Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Another genome decoded!

Heart breaker of the naturally born kind!

How did I crack the code? In the bathroom of a fairy tale hotel near a theme park!

I must have kissed Helen dozens of times. On that day I dragged her hands gently into the bathtub. She resisted but not physically. I wasn't thinking of DFK. I was after her feet. But I DFK'ed her anyway. May be 7 or 8 in a row. I held her closer and closer, not tight but fuller and fuller body contact. She didn't resist a bit. She had a good grip on me too as it takes to tango inside a shower.

Some how I forgot that she had breast and pussy. All I have in my mind was kissing her. Actually there was probably nothing in my mind. Somehow she forgot that I have a penis, so she was afraid of nothing dangerous, gripping me closely, not avoiding any contact.

After the 8th DFK, the next one made my mind goes phew, wow, what's that! The next instant we pause to breath, I actually told her, "I'm coming back tomorrow." She apparently didn't know what I was talking about. I wasted no time to explain and went for the 10th, 11th, ...

She was reciprocating to my kisses consciously and unconsciously, for a moment she was really a girl friend experience.

Normal people reciprocate. If you treat them nicely they will reciprocate. I estimated that the evolution rate of this specie is some 10 to 50 times ours. So a heart of steel is an underestimation. Heart of diamond? Or even some even harder alien material they picked up from the stardust? If you hit their heart with a diamond bullet, it will turn into dust.

NBH's doesn't reciprocate. If you are nice to them, they may think, "yeah, nice, wait till you find out what I did last night!" Or they just don't care. You are just after my body.

They will let you DFK them in any way to keep you. They will keep up the suction and add in vareity to pretend not to be a dead fish. They will stop when you are satisfied, and come back. Chanel even threw in some back caressing when she sensed that she need it.

The moment that they forget who they are is rare. They don't even know it. But I can feel that. They have to feel so safe and you are so nice that they put down all their defences and calculations. I am not trying to be what I'm not. I am a harmless and fair and sensitive person. And they may momentarily feel guilty and reward you with something that you may not even feel it. Then the snowball started from there.

When you mind goes phew! wow!, that is the time your heart got infected. Most often you get infected anyway without knowing about it, or the moment it happened.

The problem is, the infected heart may go boom, broken, for nothing, at any time. It can be some meaningless trigger. A word. A look in her face. She is not going to prevent it. She is not going to mend it. She doesn't care. Most likely she wouldn't know about it. She may likely feels good when you suffer, to see how powerful she is, and to see you get punishment for sucking her toes far too long.

The only cure is money, "Honey, would you like me to call you first next time when I'm in town". More money, "Darling, would you like to take me out for a weekend for a special discount?". Yeah, right, special. Or just money, "Dick, do you want to do a quickie on my way home?". Or, "Dick, My Daddy is late, can you give me a quickie first?".

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