Thursday, January 28, 2016


Remember my lucky star? I could have seen her more but she has been somewhat elusive because she isn't that popular. She is full of character and doesn't do much to please everybody.

Pretty Schoolgirl is just the opposite. The first time I saw her, after the initial shock and then thoroughly enjoy her body orally, I found out that I lost my erection. This hasn't happen recently and I wasn't prepared. Usually I had morning wood or crave for porn, and I know it's time to browse the catalogue.

Though she doesn't have experienced oral skills, she knew how to work hard and did a resurrection. Her hand helped; she is pretty to look at. I did come but that was hard work for both of us.

The second time? I just booked her when she turned up without considering anything. Otherwise she could be fully booked and left when I was ready. But it was not my bad day. I pursued her pussy with full extend of my cock in the doggy way.

And I can say she is now my favorite, for now.

When I left, I got an SMS. Bad news. If I got it earlier I could have cancelled the appointment. (Or I will take it out on her ;-)  But I'm still thinking of her now. What an economic proof occupation.

Is she jinxed or not? Let's see next time...

ps your gallery should not be fashion show. Not interested.


Liras said...

Are you going to take away the fun the girls have with showing of their fabulous wardrobes? Tsk!

The Player said...

Ha ha, at the first booking we have a hard, cock hard, decision to make. Please don't let the superficial things (the clothes) get in the way. The mug shot gallery should be separate from the fashion gallery, which helps the 2nd booking, being collectables or something to savor.