Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Who made me act like an idiot that night?
Excuse me, I couldn't help myself.
But I felt very nervous all because I met you.
All of a sudden, who made me full of imaginations?

That was part of the lyrics that I long forgotten of a song. The tune resurrected itself in my head after I saw Helen again. I don't even ever like the singer and the song!

That was somewhere between Smooth Operator and Endless Love! OMG! I have chicken skin thinking about it. Yulk!

Instead of hard acceleration, I speed smoothly humming the tune. Swinging smoothly 3 lanes right at 90 mph, passing everything, then back to the fast lane. Normally, I ram into the front car at 100 mph and it will avoid me before that.

The feeling I have for Helen is different from Chanel. With Helen is strictly professional, maybe because I just saw her a few times.

But Helen is so much better in everything. Even her face is comparable without makeup and without alleged enhancements.

Chanel couldn't have survived today if she had not retired. She knew it because she was just not interested in blowing. Either she had to cope with it or, like she did, went into semi-retirement with just a few clients.

In a way, I feel sorry for the girls nowadays. Competition is just so intense. You know what? Angel Face, looking exactly like a blond high school tiny cheerleader, offers her back door. I couldn't have imagined she doing that. Indeed, I heard that it was a disaster! But both party were cool with it and no harm done.

Did I say I wanted to hit her before no matter what? But Helen always got in the way. Every time I prebooked Helen and then Angel Face turned up. Now I know why some girls don't even turn up.

Lucky Star and Pretty Schoolgirl are doing more and better than Chanel, but without DFK there can hardly be any bonding. Helen just trumps them all. But she isn't the best bang for the buck I'm sure.

On the other hand it's good for them in a way. They know they are not making absurd amount of money. They are not doing full time, nor for the long haul. In the TER era, if you have a good review, people will lineup all day, every day, paying $400+. Just take Helen. She is as awesome as anybody I saw that time, and don't cost that much.

Did I say I felt on foreign soil? Come to think of it, you can make a fortune in the sex tourism industry luring people to USA with all American local girls, whatever that means. Sure you can get better offerings overseas, but without a social network, it's hit and miss. And they don't look like that!

Remember Club Black? I'm still getting hits from that article every other day. I can easily pick a dozen girls from my short list and beat them all.

I must declare I hate social networks. Imagine FB for escorts and clients! Horrible! So I was late to the game. But one can never be late. I'm still able and willing. And I have the means to indulge in the scene for many years. But I doubt very much. I have been there before.

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