Saturday, April 16, 2016

The monster raising it's ugly head

I hurried up writing up all the good stuff because I may not be able to continue about Helen for long. Jealously!

It was almost a disaster that day she was late for 30 minutes. If she wore that outfit taking any calls in the morning, I can forgive her. She did, in a way, wear that outfit to get a fairy tale room for me, see me in that, and give me her undivided attention for the hour.

But she made a decision on top of that before the meeting. It's a simple personal matter that nobody can blame her. But I could have dumped her then. I could take that out of my mind at the moment because I already had the urge to see her. Nothing could change that.

But now I am back. I liked her more. But I cannot get over that decision, worse by the day. In this industry you have to be very careful to treat everybody equally on the surface. Jealously is a thing that is very hard to control. It's no body's fault but she could easily made it up to be. I know making exceptions for me may be a disaster, but without that I'm already felt being unfairly treated.

Will I dump her? Probably not, not yet. I could even exploit dead fish. But all I can think of now is getting even. Does Helen care for me? Probably not so much. Does she care to lose a good client? No big deal. But I'm plotting. If I can make myself feeling better I can continue seeing her.

You would think Chanel and Jordan care about nothing? Probably. I conspired to bring them together for a threesome!!! I knew Jordan cared about the money, curious about how to be a proper hooker like Chanel. Once I got Jordan on-board, Chanel couldn't resist the fact that if she didn't come along, she wouldn't have my regular income that month. She is just practical.

Incidentally, both have about a quarter French genes, easily about the two most beautiful girls I had sex with. Both have flawless fair skin that girls would kill for. Though, they cannot look more different. One blond and one brunette.

The result? Even though Jordan ripped me off so many times, she let me fucked her like a sex doll. Even though Chanel liked to be at the receiving end of everything, she pushed me down on bed, got on top of me and trying to had rough sex with me.

The sex wasn't that good as I am a shy person. I would rather DFK Chanel and suck her toes for hours, OR lick Jordan all over for hours. Not at the same time with the other watching.

I felt so good, so even, for teaching these two natural born heart breakers a lesson. Maybe at the end I was still heart broken, but I had my sweet moments to savor for a long time. Soon after, during my regular meeting with Chanel, she tried to ask causally, "Where's the little blond?". I knew I got to her big time. "She's still around. Do you want a threesome again?", I went in for the kill. "No no no", she must had regretted very much asking. But she couldn't resist asking, or she would never know, never knowing why I still saw her when I could have the little blond! She still didn't know. She even murmured that she felt so old. Thinking about it, they may be both 21 at the time! I spent time with Jordan at her birthday!

It was a downward spiral for Jordan. If she treated me nicely I would return the favor more than she bargained for. But she seemed to have some demons more than the others. She enjoyed treating me poorly, even for showing off. I know in her heart I am a nice person but she couldn't open her heart to like a client and let a client like her. At the end I didn't pickup her call on Columbus Day. That was it!

Rapunzel, the girl with ass long blond hair, was all about money grabbing. She wasn't going to be around for long so she sort of ripped me off on our first date. It wasn't her plan. She got the chance nd took it. But at least she felt guilty and tried to avoid me. Then it was about fair trade. We had out sweet moments, a lot of it. At the end she knew she could get away with anything from me so she ripped me off at the end.

It wasn't a ripped off as such. She might be also trying to treat me poorly to get even. She used a client to made me feel bad when she could so easily avoided it. She asked her client to drop her off at our meeting place, very late. I tried to pretend I wasn't there but I couldn't let a little princess looking all over for her prince. When she undressed she was in a state of - after rough sex. So we took a shower together. I carried her wet body to bed so she didn't have to touch the floor. I dried her starting from her juicy toes and wanted to start. But it was her attitude. She could have made up some acceptable truth to make me feel better. She could have simply said sorry and makeup for it. She was like "you liked my toes? suck it now!".

I couldn't carry on. I didn't bother to get back the money on the table. I wanted to make her know that she was about to lose a big spender client. All I wanted was to kick her out and lick my wounds quietly in the room before going home. But adding salt to my wound, she asked to to drive her probably to her next client, because in a rush she didn't drive herself.

That was it. I think she avoided me after that just as she avoided me after we first met. She was afraid that I would get even in an ugly way. But I thought she knew me over a summer. I am harmless. And if she made it up to me in any way, she could have earn herself much more money than she owed me. I heard she was gone soon after.

Helen is the most innocent. She wasn't trying to treat me badly but I was caught up in it. So, I am going to ask her if she would make it up to be one way or another, as a privileged regular client. She would probably refuse again as at the last time I saw her. Then I will tell her I will take a little time to get over it, before I can see her again. Then I will fuck all the girls she know, in turn, and repeatedly until I feel better. Then I will offer her the chance to make it up to me. And then the cycle will repeat, until I miss her, find another one with better chemistry, or she be gone. It starts tomorrow, unless I really get starting on the sugar baby sites, which is the fad of the moment.

The catch is, she may not get the wind of what I am trying to do. She may not be smart enough to take a look who I am fucking if not her. But if all else fail, she will get an invite to a threesome or foursome!!!! She will get an invite every time unless she say she doesn't want the money!

PS Where are all my Indian Agency fans? Did Google got rid of them? Did they move on to some social network? Are they afraid of me finding their match locally? Or they saw me ran off the rails and gave me up?

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