Sunday, April 24, 2016

On a lazy Sunday, with a glass of wine in hand, I'm waiting for queen bee's next move. There's not much she can do. After returning from ghost chasing, they camped where I wanted to be, at the time I wanted. But there's no Helen, so beat it. Now Helen's name is officially changed to Kendall, just to confuse everybody.

If Kendall does come out to play next week, I'm not disappointed. I have the chance for many things, depending on how it turns out. I hope Angel comes out to play instead. Definitely I will see her, now renamed Bridget.

There are also two tryouts last weekend. Both appeared for a few hours out of nothing, and then gone.  I would have hit them if time allowed. But most likely they will be back to join the games. One is a younger version of Bridget. One is a version of Kendall with real age. But it may be the same person since how many has Kendall's legs?

If Kendall comes to play, it will be more interesting. I'll get back to her kindly. Maybe I will find some excuse to put her on waiting list. As of this very moment, I am not desperate to book her. I have a soft fish bone in my eye. It will go away but before that it may affect my erection.

Live update: nothing. Nobody announce any play plan. But watching the live classfied, you learn something. It looks like that the classified starts to grow with hotel check-in times, even on a Sunday. And it could be the queen bee coming out of retirement to play again. That means the retirement and the wedding is a fake.

I also discovered a suspecious handle associated with her, doing very fishy things. If it's not her it's her mate.


Eros is doing well but it's so yesterday. Imagine that, a girl cannot easily do one day a week, or just over the weekends when there is not much homework. If you find the right girl, you have to check if TER has review and if her picture is real. Then you have to figure out what she actually does.

And TER is so yesterday because if the girl gives you her menu and price down to the alphabets, why would you pay TER for hearsays? With these info, what's left is to rate her like an app, whether she does what she says and if you like her.

Backpage is the Walmart of Eros, but it serves new puposes. It she's available now, it doesn't guarantee she will be available next hour.

So you can see why Cityvibe is struggling to be everything and failing. Once upon a time when you post a beautiful classified on Cragslist, they have somebody to invite you across to Cityvibe classified. CV also tried to run a review site but rumour has it that they will run into facilitation if they do both.

But locally, they can have some all in one's without LE finding out. Or they leave small potatoe alone. Like My Red Book, it's a dangerous game but worthwhile.

It's like the Uber of escorts has arrived. If you see a girl that you like, you can set to get an email when she turns up. You can message her privately about what the long list of alphabets that she does, and of course the price. After the deed, you can verify each other and for the world to see. It turns out to be not cheap. Both sides need to pay for everything. If you have less than a dozen pictures, it will be suspcious.

You would think old school girls will be against it. That's the opposite when the Internet thing started. Now you have to give out so many info and give up so much control. But the younger crowd likes it. Lucky Star mentioned that she is on it with a smile, like it's cool.

Of course the real Uber type apps are already there. If you want a paid arragement or a paid date, you can just use the phone apps. What's the difference between a compensated date and you know what? It's the same situation. Good luck for you to assemble a team to check if anybody promised sex for money when they are arranging a date. The danger can be removed if people can rate other people. Thanks for Backpages for keep diverting attention.


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