Thursday, January 28, 2016


Remember my lucky star? I could have seen her more but she has been somewhat elusive because she isn't that popular. She is full of character and doesn't do much to please everybody.

Pretty Schoolgirl is just the opposite. The first time I saw her, after the initial shock and then thoroughly enjoy her body orally, I found out that I lost my erection. This hasn't happen recently and I wasn't prepared. Usually I had morning wood or crave for porn, and I know it's time to browse the catalogue.

Though she doesn't have experienced oral skills, she knew how to work hard and did a resurrection. Her hand helped; she is pretty to look at. I did come but that was hard work for both of us.

The second time? I just booked her when she turned up without considering anything. Otherwise she could be fully booked and left when I was ready. But it was not my bad day. I pursued her pussy with full extend of my cock in the doggy way.

And I can say she is now my favorite, for now.

When I left, I got an SMS. Bad news. If I got it earlier I could have cancelled the appointment. (Or I will take it out on her ;-)  But I'm still thinking of her now. What an economic proof occupation.

Is she jinxed or not? Let's see next time...

ps your gallery should not be fashion show. Not interested.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Can you believe this? Obviously when I wrote the blog yesterday, I was nipple hungry. I missed Pretty Schoolgirl so much. Particularly so because I almost didn't score last time, and certainly didn't give her a good fuck. Then this morning she turned up on the board.

The cover story is that these girls have colleges and only surface once a while when they have free time. This may well be true or true to some extend. And there may well be many other reasons. But working this way is much easier on your body and your mind.

So I dropped everything and booked her. Lucky Star did turn up once but I messed up. She turned up late in the day and gone by tomorrow.

Her place is jinxed. I always had different sort of troubles. I couldn't find the place in plain sight. I was late again and again even when I was always well prepared. And the worst of all, the only misfire in recent memory!

This time may be I was thinking what to do to her during driving. Those were the only things on my mind. I exited the freeway as I did everyday instead of driving straight. Tried to turn back and you have to connect to another freeway first before u turning. And turning the other way round on a freeway is a big job.

15 minutes late. There she is, same heavy makeup but this time don't look like it. So I can see that she is actually pretty. Wow, if you take a pretty high school girl and doll her up, it will become her. A bright coloful silky loose dress, under which is the same Mrs Robinson outfit. This time I wanted to do it piece by piece myself, but I was late. She took off her bra, but I got her stockings. But actually it was formally hooked to her underpants - the full gear.

Amazing how she need to put these all back, and to fresh up her makeup.

Now the pair of tall pyramids stood tall with fresh budding peaks. But first, I tried to lip DFK her. She was sitting at first, but dropped backwards onto the bed when I went in deep. So I got the message, no better than last time.

So I did to her nipples what I had been wanting for weeks. Suck, lick, squeeze.  Left, right, left ... She was a bit disappointed when I redo the left. When will it end? She was very co-operating but you could still sense that.

Then I went down on her. I intended to skip her pussy because she used lube obvously. But I couldn't resist trying even I'm not a pussy man. It didn't have bad taste so I carried on. But I was really into licking her tights and down to her ankles. There was signs that she walked bare foot, who doesn't?, and that she was probably worring last time that her fancy toe nail decorations will fall off. So there is a no go area.

She knew I would be turning her over and what I would be doing. If I can pick from the local high school cheerleader team to rim, she is probably the one. Very slim, very good proportion, very cute butt on a skirt, but twice as lovely bared.

She volunteered last time for a doggy so I just as well went for that straight. She underestimated me because I misfired last time. She might regret it the moment I went in, even with lube on. I slowly did the 'wax on', 'wax off' thing, but pumping all the way in and all the way out instead.

I can hear her feeling not the pain yet but the pressure. She could also told herself 'Ah, bad luck'.

I continued with a very steady pace to enjoy the pressure and the scenery. It's stimulating to look at her toes, legs, and even her back. And I remembered to actually stare at her ass while pounding her pussy hard. And remembering what it was like rimming her a moment ago. She is just good looking.

May be because I was late, she started to try intense fuck. Or maybe she wanted to end the 'suffering' sooner. Since she was on all fours, she could not fuck me silly even if she wanted to. I did some more strokes until I was satisfied.

Then I fuck her intensely, holding both her pelvis. This was what she wanted and I gave it to her.  No withholding and no mercy. It worked, and I couldn't last long after what I started.

I remembered last time she sneak in her hands and pull me out in a cute way. This time she didn't. She could have crawled forward a little as I was pulling out anyway. However, I didn't finish cuming so I still kept my thick head in her warm pussy. And she waited for me to pull out myself.

Now I'm thinking about her nipple again. Until next time.

Sunday, January 24, 2016


I declare, offically, that I am now reverting to smaller chested women girls. Having driven crazy time and time again by work-of-art big tits, I understand their appeal ... until I met this crop of girls who reminded of my earlier girl friends.

Size doesn't matter. You can pinch them, squeeze them, lick them and suck them all the same. The most important is the nipples. Pencils, puffies, budding flowers, artifical enhancement can only do so much. These girls are real. And we are spoiled for choice.

The best pairs' owner didn't even advertise her asserts. Maybe she thinks they are smallish, quite ordianary. But they may have no idea that the pair is one in a hundred, or even thousands that you can buy at the click of a mouse or by the wipe of a finger.

And so my one more advice on pictures is that "show your tits".  Free your nipples.

The other free advice is not to do anything with your mouth in the pictures, other than smiling, or biting your nails a little bit.

And I can't blame the 19 year old who reverse her ass into me when I started. Just as I used to and liked to handle smaller tits, I had been an upskirt boy, but too shy to look if I knew any one behind me would know what I was doing, even if they did the same. I had been obessed with legs and underpants. Also socks and cute shoes. But once I can look pass these things, with money or otherwise, the obession with sandals, slippers, toes, butt and ass become obvious.

My honeymoon with my local board is about to be over. I am addicted finally, after so many years on the outside. But now I bark at their fees after my initial freebies ended. For one they charge more than TER! And there are more ways to get your money.

Did you see the news that they train air hostesses to spot human traffick victims on they way to super bowl? That make sense. But precisely, this explains why they got so few victims, if any, for their previous large scale raids. I can tell you that you can't find anyting like victims in those places.