Monday, April 25, 2016

The queen usually anounces her plan early on Sunday. There's nothing this weekend. Perhaps she is busy unretiring. Maybe I am too smart. I got a call on my bat number! A man with a deep voice left "hello hello" on my voice mail. I'm not worried as all I have done is friendly.

Ding! My phone's alert. The new blond sex toy from Friday report to duty early in the morning! Immediately I booked her but no reply. A good start.

Ding! Bridget M report to duty. When I was worrying who to pick, whether to cancel blond sex toy. I realized that she is at the other airport. Good, she has to wait for next week. Ding! Ding! Ding! The whole day I kept get messages asking about her. I turned on notification for every such messages because yesterday I didn't want to miss anything.

Ding! Ding! Queen bee was moving her troops. The rebellion was just a show. They are making up. They need each other.

Kendall J was missing. I checked her history and it is most likely that she is unpopular. I may be the only one that booked her. She has two few clients for her to come out to play. So, may be sometimes she cancelled, or decided to come at the last minute. I don't know what's her problem. I'm quite happy with her except for the little thing that I couldn't get over.

That's why she or her helper sort of begged me to book. If we were on the phone I would have booked. A message is another matter. She might have one other client that day.

On the other hand, she may be one of the popular ones, who only need to post classfied when she wasn't all taken up by some secret club members. I have no idea. If queen bee is so powerful why she need to unretire? I think I get more hint that she unretired.

The queen bee hadn't officially snubbed me. Kendall didn't turn up so she couldn't have done anything even if she wanted to. We have to wait and see.

The new blond didn't reply since early morning. I began to worry. I begin to think of Kendall, but I didn't miss her that much today. So I started to write this. And in the middle of this...

Ding! It was the new blond. So I went to see her, then back to finish this.

I was shocked when I saw her at the back of the door. She must had feel very uneasy for a while. She looked like one of the pretty daughters in the neighborhood. A sterotypical Midwest Schoolgirl, if there is such a thing. Long straight blond hair, natural or expensively colored. She is wearing the exact pretty flowery dress as in her profile, very innocent fairytale sort of dress. Yes, and we are in the theme park again.

Martha H was trying to handle the situation like an old hand, but turned out to be looking like a schoolgirl trying to be adult. I went to wash my equipment, and when I came out, I was shocked again.

Her naked body was exactly as in her pictures. How can that be? Flawless, almost white skin with three delicate pink spots, silky to the touch. She doesn't have Kendall's legs, but she could kill with a skirt.

Maybe she is just too young. Sex is funny. She put lube inside the condom, and finished with a record breaking short blowjob. But she is a total piece of prime tuna, and was at ease when I enjoyed the full body sashimi. She promised to refine her nails next time.

Penetration was great. I was fucking a perfect life sized barbi doll. I almost didn't want to change when I first fuck her with full fontal body contact, holding her close with both of my hands. But I remembered the spoon. She was at ease with it. I got to hold both of her perfect breasts while looking at her perfect ass and tights. How perfect? If you can't decide on small natural schoolgirl tits and work of art enhancements, she is perfect. Perfectly natural, two large pyramind with two large pink cherry on top. I sucked them enough while she said "be gentle, gentle". Now I got to squeeze them both, at the same time.

The lube was a bit much, but I just lasted longer. But I had to go back to missionary to excert my full force to get it done. She was such a doll to hold and pound.

Martha is super, but she is only my #3 for now. Kendall is always my #1. If she is missing for another week or longer. I'm not worried. Martha is a new arrival and Bridget will be around for a while.

I was high when I sort of "liked" her on the "social network". So, once the dings due to Bridget dies down, Martha's dings started. TER is so yesterday. This is the new version of take one for the team. I was almost being asked for comments when I was in the parking lot.

When I thought I was on the upper hand, queen bee counter attacked. She introduced a new girl. Not bad at all.  But doesn't look like to be my cup of tea. May be the real person looks a lot better. May be they use fake pictures to throw people off. Even for Kendall, her pictures were probably somebody else. If I didn't meet her I didn't know she looks like a model.

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