Sunday, April 17, 2016

Did I say looking for a Chanel replacement in my auditions? No. I'm finally surely over her. I was just looking for some pretty live sex toys to play with.

Did I say my auditions are in a mess? I forget about the last one when I meet another pretty young thing. Then, the gorgeous tall blond about 30 got my heart. But when I decided on her and booked her again, it was well over a month. She put me low down on her favorite list. I had to work my way up again. Instead of doing that right away, I did some more auditions.

Lucky Star has the looks, but she doesn't go far with it alone. I had a crush on the Schoolgirl's feet. But after BYOS, bringing your own shoes plus a few visit, my crush was completely satisfied. No amount of DFK can hook me on. I settled for Pretty Schoolgirl as a satisfying sex toy, but she hadn't come back for a couple of months. It would have been different if she came back and open up her mouth.

Helen is different. I picked her just as I picked the other pretty young or mature things. I booked her 3 times, three times!!! without success, and no reason was given. Then I met her four times in four weeks. She shifted the appointment time twice, and the last time late for half an hour. I am so fucked.

I wasn't complaining and didn't keep these things in my mind. Once we met, I was so into her that I tracked her advertisement instantly. I know this is not a good idea. Temptations. You should go surfing only when you are horny or have some opening for rendezvous.

Once she turned up online, my phone will ding. I was like having an Amazon Book Her Button and couldn't resist pressing on it as fast as I can. Once I hit on it anyway even though I saw her just 3 days ago!

Why I'm boring you with all this? This is about the time she would turn up to announce her schedule for next week. And this is about the time I hit the book button every time for the last few weeks. If I have no problems with her I could have took the initiate and PM her to book her. Now I'm waiting for her to start my plan. But she could be appearing a little later, up until late evening. And the tax deadline may totally screw up her schedule and my plan.

It's not a very good start of a plan, is it? But waiting must be part of it if you want to play hard to get. Just when I was looking for things to fix to kill time, my phone dinged. It wasn't even a proper announcement. Was she waiting me to press the book button? Looking good. But hotel is far.

Her friend is out too, closer. COMPETITION! But can I do her? Sure, but before I met Helen. Why would you have a piece of meat instead of a model? I like meat too but now I am not sure if I can be passionate. I can do it. But it's like hurting others without benefiting yourself. Why? I have to do something to get even and get over it.

"I have a special request", shot fired! It could be tomorrow afternoon if I get a reply at all. Fingers crossed.

Now she is online. More friends coming to play tomorrow, ignoring tax deadline. Will she be not smart enough to get my message or choose to ignore it?

She got it and asked what I want. Going well.

I got the rejection. But I rejected her back, "OK, I will get over it soon :-)". Poetic! Now the next step.

Wow, with her helper's help, she writes like Chanel talk. Of course I wouldn't fell for it. I did last time because I wasn't prepared for the rejection. I said OK, saw her, and then regret it.

Everything as planned, hitting on her friend.

Now they are surprised. Good move. I think she is seriously considering letting me get my way. Or, her friend is preparing her resume to send it to me.


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