to kiss passionately. Wonder Girl just laid their defenceless. I inserted my tongue and fought with hers.

Gangster's model girlfriend changed a lot before and after. After her cold moves, she deliberately spread her legs like telling me to get over with it ASAP. That was supposed to response to my look that I didn't like her looks.

But after I fucked them silly, everything changed. I doubt if they were capable of thinking about anything. All the response were real, natural and spontaneously.

Now I know why I had to hold their heads like they were severed from their bodies. The more I screwed them, the more they went into a trance, incapable of moving their limbs, incapable of taking a defense stance. Totally open, totally vulnerable. So I ended up screwing them harder and harder. It wasn't hard at all as the way I kissed them stimulates me and gave me more and more adrenaline.

I held their head so they didn't move with their body being screwed hard. So I could kiss them whichever way I wanted. My elbows and arms are like stands on the bed, stablizing my head and theirs.

Is that simple? I could go on to do some other GFE stuff but why? It was a very comfortable and very satisfying finish.

Now I regret why I didn't do that more often. So don't give up when they don't give you DFK when you went inside. And don't complain about the lack of GFE when you give up the missionary and did something else.