Thursday, April 21, 2016

How Waterloo was won!

Queen bee sent an expedition force of 3 battleons to chase ghost. They lost one before reaching target. There's nobody home to accept my surrender, nobody to cut a deal with us. You think that's the end of it? You think that I have no conditions? I have well reserved forces.

My ally came to the rescue. And with my reserved forces, we topedoed everything!

Very patient and intelligent readers will know who my new ally is, Angel Face. I even thought she has been dueling with Helen all along. They turn up on the same day of the week. Last time I had to pick Helen instead of AF.

They are so evenly matched. They all lied about their height, one to a few inches more than they say they are. Both are 5'9 to 5'10. One brunette, one blond. AF is slight older at early to mid-20's, but the school girl fantasy is there that she promotes.

Ah, before we met, AF sent me that appeared to be a perfect resume customed to win over me. It is possible that she read my epic online rants and put them to good use.

I really can't say who fucks better. The younger one has superior oral skills so far - unexpected.

Today is about charging against the enemy. I charged in the doggie. I charged in the flatiron. I regrouped in the spoon. Finally I charged in the missionary, and let my mouth and hands did what they can do at that position.

This day, I dedicated my charges to the artist previously named Prince, who left us early at 57. I also made tribute to my generation of idols who were gone prematurely, especially the Gay, and to those artists who could have been, like the Prince I wrote about, who could have hold his first major concert 30 years ago, all because of one stupid sentence. One for the Queen too, happy birthday!

This girl can take some intimacy. I could kiss her on the flatiron, face, lips, ears, hair. When all is said and done, I discovered my fingermarks on her white breasts. I wasn't trying to do any rough sex. I asked her if she was OK all the time while I was charging. She always said, "yes, yes, yes".

At this point, I really have no perference who to fuck. It's rare. Take any two on the streets and you will have preference.

Helen, I can time you out at least a few weeks if AF is around. I can hold the line for another week if I choose to. If one of you disappear I will not dispair at all.

But then why not organize a threesome again?

These days I sang the Silhoutte song less. Instead:

Woo woo woo woo Waterloo!

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