Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Battleship topedo attack

Welcome to live blogging from the battle field, which is like the game to sink the other fleet by topedo coordinates without knowing where the ships are deployed.

After I refused to surrender to her empty sweetness, I wait a few minutes and contact the queen bee. I asked for her recommendation. She immediately gave me a name but didn't give me further details that I asked. Good, so I have excuse to observe.

To estimate the other fleets' strength, you can see what the admiral do. She threaten to do house cleaning and kick people of the discount privilege. Is that a strong sign? Of course not. But individual battle ship may varies in strength. Also, they are moving to cheaper hotel areas. It's extra few minutes's travel time than the central locations. There may be advantages but it's not the best of images.

At the same time queen bee is organizing a meet and greet party. I don't think it serve big marketing purposes. Surely I wouldn't attend these things. Financially, does it make sense when one girl can earn a couple of hundred per hour?

They anounced who's playing but in a subtle classified section. Not a lot of people will prebook by that.  And those would prebook will not need that classified. You have to see what they follow with com Monday.

Helen comes out to play only for a few hours at most. In the morning, she didn't even advertise in the premium section.  May be she just needed to put up something anyhow and she can fill all her time slots. I doubt it very much. It may be a silly mistake but her classified is inconsistant, appearing in two cities. She may be fishing for her 1st client and goes to the cities he prefers. All her other friends advertised in the premium section.

I waited at the last minute to contact the girl queen bee recommended. After all the too and fro questions, I hit the book button. But then after she answered all the questions, she came back telling e mshe is all booked up. I have to comeback the next morning. Good! I don't have to do her for now. I can and I have no reason to confirm her. I told her I got to go.

Then her friend's classfied keep coming up, dinging my phone. It sounds like, "Fuck me, fuck me." I have no reason to fuck her either. She is not the recommended one. But you can see it's bullshit. One is booked up while the other is free? It's possible that the house cleaning message brought out many clients but I doubt it. It is likely that my recommemded girl doesn't have anybody lining up so she is not going to get a room just for me.  After our conversation, she changed her classfied to come back tomorrow. Another topedoed.

Helen have another non-premium classfied in the early afternoon, with a city different from the one in the morning. If you are that good, you don't need one in the morning and one in the afternoon with different cities, and not in the premium section. Is she aiming for low overhead because of the low volume? This is her last classfied of the day. She could have filled all her slots, but more likely not. If not then you should do the premium and do it more often. Is that they want the elusion of fully booked rather than admit that they are not that good.

One good thing that came out is that Helen must have used my money to do a photo shoot. Great pictures that I can savour. More importantly, she will be around for a while because she put more effort into it.

The evening is usually quiet because they would stop early so the hotels will not bother them.

But I went crazy and wrote a lot of rubbish and that I couldn't get laid on the board, excuse me, social network. You know what, three of her friends put out their classfied for tomorrow. Two of them in the early morning. That puzzles me. It's not like before check out time. It's across that time and into the rush hour but not into the evening.

To start in the morning is unheard of except for check out day, and unless you score totay, i.e., have clients after check-in time. That they should have. But start in the morning means they have or expect to have clients in that time. Maybe queen bee's house cleaning works. May be they want me to change my mind. I told everybody I'm going to jerk off tonight because I didn't get laid.

As usual Helen don't work that much. If she has other successful gigs she wouldn't care about working with her friends. May be she really isn't that popular. May be she doesn't need that much money but filling all her slots is better than empty slots. So, she has needs and there is opportunity.

Another friend joinned the battle at the last call of the classified of the evening.

What I now think is that they are totally messed for the tax deadline, totally unprepared. This left them with empty hotel rooms and have to make it up the next day. They got the hint last night so the queen bee bring out the social event and the house cleaning threat. If they are fully booked or if they are totally messed, it's good either way. You cannot make the same threat over and over again. You have no other alternative.

In the morning they indeed get up early and honor their morning commitments. But then things get interesting. Soon they cut the time in the morning and now starts in the afternoon. One fish in another city at the classfied.

The impossibility is endless. Say the recommended one. She was fully booked for 8 hours yesterday? Fully booked for some 5 hours in the morning? And want to continue for the rest of the day? Super woman. Latest, now her classified is deleted. Can she work two full day straight, fully booked? Not possible! I think she have no takers in the afternoon and has to check out first. Just now, another friend announced yesterday takes her place.

After analying the post game social data, her friend probably didn't lie. She could have been fully booked and turned me away. Or she is almost fully booked so she wouldn't risk annoying me again. Fully booked or not the next morning, it's time to go home for a rest in the afternoon. The others? Not so much. So I was lucky she is popular too, or I had to do her, meaning nothing for me.

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