Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Did I say I'm seriously considering to surrender? I would be proud to hold the line for exactly one week! But I could be royally screwed. Brilliant move! The whole gang is moving out of town into the city this weekend. Helen hasn't reported for duty yet.

1) I can't screw her
2) I have to waste several hours driving time if I really have to screw her

Totally unprepared for this. It's logical if the queen bee wants all her subjects to turn up. You can't tell them to drive several hours two-way. And since they have been active locally for several weeks, it's time to move on a bit. The saving grace is that even if you are fully booked, you can't keep it up week after week. Now, does Helen don't even need classfied if her slots are filled via early notices.

Latest: I officially handed in my unconditional surrender offer. It is still better than asking when is she coming out to play again. If she has early notices and if she gives it to me than I'll know. But then, I know she will have another advance, early notices that is earlier than early notice! It's only natural if she doesn't response. I will be totally scewed until she replies, or until her classify turns up. I hope she is taking up time to make up the notice now, hehe. Being ignored is the worst.

Screwed screwed screwed. I have been ignored for an hour. I noticed that my surrender notice was wrongly typed too. So, there's excuse to surrender again. It can be a few days and then it could be much worse if Helen doesn't turn up anywhere. The not knowing. But then it could just be that there's no notice to give you. The saving grace is that I saved money! Are you in it for the money?

Over two hours now. I hope when they come back to deal with tomorrow advance booking they will give me something nice to hear. Chanel will do that. That's free. Now it will be a long torturous weekend ahead. And it's only Wednesday afternoon!

Fuck, what a difference a week make. First week she smashed all my other girls. I have to see her right next week, keeping my seven day rule. I was still OK. I was planning to see her every month. But the next one should be in 3 weeks time. I missed her but I got a sexy MILF instead. The reasons are complicated. The bottomline is that I don't want to see her every week for three weeks. A bit much? And I don't want her expectation too high. I was still planning to see others. And I missed her already and I couldn't have got through the week without fucking something. That MILF is the polar opposite and it was fun. But nothing compared to Helen.

But seeing her having fun, I missed her very much. So I booked her right next week. It was when the #14 DFK happened. And the rest is history. The next time my phone dinged, I just booked her. Then I realized that I just saw her 3 days ago. But it's all worth it. I saw her in that model outfit, high heels and air floating in the wind. Now, I am still singing that silly Silhouette song every other day when I'm alone. Unforgettable.

Hehe, there was worse. It's a secret. For our meeting before the last, I was waiting for my phone to ding and I booked when it happened. I didn't check anything. I didn't check the date. I didn't check the schedules. I didn't check the secret account balance. I thought I don't have to. But it was Mrs Players day off!

To spare time for her too I have to leave early. What do I do? I engineered the car so it made strange noises. I also lead witness into riding in the car a little bit. So I have a solid excuse and witnesses to leave early and do whatever I please. Theoretically, there is a infinitesimal small risk for all my passengers. But I know what I'm doing and I wasn't racing on the freeway. When I left I reset my car and did race on the freeway. I ended up half an hour late! She tried to shift my slot for me but I asked her to keep it as it were. It doesn't matter as long as I see her. She can always make it up to me later in any way if she want to. That's the day when the #14 happened. But the next time she was late for half and hour and I had to leave on schedule. Ouch!

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