Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Prince and The Gay

Literature let you acquire experiences that you never have in real life. I can't say my writing is literature but I do have something to share.

Can you believe that? In between complaining that Mrs Player doesn't play any more, doing homework with the kids, doing the boring taxes and financial planning, I actually digging up old old love songs on youtube and listen to it. I got jealous all because of a teenage girl. I doubt very much she is teen anymore but she got the teen model look. Although they are all in it for the money, what they offer is allowing me to relive many feelings I have when I was younger - Grace, resentment, love, hatred. I feel more alive, less feeling living like a robot.

The feelings are very real though you may think I am too silly and too crazy. Maybe I am. But think of it as a total immersion experience, like in a virtual reality where you can touch and smell (her pussy that is). No glasses and no gloves needed. Think of Echo in Dollhouse!

Because of the tax deadline, my plan may be delayed. Not that I need to meet any deadline, but most people won't be doing anything else that day. And maybe because of that, she moved her play day a few days ahead.

In the meantime, I discovered that the legendary song Silhouette is even more legendary at many levels.

First, what do you feel when a few of your top idols of your age died of overdose or sucide? And I totally understand why. I lived high and low. I can imagine that after living like a superstar, my boring life as of now isn't worth living. But my anchor to the real world is my kids. I want to prepare them and leave them something so they won't have to compete head to head with Helen and the like.

And life is tolerable. There won't be fans who recognizes me and stirrs up memories of the long gone glory days. There won't be haters coming up to see my sorry state. My critical moments of life won't be on youtube to remind me all the sorrows.

Silhouette is the Prince's most famous song. He was tall and handsome for the girls, but not so much for the boys. He made girls cry and boys have to go along with them. He is a good singer. He is the Prince on a white horse. Then one day, while he was hosting the equivalent of the Grammy's, he said:
A spark of the moment is not forever
This is his response to the award that the Gay just got. I don't remember what Gay did. May be he bragged that he got the award, not Prince. Gay is always full of himself and over the top, but rightly so. He is out of this world handsome. Very stylish too. He is the most popular bad boy in school Girls want him and boys want to be him. He got all the best songs but his singing sucks. That didn't stop him from being the hottest singer of the time for a long time. He and the media kept his gay secret well for his fans.

Because of that stupid quote, Prince's career ended. Even though his fans and many people think he is the hero. But perhaps it is the record companies and the media couldn't have that. He is being punished as an example for getting out of line.

Gay announced his retirement at the peak of his career. Maybe his team predicted that the next wave of new singers were unstoppable. Gay was hot for a long time and he couldn't tolerate being second best. He went on to make some handsome movies and everything seemed to be going great for a retired singer. He surpassed the pay of the then highest pay actor. That's when he made a trilogy and remembered as the hero in it.

One day he jumped from the top of a hotel! He is the hottest of my age. And he wasn't the only one whose life ended early. That hurts. That makes you think about your whole life, the universe and the meaning of everything else.

Looking at the archives, he went to a far away city and lived in a small apartment. He ran out of money. He actually did a world retiring tour when he long passed retiring. It was heart breaking to watch. It was like singing in a backward club and grab whatever money while he still can, for the last time.

I supposed he wasn't starving. The problem didn't seem to be with his gay partner. But just that his live wasn't worth living any more. That was long ago.

The Prince faded and disappeared after that incident. But decades later, he was resurrected. He just had his largest concert right last year! It's a bit awkward for a very middled aged man to sing his most famous songs when he was 19. But he was younger than me. And with sunglasses and nice suits, he was doing fine on stage. His fans were - what a sight! Remember those teenage girls when he first got to the top? Yes, they are fans forever. Here they are. Middle aged women waving flags and light bars as if they were teens.

But it seemed to be true that the Prince had mental problems all along. While fans and others feel happy for him to be confident, feeling vindicated, he didn't get along with the people who help him back to fame. It's not money or credit issues. He is just mental. He would tell a very famous guess singer to look at his audience, "my fans are more than yours now!". He wasn't grateful to his concert organizers nor his fans so they can't even dare to organize his next concerts.

Maybe he's crazy, but he's not out of line to sing one of Gay's song on stage! You can say he got the last laugh. But he may be standing there 30 years ago if he kept his mouth shut. Everybody signs what could have been!

It could be Gay who ordered to boycot Prince. He is always the bad boy and nobody will blame him. And he can because he's the top superstar. Who wouldn't get back? But a simple order went out of hand and ruined Prince's life. Nobody remembered and bothered to ask, can we hire Prince now?

It's really not about who got the last laugh, but who can still laugh. Most people will still love both no matter what they had done. Fate always get the last laugh but once a while we can turn back, smiling at it defiantly, like Helen had to stand up on the hotel room carpet for a brief moment after I washed her toes thoroughly and carried her to bed.

What a decades long story, and the quote that stated it all!

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