Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Another poem/song/lyrics:

Meeting each other is also fate
You should not beg over and over
Fruitless to be self-trapped by love
Reunion and then separation
There's no need to regret
How can good dreams taken as real?

And who would be willing to keep the promise
To be with you forever?
How can you marry your first meet
And stay together till eternity?
Wind, flower, snow, moon
Romantic sentiments are just the passage of time after all

Separation is also fate
You should not beg over and over
For his pity
Who takes love seriously?
There's no need to hate
Real love in the world is the hallucination of fake

Who could have expected
How high should be the price of each affair
How deep should be the resentment left by each dream
Living in the world like sojourning dust

The young idol has the most beautiful voice, a very nice girl that your parent will approve. She was never in the superstar league. Now she is a classy lady and looking good. Obviously she has a good life.

What's the point of this poem? Actually this song is very hot in the redlight district! Most of the female singers perform this song many times.

Introduction, separation, reunion - see the point?
love -> lust
marry -> sex
Romance is for passing time only.
Real love is hallucination.
The price of love is high.
The regret after dreams is deep.
There's no need to beg for pity.
We all live like sojourning dust.
Who takes love seriously?

And nearly all the singers change one word in the song.
Fools take love seriously!
And they sing it with most passion at that point as if it's their life experience.

Who could have expected, this is the song of the red light district?

Oh Helen!

We are destiny
Give me one more time
The lust will last forever
I will pay the price
I beg you
There's no regret
We are just sojourning dust

What the fuck about fate?
I met Chanel when she advertised for the big time. But I listened to my pimp wana be friend to wait for her fall first. And she was rather expensive at the time. She did fall, but she didn't want me to see her like that. She didn't need to. But since she could not afford not to work, she must turn up when I booked her. I didn't remember how and when. I just got her number. It was a no no when she was with an agent.

This is one fucking agent. Yes, he has some good clients like me. But he is ugly, doing it because he is desperate to fuck women all his life. And, he is jealous of me! What an agent to deal with.

He knows girls like Chanel I will just take it and go out ourselves. It's against the rules but I told him that is what I wanted and I will compensate him handsomely for introductions. He knew there is something between us. He asked me to book Chanel, even though we were meeting secretly behind him. When I got there, he told me Chanel had just left with her boyfriend. So, I had the idea that Chanel had a boyfriend. But years after, I asked Chanel how is her boyfriend. Because we may be talking briefly about Mrs Player. Then she couldn't wait to tell me everything about her rich boyfriend. Before that she frozed for few seconds when I told her that incident. She became speechless.

From her reaction, I think the agent try to split us up. Yes, split us up like splitting up a couple! The agent made up the boy friend. Maybe he didn't tell Chanel to turn up. He made up the whole thing to get me to see another girl and tell me that Chanel had a boy friend. He knew I wanted arrangements and he always advice me against that with whatever reason he got.

Chanel was frozen for a few second, speechless. She could be bringing back old memories that she wouldn't want to tell. She may be totally puzzled by what I was saying. She probably hadn't a boy friend at the time. And what could have been if I didn't think that she had a steady boy friend. And certainly her rich boy friend wasn't that boy friend years ago.

It wouldn't be any different. Really I don't mind if she had a boy friend or a husband, as long as I am fucking other's girl friend or wife. Why would I? Also, Chanel knows these things. Men like me won't leave my wife and kids for anything. Affordability is another thing. And if Mrs Player found out that I cheated, she told me that will be probably OK. That's correct. But if she catches me in bed with a naked beautiful young girl, that will be the end. She actually said "get us caught like this" while we were sleeping naked side by side after sex, pillow talking. May be she figured out that is the only way we had a chance.

I wasn't thinking about anything. But when Chanel asked me how much kids I have, I always said one, or may be two. Even on the final phone call, she got to ask about how many kids I have. It was a blurr but initially she was like talking how is your family. But actually she tried to reminded that I have a wife and kids. And so do not bother her again.

I think we do have something between us. If not, how come I know so much about her rich boy friend? And she really really don't want to get married. They broke up because she went for an exotic holiday destination secretly with her friends against her boy friend's wishes. He checked up on her and her mother couldn't cover it up. She was trying to win him back and I adviced her to and to get marry.

Am I that insensitive? When a girl tell you that she really really don't want to marry. And she had a lot of "improper" friends, sisterhoods in her game, gold diggers, etc. She really didn't need me as a sounding board. And may be for my insensitivity she treated me badly from time to time for reverge.

And once she asked if she was right that I had a 6 figure salary. I did but I wouldn't count on it unless she wanted to settle as an ordinary surburban wife, who don't wear Chanel shoes going out shopping. And who could forget the day we spent several hours in the hotel room, me on top of her talking. Then we went for lunch until all the other patrons left. Obviously I lost the sense of time and she had some conspiracy I knew. I felt something wasn't right, gave her a stack of cash and never called her for a couple of months. Looking back it looks like I was afraid of commiment. She waited and waited until I feel safe again and called me up to continue my normal duties.

There were worse things that the agent did. He had to show me the pictures of online mail order brides that he is considering. Come on, to make me jealous? He was modest not telling me if he ever fucked Chanel. He fucked some of his goods and he told me that. Once after an appointment he showed me a gorgeous babe in a gorgeous dress. Younger and probably more beautiful than Chanel. I think it was those $10,000 per week recruitment ads. She came up for the interview with full gear and got the job there and then, being fucked. Maybe not the first day but close. He asked me if I wanted to fuck again that day. Of course not. But the next time I asked for her, he said she was gone.

Then he told me how he fucked her, how juicy was her and she had an orgasm even though she tried to hold it. Such a fucking moron. He also told me in a way that he wouldn't trust me for the introduction. We will just went off leaving him with nothing. That's true. But then he had no use for me for sure. And since he hadn't produced goods like Chanel for a long time, I left him without mercy.

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