Sunday, April 03, 2016

Oh my Helen!

Sure you have noticed the ad that asked escorts to call them if they want out. But I think the much more successful ads are the agency recruitment. That could explain that I feel like in foreign soil, not in the land of smiles, but more like happy Asia or free Europe. The only thing that reminds me of my down to earth location is when they show off their made in USA teeth.

Also, I knew a teen+1, who came from a place I wouldn't name for decency, where many of her classmates were in it. She joined the local cooking school briefly and hooked up with some other future hookers. She even unintentionally uttered that I was responsible for their unemployment, thousands of miles away. But she knew I would like her no matter what.

I want to say that if your friend's friend "liked" somebody, you probably won't be murdered if you hook up with that guy. That could explain the whole new generation of teen hookers flooding the market.

Ok, I know I know. Numbers may be deceiving. Now many under 30's who have a nice body all claiming to be 21. However, changing your name and hence number every few months will not work, or you will be left with no friends.

I am not obsessed with numbers though. In between auditions, I saw a picture sequence of a MILF pulling her panties off her ass down her toes. The picture quality was crap but adds to the atmosphere. When I saw her face pictures, I almost wanted to cum, even thought I knew they were at least 10 years old. I met her and had a good time.

What about Helen? I think I called Chanel Helen, the epic one, before I called her Chanel. She can wreck everything in her path. But she was careful not to because she has family, sisters, rich brother-in-laws, and of course a rich boy friend. One crazy guy will mean the end of everything. When I said she had all my money, she was seriously not pleased. But I was only trying to say that I wasn't seeing any other hookers.

I gave Flaky Fake many chances to meet up with me. I even let her have my availability for the week and let her book me at her convenience. The reason is that she is the only one baring her face, breasts, legs and toes while standing up, though not in the same picture. Everything looks good and she boosted about her killer legs. Incidentally, she claimed to be 18.

I think she might be local, in one of the industries that make sure you don't count as full time employee, with somewhat irregular hours. And I learned that ideally you gather your clients all in the same day every week, or every month. Then you have a life, and of course money to go with it.

I think they also operates like I did, bidding for unnamed hotels in quiet days. When I was "dating" Chanel, I was like Dustin (in Mrs Robinson) being recognized by many workers in hotels under 3* price. Now I am being recognized by workers in 3*+ establishments. That's the difference of in and out calls. I was doing outcall, paying for room out of pocket. They are doing incall and money is no object if you have enough clients.

So if they have reliable VIP's pre-booking to underwrite the room rate in advance, they will more than break even and they will turn up. Otherwise they could lose money.

Finally I met FF in her room, just after check-in time. All my patience pays out. Her pictures are exceptional for the reasons above. But they are probably taken a year ago at 18. I couldn't imagine she has baby fat in her pictures. But face to face, she seemed to have lost a little baby fat. So her face has more of a model look.

She was standing in front of me bare foot, on her pair of killer legs, with simple two piece underwear that didn't distract, like a teen model, lowering herself slightly to let me kiss her face.

The perfect package! I must have had better. I had seen sexier legs, but not that long in absolute terms. I could name a few with sexier bodies along with work of art boobs, but FF is all-natural, has a pretty face with barely any makeup on. Chanel is prettier but I suspect she has some enhancement, at least small jobs like double eye lid. Chanel is a mobile wrecking ball on her 4" heels and gold digging outfits, but she is not looking like a teen model.

Nowadays, even with her "qualifications" she is humble. On paper, or more precisely the screen, she is not that exceptional until you meet her face to face. Others throw in blonde hair, blue eyes, anal, swallow ...

Showering in the 4* bathtub I couldn't help but thinking about her menu. Most would say kiss but many don't, and can easily get away with it. Then I thought of what to do to her entire body.

She was waiting for me, at ease lying in bed, raised her back a bit by the pillows, the most natural position one would take when you don't want to sleep and don't want to read a book. This is unusual. Many girls try to minimize contact with beds, as if they know something happens before your turn.

In that position, it is only natural for me to climb on top of her and kiss her. I didn't expect too much because no matter what these girls claim on their menu, it is as if somebody fill in the forms for them. Some use deep lipstick as a shield so it's impossible to kiss meaningfully. For some DFK means a peck on the lips.

FF looked promising as she had hardly any visible makeup on. And by her posture she couldn't have space for evasive manuover. And she let me climbed on top. Our first kiss was pretty good, full contact, good suction, and lingering. I was just being a gentleman. Then I showed my true colors and went deeper. She hesitated for a split second and took everything I threw at her gracefully. She wasn't big on tongue, but otherwise very receptive to my advances.

She has a pair of perfectly shaped, perfectly organic B/C breasts, perfect for squeezing. Pretty Schoolgirl has a similar pair of A/B cup, making me to squeeze her more. Sucking and squeezing is OK, but I knew she would be happier if I moved on earlier. And when she was blowing me, she actually gently shaked and twisted her body so I couldn't continue squeezing her any more.

That wasn't a problem at all for FF. So I continued to suck on the left and squeezed on the right, then suck the right and squeeze the left, and so on, and so on.  I could have taken any hints and stopped but she just laid there.

You have seen pencil nipples and their erection when stimulated. Her nipples looked very normal but reacted in a similar way after prolonged stimulation. They looked like barely visible pink flower buds. You can only see it if you are less than an inch away. But my tongue felt the difference.

As a teen, she obviously never worried about her waistline and her tummy profile. I went further down and ate her pussy a bit. It was more of a convenient position to start munching her tights. I went down to her feet and they were lovely. Like me, if you have that good proportion, your feet and toes will reflect that too. Since she barefooted, I only kissed her toes lightly, but still couldn't resist to kiss her lovely pale arch.

I crossed her legs to flip her over. I had a hunch that she doesn't like facing clients with her back. But she did anyway. She was the polar opposite of Pretty Schoolgirl, who would get up given half the chance and get on all fours, so as to minimize body contact with the bedsheets.

When she couldn't be looking, I came on stronger on her "killer legs", licking them. She wasn't complaining, until I was up her bottom. It was perfectly round and firm to go with her killer legs. But she was complaining that it tickles. It shouldn't be but I guess she was expecting me to rim her and for some reasons she didn't want it. And I wasn't going to make the mistake of DFK on both her passages. Everything goes for some, but for others, one way or the other.

Even her back is lovely. When Pretty Schoolgirl was talking on her phone (with good reason), I kissed and bite very gently on her back. Somehow I felt that she didn't like it a bit. But FF just felt at ease tummy down. It was particularly lovely with her nice back length hair spreading over her back.

Many have nice hair but they tied or wrapped it up to do battle. I could see individual strands flowing fluidly on her back. Some looks like they have nice hair on pictures, but on close up you can see signs of over bleached, split ends, clumping up due to showers, sweat, or hair spray.

I laid down in her same starting position and let her blew me. When she held my cock she giggled "so big already". It didn't make a lot of sense and she knew I could take it the wrong way. So she immediately got on with the job. I think she must have seen my cock when I walked out of the bathroom. That was a huge contrast (note: not huge) to the state I was at after foreplay so far.

After watching for a while, I couldn't help but to let my head fall completely on the pillow, closed my eyes and visualized heaven. I would think a few minutes of full erection, intense blow job would be sufficient to call it well done. Many would reach for the cover, put it on and then climb on top.

But FF just soldiered on, getting more intense if she knew how. She would occasionally take a peek on my face to see if I was enjoying it and what could she do next. It seemed like she wouldn't stop until I told her to. But I had no intention to. I was very much enjoying it. But I would take a peek on her at intervals to see if I still had a full erection. It's hard to explain. I felt relaxed so I had to look at myself to see if I still had it. I did.

Finally, I told her that's enough and I was ready. I reached for my own cover that I put on the nightstand when I came in. The story is that I figured someone brought Chinese condom in bulk and disturbed it in the community. I had nearly the same types with different girls in different hotels. They were thick and strong, translucent instead of transparent. No offence, by "Chinese" I mean it's not anything I have seen. Some premium Japanese ones come individually boxed, and others looked like jelly candy. The critical flaw is that these "Chinese" covers are too small even for me. So I brought my own Trojan from the gas station.

I showed her the condom, expecting her to take that and put it on for me. But I forgot that they don't do it anymore. So I did it myself, but failed to get the bubble completely out of the tip. But she was OK with it. When I was at it, she was already lying on her back. Did I say she doesn't like someone at her back?

I fucking love missionary but it had to be the finale. So I got up and thinking. But she just laid there looking at me. So I got the idea, got out of bed, pull her legs to the edge and started penetrating. She seemed to be comfortable with all that, more comfortable than facing me with her back.

It was nice fucking her with her killer legs in my hands. I was like doing the "wax on, wax off" routine. But it should be hammer in, pull out. It must had worked. She developed chicken skin. I had no idea if she was enjoying it, or suffering from it, or somewhere in between, or both. It didn't really matter. I was enjoying myself and having an effect. She didn't just laid there. She closed her eyes. She had no intention to hide her facial and body expression, though I had no idea what exactly she expressed.

Also, my pair of hands were juggling with her pair of legs and breasts. It was a loosing battle as my hands were outnumbered. So I just let go of her legs. But I didn't let her legs dangling in the air for too long. That could be tiring and uncomfortable.

Then I pulled out, making a little circle with my fingers. That's usually enough for others to turn over for a doggie. FF hesitated as she liked to be secure at her back side. I almost had to say "doggie" to get her ready. Again I was like saying "wax on, wax off" to myself to get the rhythm going. I also took the time to look at the scenery, her firm little butt and her killer legs and lovely feet.

Maybe I banged her too hard too slowly, last time Pretty Schoolgirl charged on me intensely while she was in the doggie position. She was saying I was too gentle, she could take it, or just got it over with otherwise it would take the whole day. So I did like 60 deep strokes per minute and finished in a few. FF was a lot more patient, and wouldn't disturb the flow, taking everything I threw at her.

So far I kissed her a lot, and she took it well. But of course I wanted some more. When I pulled out she defaulted to the missionary position, so her backside was secured, and so I just needed to get on top of her. My plan was to screw her on and on until she begged me to finish, then she wouldn't notice how deep and how long I was kissing her.

I think she has the talent that sex has no adverse effect on her. Even the chicken skin was perhaps a positive sign. So I sucked on her face while pounding down there to give her some hint for what's coming. Then I tried to hold steady my head while pounding, slowly move close to her face, eye to eye. I moved slowly on to her lips as if asking if she could take it.

She didn't duck or anything. So I kissed her gently, and then sucked harder to keep the lips together as I was pounding intensely. I must had finished soon but it felt a long time. But she could feel too much of eternity, lol.

I finished on top of her, but I would jerk my last drops inside of her every few seconds. I pulled out and stayed on top of her until I thought she might push me soon. I rolled over to recuperate. She moved closer until we had a lot of skin contact and laid beside me, very relaxed. I doubt very much if she was sleeping but I could feel her heavy breath. That's not easy and no point to pretend that.

I took a shower, put my clothes on, kissed some more while she was naked in bed, and said goodbye.

I was desperate for some pet food so I went somewhere on my way that the GPS took me. When I got out a woman called, "Sir", loudly on my back. Wow, I was hot. I turned around, pointing to myself and asked softly if she was speaking to me. She nodded. Wow, did I say I was hot? She came over holding my wallet!

I dropped my wallet on the parking lot! I couldn't thank her enough. She is married with little kids but I could have sex any way she likes for free. She was asking for my name and I gave it to her. She was opening my wallet to check but then gave up, thinking it wouldn't be necessary because she must had saw it dropping from my pocket. Or, may be she just wanted my name?

I never lost a wallet for decades! Now do you know why I call her Helen? I almost ended up in a pit in the middle of a circular ramp, dead or alive. My car would have been a certain death. That was even before I met her in person. Then I lost my wallet less than 15 minutes after out first meeting. I have a lot more secret cards and things in it when I am out in action, not to mention that I still have a lot of cash in it. I was totally unprepared to lost a wallet, unprepared for decades.

The tricky bit is that I don't even feel it. With Chanel I left my wallet in the room, I left my glasses, driving in a blurred world without realizing I was the cause. But I had the feeling that my mind is wandering, with the heavenly feeling after marathon DFK with her. It's not a marathon but she would start an internal clock and gave me hint when to stop, or I would have to pay dearly, one way or the other.

For her defence I can blame my sagging pants. I have to pull it up once every other isle when I was shopping. The pockets aren't too bad but pulling my paints so often is a distraction. But why I'm wearing a sagging pants that actually sags? Remember I have to be Mrs Player's arm candy once a while to model her merchandize? Or at least look compatible? For what she got for me, I have shorts that reveal my killer legs too much, looking too gay. I have long pants with funny waists or funny hams. Others too formal or too delicate. Some have pockets that are just dyfunctional.

So, sagging pants aren't too bad when I have the t-shirt to cover my boxer when it comes up. When I couldn't walk for my pants are falling too low, I can always pick an empty isle and pull, pull, pull...

I swear I'm not going to lose my wallet ever again. I don't think I will. But I know, dangers ahead...

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