Saturday, December 31, 2016

Never dance again

My sad goodbye with Chanel calls to mind one of the scenes straight out of the silver screen. I had no idea yet but somehow I could see her back walking slowing across the long outdoor corridor. In hindsight, she walked so slowly as if she was in deep thought, had a heavy heart, or as if she was hiding that she had just been raped. She must have made up her mind at that point.

Maybe I was looking out of the window or the peephole of the hotel room on the ground floor. Being in a theme park, the architecture was somewhat unique, allowing me to see only her back while she walked out. I had no idea why I was looking. Usually, she left first for whatever reasons, the main one being not offering her time for free. I would stay behind to rest, savour the expensive moments in the past hour, trying to get a little more out of the room booked for one night.

I did know she might be retiring or abandoning me because she treated me badly on a pre-booked lunch date by not caring about my feelings. She didn't try to make up to me or diffuse the situation. I wasn't hopeful when I asked her out again but she was eager as usual. After the deed, she even took the time to take up the Lolita post, dangling her feet up in the air totally naked, looking at me all smiling and seductive. I hated her for that sort of behaviour in a good way. It would have been perfect foreplay if she didn't wait after sex. It was all about enticing me to come back next time for more, all about money.

Seeing that she was her old self once again without the threat of retiring, I began to show my displeasure and she understood. Now that she is gone, what I did was so wrong, so wrong. I could have written off that lunch date as a total lost, forgot all about it and I might have seen her again.

I got over her many times but time can never mend; I still miss her. I deep kissed Kendall so many times but not until the #43, or was it the #78, that I felt the earth moving. When we were taking our breath during the interlude, I had to whisper, "Wooow, what's that?" She gave me the sweetest smile and we continued. It was subtle but her mood, her smile, her embrace was different, enough to shake the ground.

With Chanel, we had a much longer history.  I still remember seeing her on and off for months until she gave me the mint and started kissing me on the next date. It went deeper and deeper until I lost consciousness from time to time. It was that good. But to her maybe it was just caressing my back that did the trick every time. Imagine that Kendall Jenner is your type and when you put some hotties shoulder to shoulder with her, you feel that there is no comparison. For me it's Chanel. I still haven't found a replacement. Kendall had potential but we were as good as splitting up due to irreconcilable differences. Chanel II is also close, but I hate to start something when the timing is all bad.

I should've known better than to get even with a paid girlfriend and wasted the chance that I've been given for happiness. So I'm never gonna kiss again the way I kissed with Chanel, probably.

To the hearts and minds of players, ignorance is kind and there's no comfort in the truth;
pain is all you'll find.

Now that the ball had dropped but here we are still at the last hours of 2016. What a year this is! Many more people had the feelings that I had when the idols of your own generation dropped like flies. Though mine didn't drop within a year. But during sparking moments of your life, epic music can't just be erased from your heart. Prince, Bowie and now Michael!

Monday, December 26, 2016

The reunion

Mrs Player was all wrapped up in Christmas coloured fancy lingerie when I returned to the bed after sneaking out trying to reply to Kendall, who surprised me with a late night text.

Thou shall not text a married man late at night, period. But I didn't have a heart attack as she is a corporation on my contact list. And there are so many spams nowadays, including shopping deliveries and school notices. Incidentally, Mrs Player doesn't silence her email notifications! So I picked up the phone on my nightstand, took a look, and threw it back on the nightstand as if it was just another spam.

I could not blame Kendall because I booked her the next day. It was "confirmed" but I planted doubt in her mind after we had some issues.

Women seem to have six senses for these things. Time and time again, Mrs Player ruined my day after I booked Chanel, hotels and everything else I needed for a day of escape. She would open up herself for sex the night before. It's hard to turn her down considering how hard it was to get into her pants. She wasn't irresistible, but it would have been very suspicious to turn her down, and she could have done worse to me to sabotage my day.

I can still perform well the following day. I have one shot to heaven no matter what. The difference is the volume and my partners feel it. On a normal day, I can flood the condom so if there's no compliment they can think of, "that's a lot" will do nicely. Some even asked me point blank, "what's the last time you had sex?"

For Chanel, it's a little different. She liked the security that I was and would be her regular, and that I preferred to see her more than anybody else, including Mrs Player. Once, she even asked who is better, she or Mrs Player. Can you imagine that? She didn't hide her dissatisfaction when I didn't reply immediately and looked a bit like a spouting kid when I said it was Mrs Player. I didn't know what I was thinking. I did give the reason that we don't wear a condom at home! Maybe it was my hint for her. Was I that clever?

Once I brought a picture of a pretty girl that I wanted her to track down for me. That was an excuse to remind her that I had many options and that she wasn't necessarily the youngest and prettiest. But she immediately thought that the picture was Mrs Player before I could say anything.

Mrs Player didn't have to wrap herself in festive lingerie; tight T-shirts and shorts would do nicely. Actually, anything will do when she allows me to grope her. I took off the gift wrap immediately, resisting the temptation to tear it off, saving it for next time, if there is one.

It's so much better at home than five-star hotels; the bedsheets are perfectly worn. You don't worry about what's the last time they washed the cosy comforter. Above all, Mrs Player is easy. She liked to be sucked and squeezed on her perky breasts, simultaneously and hard. At the same time, a pussy rub will bring her to the edge in no time. So, you know what my left and right hands are busy doing.

She would beg me not to stop before the climax, not taking my time for a detour to expose her naked body, and not sucking her toes or biting her bottom. After the climax, she would beg me to stop; that's the time when I own her. I can manipulate her into any position I want, pulling her to the side of bed, fucking her standing up, and releasing my load whenever and wherever I like, such as at the flat iron position. And then we can cuddle all night long, not worrying if she actually wants to be cuddled.

Actually, I didn't return Kendall's text. I was crossed with her and the best way to show it is to withhold my money. I cancelled the date by ignoring her text. Knowing how she operates, she had waited for my response but had to call me before the end of the day because I was the anchor for the next day. If I turned up for the early appointment, it would worth her trouble to turn up for work and any clients after would be a big plus.

Kendall texted me a few weeks earlier. I never called her after she went under the radar and we exchanged our "private" numbers. But I wanted to if only to see how she was doing. I need sex sooner or later but friends on my contact list have priority.

I jumped at the chance to see her, hoping to ignite my passion for her, and I thought I was helping her out; maybe she needed me to pay rent or the sort.

In hindsight, I don't know if I was even talking to her. I was trying to help but she seemed to fit me into her busy schedule. She gave me advance notice that she would be late for half an hour. I didn't think much at the time, assuming that she had scheduling problems working under the radar, and she couldn't afford to lose any clients.
I waited patiently only to find myself in a well "used" hotel room. But still, I thought she could be borrowing her friend's room to see me. I had absolute no complain when I met her. The colour of her outfit was subtle but it was actually sexy and fancy, only a teen model could fare well in it without drawing negative comments on the streets.

When the door opened, we embraced and kissed like long lost lovers. The day before, I thought of many things to do to her but I ended up doing mostly the same thing I had done before, sucking her perky teen model breast, biting lightly on her bottom and munching on her irresistible legs.

When she kneeled by my side blowing away, I forgot about everything. I wouldn't think of any other position while I could see her putting my cock into and out of her mouth on her pretty face. What else I would want when she was blowing so good without reservation, nothing between us except saliva if you count that. You can say we are custom made for each other. Remember that Emma, the oral fixated, had to pause at all the right moments to prevent me from getting too excited, shortening the fun. Kendall just kept at it non-stop while I was invincible.

I felt so good but once I wondered if there was something wrong with my equipment down there, preventing me from exploding. I forced my eyes open to take a look but my cock looked as big as an ice cream cone smouldering her mouth.

But... there is always but. Her face was almost raw. She might have no time to prepare or she looked like having an all night party before meeting me. I didn't think much of it because she doesn't need much makeup while looks pretty all the time no matter what.

She doesn't speak much because I am almost certain she doesn't want to contradict herself. Linsey, the possible Chanel replacement, speaks so much that it is possible for her to lie, while Chanel herself is the professional liar, not giving out any clues naturally and everything she said is believable. In hindsight, Kendall might not have recognised me! I hope it wasn't that bad but she was a bit off that day, but not unusual.

Kendall was certainly her old self when she was performing her signature blowjob on me, trying her best to please without reservation. But... she was holding her hair with one hand at times! What's that? Yes, she looked like she just left the hair salon but in hindsight, she also looked like she was saving herself for her next VIP's, fitting me in between when she had one hour left open.

There's more. Watching her blowjob is like watching porn. When I thought she liked my cock so much, worked so hard to please, so passionately done, she would take a side look at me momentarily to get some feedback. There was nothing in her eyes other than coldness, like a coroner checking the pulse of a corpse. Was she impatient that I still hadn't come? Was she worrying if she was doing it right?

When it was all said and done, I sat down resting with my back on the headboard. Kendall was doing the same right next to me, naked; she never had anything to hide. Before the day, I thought of many things to say. But all I managed was, "It's been a long time." She replied with a sweet smile showing off her dimple, "Yes, a long time." Before the reunion, I thought of doing many things after sex, but all I managed was leaving my left hand on her right thigh. I am sure she wouldn't mind being cuddled. Once I was sure she wanted it to secure her position in my list of girls, but all she managed to do was stretching her arm across the bed, which would be around me if I was going to lay down.

It took Kendall for me to really understand how some girls are so afraid of awkward silence. She is very comfortable saying nothing, even fully naked beside me. I was very comfortable resting until I thought I need to do or say something to fill the time. If I had no desire to do or say anything, I might just as well go home.

While I was in deep thought mode, Kendall brought out her phone. At the time I didn't think much of it; she was bored and she was always not the one to initiate anything. In hindsight, of course, she was answering her text backlog to see who's next. Or just to see if anybody was coming next. My advice is just don't do it. It may not feel bad at the time but soon and for the rest of your relationship. If you have to do it, find some believable excuses like checking the weather.

But anyway, I left early because she was late for a half hour. So my schedule of the day wasn't ruined too much by her and I was doing her a favour. I was still fond of her when I left, giving her a few passionate kisses on her mouth and on her dimple.

A few weeks after the reunion, I texted her in need of good sex. This time she certainly remembered me. Or, the saved messages are very good for customer relationship management. Before syncing our schedules, she joked if I wanted to be her first! I was positive for sure and we were going to have a nooner the next day.

Early in the morning, she told me she was sick and we had to reschedule. I was grateful that she was responsible and thoughtful. We were to meet on a Tuesday and we had to reschedule to Thursday; she doesn't work full-time. Apologetically, she confirmed the appointment. I also confirmed because I could, and I wouldn't think of anything else.

Somehow her words bothered me. Now that she owed me I asked her to do an outcall with me on Wednesday at wherever she preferred as long as it was before late afternoon, so I didn't have to wait another day. She politely declined with no excuses other than that she only works on Tue and Thu. When I took it further she didn't reply. That was the ignition point.

First, her number wasn't that private. It was shared with her friend, who posted it publicly if only temporarily. I am sure whoever can pay will have her number already.

At the reunion, she could have been calling everybody on her contact list when it was a slow day, only to find that she had more clients to handle that day. So I was bumped for half an hour for her good course. Maybe she was doing incall in two towns. Maybe she had to sync with her friend's schedule. But that didn't matter. She had enough time to change that and I could have refused to move my slot or I could have cancelled.

Looking back, her words when she called in sick hurt me. She texted about "priority", "rescheduling", etc. But she doesn't talk that way if she talks at all. After all, the words are meaningless because I was effectively written off for the day. I think I was cancelled because she got enough clients all of a sudden so she didn't have to drive to my town, disappointing her other clients. She was treating me like an overflow parking lot for the Thu appointment.

I was trying to tell her that I wasn't afraid of getting what she got. Occasional coughing and sneezing didn't bother me as long as she felt well enough to have passionate sex. Maybe she misunderstood me and my intentions; first, she had the flu than the cold actually. If it was a conversation, she would have got off easy. But for text, you can read the words again and again until eternity!

I booked her Monday morning, only to see her on Thursday noon. What was she thinking? If she replied my last text, I would have let her off because I confirmed. I know it didn't matter whatever I say except for money. So I decided not to see her unless she begged me or offered me something to compensate. She didn't, and she had two days to do it.

All I got was a lousy text before midnight that might turn out wrong as if she did me a favour by turning up for work just for me only because she promised, but not for the extra money. Could she just say, "I'm sorry and I miss you!"? That would work even as a joke.

Out of respect for myself, I decided to ignore her text. I could have thought of something to say when I sneaked out of bed. But ignoring is the best form of getting even, just as she ignored my text until the last minute, having to decide if she needed to turn up for work. Also, the thought of her turning up a bit off didn't turn me on. I had a lot of fun with other girls without regret. I don't understand why an hour with her could cost me so much grief. So much fail on her part.

When I returned to our bed, I realised that my decision was absolutely correct.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

RIP The Team

Relaxing on the toilet seat after the job, I replied to Kendall's private message a couple of hours ago, saying that "I will, and I will!".  Then I opened the contact list on my phone, at the same time I got a ding on my phone that made me almost jumped; it was a message from her.

To my surprise, Queen announced the inevitable news that her team was over. I wasn't surprised by her demise but the timing. I thought the social event was going great and the Queen was able to delay the inevitable. Attendance was great probably because she put herself out on the raffle. All of a sudden, everything was canceled the day before, and she had a few days at most to refund and erase any trace of her team, before severing all contacts with the world.

It was a familiar story. When the girls became established, the middlemen became greedy, blackmailing them for a large continuation fee or they had to start all over. For the team, it was even more complicated since the face of the team, the Queen must have a cut already for all her troubles.

Even though Kendall stayed low profile for a couple of months, she would have a lot to do with the demise of the team. The Queen recruited her and on whom she relied for her operations. But with pictures side by side, it was Kendall that I picked, never interested in the Queen myself. Despite the good words for the Queen all over, she must be under pressure not to compete directly. She picked retirement, living off booking fees from all the girls she recruited into the business.

After a while, even her most loyal fans realized that her girls couldn't be exceptional all the time. The Queen was making do with whoever comes her way. Some never made it to the big time. Some hardworking ones didn't last long. The exceptional ones never bothered. They can make it anywhere and her client base wasn't that exceptional.

That was the time when the Queen put herself back into the market quietly. That was the time when old issues came back to haunt them all. You can't honestly promote other girls when you bill yourself as the best, with a fee to match.

I wouldn't have bothered if the Queen didn't put up a list of girls going their independent ways with new names, but Kendall wasn' t on it. Even though I wouldn't have much time to patronize her, I was sad to see her go. We never had bad blood between us. I would have seen her already if not for ...

My Lucky Star turned up after so many months after I saw her, having deleted her account briefly. I would have rewarded her but she moved across town far away. In a private conversation, a guy told me that she is the one to get married to. I agreed; I saw her three times in a week! But no, I wasn't enchanted. I liked her character and she was the first one in the line of girls that satisfied me in many ways. The sex was great; she was able and eager. But I could tell that she wasn't charmed by me, not having a deeper connection than a client-provider relationship.

Then it was Pretty Schoolgirl. She was charmed by me but she chose to keep a distance; I took that as a challenge. So I jumped at the chance after so long, almost an absence as long as Lucky Star. She recognized me of course. And her Mrs. Robinson's outfit didn't disappoint. But she wasn't into ordinary clients like me. She turned ups again because her relationship with her last sugar daddy ended naturally after a couple of months. She even refused to get off her saddle when I tried to push her up and off my equipment. I didn't know if she really enjoyed it that much, or she didn't want me to mess her up too much for the next appointment.

She was really what I wanted so I tried to book her in advance the next week. Finally, my charm worked. She was all smiles, kissed me more and with tongue, talked about things and even other girls. She told me her preferred schedule and I was supposed to see her next time. But then she didn't appear and her booking line was unanswered. She is my type but I wasn't in a position to pursuit further.

Then it was Chanel II, of course. I didn't see her because her picture wasn't outstanding. Maybe some clients like it that way. Now she put up some model like pictures, showing off her model legs. Indeed she was within an inch or two of Kendall's height. She is most likable; who would text her friend for a threesome chat, when their mutual client, me, was lying naked next to her? I just couldn't find the chance to see her again because of the way she operates. I did try, though.

Stephanie, everybody's wet dream as documented in the urban dictionary, is real and she came back to the area closest to me so far. I always have a place in my heart for her and always have an hour reserved for her. She is all that, blond with milky smooth skin, pretty, having nice curves and breasts to die for. But the only problem is that she is a safety girl. A deep French kiss would be at least a few months away if I work tirelessly on her. I don't have that much time to spare. And since she is an unspoken member of Queen's team, I doubt if she will turn up anytime soon.

I missed Kendall, and I wasn't the only one, obviously. Another guy posted in a public forum his admiration for her. Though it may all be a promotion in disguise. Then a friend of her responsed, telling everybody that they can contact her privately for Kendall. I did, mostly out of curiosity. But I did want to see her, even more so since she could disappear for good.

Kendall was helping out her friend to start her business in the area. Her friend sent me Kendall's new number and I told her to explain my situation to Kendall, that I have very limited chance to get away to see her. My charm must have worked, again.

Very soon, Kendall used her friend's private message to reply with her own "signature", telling me to save her phone number, and come to see her whenever I have the chance. I got what I wanted and I was very satisfied with myself. I didn't reply immediately because all was said and done. And I treasure her response too much to just write something.

When I needed a toilet break, I brought everything with me for the long haul. Despite being on the toilet seat, inspiration came and I replied, "I will, and I will!" That was the most poetic way I could think of to say that I will carefully save her phone number, and I will see her whenever I have the chance. But that wasn't the best line.

I sent her my number again, writing that, "You can send me updates anytime; it's not likely that I will be buried with text messages and PM's whenever people hear my name, LOL." Seeing that I was so good, I woke up my phone, opened the contact list to save her number. That's when my secret line dinged. It was a message from Kendall, telling me to save her number. She beat me by a mile. She entered my phone number, sent me a message before I even managed to open my contact list to type her number.

Whether she is very keen to see me, or very keen to fill up the slots on her next working day, I wouldn't know. But in giving me her private number, she overtook Chanel II in my heart. And that she doesn't advertise anymore for now while keeping some of her clients begin to look like what Chanel had done.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

My client work flow

Real-time classified makes it very easy for part-timers and travelers to connect with their clients. They may post a classified in advance or when they are available for business. Almost instantly, those on my very long "short list" will trigger sending an email to me. I have email filters to control who will get to me instantly on my cell. I can ignore others for the time being until I change my mind.

Initial contacts will be made using PM, which can be handled by mobile Chrome even for very primitive websites.

The main communication will be off websites. Nowadays, I bet the most enterprising people use Hangout. It's not cool for personal use anymore, but for business, it's different. There are simple checks online to see if a phone number is a Hangout (Google Voice) number. Nobody complained about mine.  A booking agent can have many phone numbers, one for each girl.

Multiple users share the same phone and SMS history, but not for Hangout, making the multiuser mode solidly private. I don't even use a separate secret contact list anymore. Each girl is an entry with a put off company names like IRS or some election polling organization. I put the girl's name on the title field, which is searchable but not within Hangout.

With the stored SMS, Hangout is a pretty good CRM - client relation management. If only more booking agents use it. If someone sends me a text out of the blue, immediately I can see when and where did I see her last time, and what we texted about last time. It's hard to forget her name even if I didn't mention her name once in the history. Nowadays, I'm using 100% text for appointments.

When you get a call on Hangout, only the company name will be visible on the answer screen. You can put all the girls in two companies, accepting calls for one but ignoring the other. Also, the call screen displays the Google account containing the caller in the contact list. You can use it for further differentiation, but first, you must use a tame email address.

Nowadays, I almost always get a text of the address to park. Since everybody uses Google Maps, they can just as well share their GPS location with me via SMS so I can start navigation right away. But with Google Now, I just need two seconds of pressing the home button to scan all the address and landmarks on the SMS in view, while mapping and navigation is one more click away.

With the Project Fi data only SIM, it's a good excuse to put a spare phone in the car, better than a backup phone battery. It's a fully functional phone, with voice and SMS via hangout, but doesn't cost anything if you never use it.

While Google Maps and navigation have been indispensable, now, it seems as though that they have a traffic camera on every lamp pole in the land. Last time, Maps gave me a suspicious travel time at the morning rush hour. I put my faith in it and wasn't disappointed. I was told not to get on the freeway, roaming the empty streets instead. Just when I thought I made the epic trip without using the freeway at all, Google told me to get on it, avoiding all the bottlenecks.

One drawback is that while Google knows when traffic incidents happen, it can't predict how long it will end. So, by the time you reach the trouble spot, they could have cleaned it up already, making the longer detour unnessary. Similarly, Google returns the estimated travel time in the future with a wide margin, although it must have know the exact time it took the day before.

Better than state traffic cameras on the freeways, Google has, in addition, every Android phone as a position and hence speed sensor. But Google does have other use of cameras for navigation. Once Google told me to get off, say, "Hollywood Bee El". I laughed out loud when I saw the big exit sign, exactly what Google said, "Hollywood Bl.".

Friday, September 30, 2016

The day after

With her still sitting on my cock, I lifted her up and put her down back on the bed clumsily, only to find her head dangling completely over the edge, supported by my two hands. There was only one right thing to do. I kissed her deeply.

She must be finding her predicament amusing, her position slightly novel, and accepted her fate merrily.

I was still horny after writing about the one night stand the day before. Then there was a golden opportunity to spend my time productively. Being two days on a roll was excessive, but it could be a long wait for the next chance even if I would have the capacity to take it.

In the darkest of times, I never dumped Chanel for whatever reasons; I  had monthly rendezvous to look forward to until she dumped me to get married. Not knowing that I was driving with or without glasses, she did wonders. For keeping me sane always and through my last comeback, she was a bargain.

The nameless girl that I met yesterday left town, and she was too far away nevertheless. I was looking for someone similar, but this girl shrank from her pictures in all dimensions. Instead of more of a Warrior Princess with a narrow waist, she was a spinner, a bit older than the type I used to.

Knowing that she was happy to have me and that she wasn't likely to refuse, I took her into the bathtub for a shower. In turn, we soaped up each other and then rinsed. Being tiny, I noticed that her feet were doable. I washed her toes thoroughly.

I remembered the days when Jordan, and even Chanel, her threesome partner, tried to destroy my evil plans. Drying myself on the shiny white bathmat, I was contemplating whether to wait for her creepily outside the tub or go into the bedroom alone. She ended my dilemma when she stepped out of the tub when I had to give way for her by stepping onto the shiny white bathmat by the sink.

After drying myself, I just stood there watching her. It was a very natural behavior to stare at a naked girl drying herself. When she finished and before she could take a wrong footstep, I offered to carry her. Not only did she had no desire to resist, but also she understood and was expecting.

I put her on the bed, got on top of her making full body contact, and then kissed her deeply. She taking it calmly, there was nothing spectacular. More commonly, girls would duck out of it or give it some passion getting it over with for once, and then no more.

Next, I fixated on her imported pair of breasts. They were in great shape, with an excellent size, highly squeezable and indestructible. Unlike some other pairs, I could hold tight on both simultaneously, so tight as to milking them while still had more than enough below the nipples to suck on alternatively and repeatedly.

She having decent skin, I tried to freak her out by homing in on her armpits. For the first time, she resisted, leaving me nowhere near my targets. Instead, I wet kissed her tummy, all the way down to her pussy.

While dining on her pussy, I remembered to give her the chopstick, fucking her with two of my fingers. Munching with my lips and painting with my tongue, I went down both of her tights, knees, lower legs until I reached her feet. I stretched her legs like chicken wings while enjoying her small feet. Seeing that she took it well, I began to test her tolerance by licking and tickling her sole. She was immune. When my passion ran high, I hold her foot like a bottle, put her big toe in my mouth, sucking like a hungry baby. I left no toes unattended.

When I turned her over, I was surprised to find her Hercules heel. She giggled when I licked her calf muscle like a giant churro. That was the excuse to do some more of the same and then more, finally reaching her butt.

I treated her bottom equally with her breasts, the difference being that I had to dig into her cheeks with my fingers to hold them tight. There being no center of attraction, I had to kiss, lick and suck all around.

When my passion ran higher, I bite on her butt, gently first, then harder. Knowing that I wasn't going to hurt her a bit, she just laid there. Before I released her, I bite as hard as I could without leaving any marks, shivering uncontrollably as if in a minor tremor.

Obviously,  she knew that I was satisfied, being able to do whatever I wanted, mostly. Consequently, she cut short her pleasure routine to compensate for the time already spent. There was no need for it nevertheless because my cock was as stiff as a rod then. After giving short, but undivided, attention to my shaft and balls, she put on the cover, climbed over me, and began to ride.

Being greedy and shameless, I held tight onto her boobs when she was riding hide and low until I lifted her up, set her down and kissed her intensely. As awkward as it looked and she felt, it was stimulating.

There was little difference from kissing a severed head, the only being that she was alive, warm-blooded. I tested her limit by bringing out my tongue into her mouth, searching for hers, and then starting a fight, over and over again. During the intermissions, I would drop her head about two inches down to look at her reactions, and laugh at her predicament. She took everything graciously. Being screwed by a stiff rod, placed under a human meat press, she sure had the passion brought out of her, so different from the kisses when I came in, and those when I first set her down on the bed.

When I knew the end was coming in that familiar situation with a little twist, though, a missionary with deep kissing on a severed head, I pulled out to accomplish what she inspired me to. She was such an obedient girl that I had to flat iron her.

When I twirled my index finger, she seemed to read my mind as she turned but didn't get up on all fours. I should have remembered that it was an impossible task entering directly, but I tried anyhow and failed.

If I ever got into a flat ironing position, it was first a doggy, followed by leg pulling so my opponent would collapse flat on the bed. But it was rather clumsy to keep my cock inside. From numerous experiments, the easier way is to do the spoon first, after that it is just a matter of rolling 90 degrees.

My insight was substantiated when I was spooning Friendly just a few weeks ago, she asking me in some barely audible pillow talk why I didn't carry onto the flat iron, meaning that it was usually the way to do it. I would love to if she had asked earlier when I still could. Unfortunately, that explains why some girls don't like spooning. Doing the spoon itself had its beauty when I had the excuse to spread her legs and lift one high up the way I wanted artistically, exposing the sight of her vulnerable entrances.

Even though it was my favorite position, I didn't linger on a bit, rolling her over flat on the bed as soon as I penetrated. The climax was near and enough time had passed that I knew I should hang over to the next lucky guy. I was fucking her like a meat tenderizer, fast and furious.

To keep our connection throughout, she kept her head raised, making it possible to maintain eye contact and lip contact for that matter. I found my arm naturally around her neck, hard not to choke her when I needed one more anchor to stable myself during meat tenderizing. I even had the urge to twist her head off!

As fun as it was, the climax was nothing dramatic compared to that of the day before, when it was as spectacular as the decisive moment of a great tug of war.

In raising her head during the flat iron, I think she tried to avoid her makeup staining the bedsheet, or more likely, unseen stains on the sheet from getting on her face!

If you think that a grammatically correct, well-read, well-bred, extensively traveled person has taken over the blog, you are insane. I always have put up the undecipherable shield to protect my copyright. I happened to turn on the grammar checker just as I did many years ago when I used Word. Some day, when the writing tools become more fun to use, I may write a book, an easy step up as I have been discovered already by the media.  (R.I.P. Gawker)

A female first person version of the book may follow, with multiple endings (pun intended), as the bridge to an audio book, generated by text-to-speech machines that understand intonation tags. It's fun, good exercise when the river runs dry, or before that, money runs out.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

What a break

Glancing into the three-piece body-sized mirror at two o'clock, I can see myself penetrating this tall girl bending over on the dresser with both legs straightened and tightened, while I was giving out the last battle cry as if being pulled over in a tug of war.

Since I'm preparing for a break from my adventures, my choices suddenly become wide open when I'm horny. One night stand becomes a good thing because if I don't regret it the next morning, I still may not be returning.

This nameless girl is tall and big, in the sense that it is these types that I lust after when I was a little boy. She has long legs, big top and bottom with narrow waist, a bit thicker than models, and very appetizing. Since I have seen most of her naked body, hardly anything can go wrong unless ...

Fake pictures! Fortunately, she is a horizontally stretched version of her pictures. A bit thicker than I imagined but it's worth the price to pay for not picking those delicate schoolgirls who could easily charge $700 for a half hour (and I believe her). With little makeup on, she didn't look any worse than her pictures. By the way, I had the experience of meeting somebody that was a vertically compressed version of her pictures! You might think that it's the same effect but I was imagining a tall model when I got short squashy lower legs.

The nightmare architecture is spreading. I drove a mile in circles up several levels to reach the rooftop, where I parked at the guest spaces. But not being in a classy hotel has it's advantages. There was the choice of mirrors with one wall mirror by the bed and a freestanding three piece by the dresser. While I was sitting low naked on the bed corner having a hard time deciding, she kneeled down and lowered her body further to access my cock and blew.

Whereas she was passionate and her job enjoyable, I told myself "not so fast" and got up. I reminded myself what I came for, even though her pictures were a bit stretched. I pulled her up, held her hands and lead her to the front of the three piece mirror.

Even though she was never who I would call pretty in her pictures, in real life she was every bit kissable. Maybe her body distorts impressions just as heavenly bodies distort space-time. I deep kissed her but she wasn't passionate. Then I moved on to her breasts. They were big, looked natural on her large frame, and seemed to defy gravity. I sucked and licked on one big papaya while holding and squeezing the other, and vice versa, vice versa ... She felt a bit awkward just standing there but I liked it that way, on occasion looking at myself enjoying the fruitiness.

Then it was my turn to kneel down. She is Warrior Princess crossed Bay Watch. You may think she is big but her tummy is a lot tighter than Winter by the look of it, and she looks a lot better because of her height. I checked below her tummy with my lips and tongue, only briefly because it wasn't a convenient position. So I brought up my fingers. I was a little surprised when she refused to be penetrated. I only brought them up because I thought she was those tough, rough and ready type.

So, while still kneeling, I turned her around to look at what I was coming for. Her butt was full, round and tight. Whenever I was looking at that I would hit her with my palm unconciously. My hand just bounced off without much damage. I did what I could do - lips, tongue, and a bit of teeth. And I was holding her cheeks or hips tightly with my hands all the time. Then I did some more, all around.

What drove me a bit crazy was that her crack was so deep that my tongue could hardly reach anything. It was the lure of the explorer's never ending quest.

Lifting my face from her butt, I can see in the mirror that her legs were straighter and tighter because of her bending over position on the dresser. They were a bit thicker than a supermodel but looked great at the moment. Like a master painter, I drew a bamboo on her leg with one non-stop stroke of my tongue, from butt to ankle. Then I went upwards from her other ankle. Not satisfied with my work, I doubled down on her lower legs, which actually looked good despite her size and thickness.

I sat back at the corner of the low bed when she almost crawled to get to taste my cock. She was so good, so passionate and I was at such an excited state watching the mirrors. I cut short her fixation at my cock and asked for the cover. Any other time I would have satisfied even if I blewup on her face or in her mouth if she wanted it. But this time I had things to cover.

When she came back with the cover, I was standing at the end of the bed. Knowing what to do, she laid down on the bed allowing me to do a missionary while standing up. I penetrated with a full erection. Other than standing up, we were having sex very naturally. She wasn't avoiding intimacy. We weren't eye to eye but she wasn't closing her eyes, wasn't looking away, nor turning away from me. I kissed her cheek, near her ears and then went for her lips. With a hard rod inside, I think she became passionate, not as much as some of my schoolgirls but a lot more than a dozen minutes ago.

Soon I realized that it was my release position, my check mate position. I trained myself so many times on this. Again, this wasn't what I was coming for. So immediately I ducked out of an intense tongue fight, pulled out, got up and pulled her up to the dresser.

She knew she had to bend over on the dresser. Having not enough warmup, she pulled my cock between her cheeks and aimed it at her pussy. She wanted me to penetrate but retained her hands as a buffer. She was pulling me into her but not for the full length of my equipment. Then she was stirring herself with my rod.

Once she got comfortable, she let go of her hand and allowed me to roam freely. The only thing I know was to ram her hard, stroke after stroke, faster and faster. Of course there was one more thing; I was looking at both of us through the mirror when I wasn't staring close at her cheeks. I was holding her hips so tight to bang against myself, anybody else would have got deep finger marks.

It was what I was coming for, but got more than I bargained for. I wouldn't have expected the dresser by the three piece mirror. When I pounded harder and faster, her body naturally tensed up to absorb the blows. Her tighter muscle and her post in the mirror in turn drove me to pound even harder and faster.

I knew it was coming. I stopped her when she was crawling on the floor sucking me. I stopped myself when I was deep kissing her while standing with my cock inside her. Now I wasn't going to stop. But I didn't want it to end either. Holding her tight and banging her hard, I was using as much as energy and force as in a tug of war. I am usually a quiet person, but in sports and battle, you are allowed to shout, cheer or cry. Perhaps it was my last ditch effort before the end. Perhaps it was the victorious scene in the mirror. Perhaps I was trying to say no like a kid not wanting to leave the park. Perhaps I wanted to shout, "I did it".

"Ahhhhh!", I uttered a loud sound not unlike some adult movies. It's my first time, I think. Maybe it shouldn't be a one night stand after all.



Sunday, September 25, 2016

Nexus 5X & Project Fi updates

First review

It's the end of the road now for the 5X. Good or bad, every phone has a life of one year, before a newer model takes over. I'm still very happy with the 5X for the price I paid. Now Project Fi members can get more for $200! It's really not a bad deal for an unlocked phone with those spec.

Of all the bad things you heard about it, nothing happened to me. I would adviced against those memory resident apps that are there running all the time. School kids all install some security protection programs to feel safe and some cleanup programs to save storage. These are not doing anything or not worth the resources or just slow phones down.

I do have some complains that should be improved with a newer model. Somehow the phone can be triggered inside my pant pocket. And it always clear the list in my outofmilk app.

You may be able to notch or shake the phone into doing something. It's a mistery to me.

You can't easily wakeup the phone lying flat on the table. You have to press the power button, wipe up to get the pattern login screen (if you set it). It's so much inconvenient compared to picking up the phone. Once you pick it up, your index finger print will be already on the sensor and the phone unlocked before you think about it. Of course you can use voice command now but you don't want to do it at your open office.

OK, there are some lags occassionally but they are more likely due to temporary network or cache issues. Most of the time, touch response is instant. And it depends very much were you came from. If you have an iPhone 6, you may feel the occassional lag on the 5X. If you were stepping up like me, it's heaven compared to my old phone. I also have the 6S plus. Usually you have the same instant response for the 5X and 6S, or other flagship phones for that matter.

The good? Fingerprint sensor. LG pioneered (?) putting the power button and volumn buttons at the back. It was pretty good once you get used to it. The fringerprint sensor is even better there. It's flat, no bulk and no moving parts.

Voice input/command is pretty good too. I haven't try Siri much but I prefer a short list of simple commands with high reliability. I can call and text using voice with high reliability. Google can catch the simple phrases that I often use reliably. I can see that the phrases are recognized and corrected heavily by AI in the cloud. It's useful when you have a bad accent and bad environment.

Now you can use voice to unlock the phone too. So it's perfect using it on car dashboards, totally handsfree.

I basically used Hangout for a 2nd VOIP line, a separate number for voice and text. It works perfectly. And two lines are active at the same time. But Hangout can be used by one account at a time. You can only login as your main account or your secret player account, not both. Though you can switch instantly but it's not good enough.

I suggest using Hangout only for the player account with a secret 2nd line while it last. And you refuse to use it for your normal open social life. Use Allo or SMS instead for your normal friends.

In my setup, my secret friends all belong to the same company. You have to dig into the contact details to find out their names. I have a duplicated contact list like a normal list with their names, but it was hidden in another Google account, logged into a different user on the phone.

Now I seldom need to log into the secret user on the phone to get the full contact list. I rarely receive calls, but if I do I can tell by the company name that I should receive it. And since sms are stored, I can tell who I was texting just by looking at the history. You can always find some excuse to type her name into the history to make sure. Also, I think I can search the contacts using voice or text input, even the names are hidden deep inside the details.

Project FI is not the cheapest but the killer feature hidden in plain sight is the data only sim. You only pay once for one FI account and you can have a lot of data only sim. It doesn't cost you any money if you don't use it at all, and when you use it, you only pay for the data used, down to each cent I think.

Since voice and text don't use much data, and that you can use a data only sim for a fully functional VOIP phone, you are paying about $0 for unlimited voice and text for every additional line. Or you can use your tablet as the secret phone that nobody suspects.

My 5X survived many falls naked. The screen is hardly scartched. A tough pretty phone.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Are you kidding me? Just when I am having lots of fund, meeting all the right girls, and having all the money I have to spend, I have to take a break!

I think when Margaret came back after a long break and started kissing me, I sold some stocks, even at a good price. I saw her as much as I could and being introduced to Lincy as well. And I am not giving up on any of them. Not yet.

You have to go through all the cycles that your parents went through to understand them thoroughly. Our family was like living at the edge of the city, in a neglected but peaceful residential area. Dad was doing business in downtown. There's nothing much there but it was spacious and plenty of empty neglected space sto run around with other kids. Somehow we felt we were different and didn't ended up like them.

There were those late night parent talks, when the kids were supposed to be sound asleep. Then mom was doing some craft to help out. We did too. You can say it's like the ancient version of making pocelain hands for little babies at home. Nothing of the sort but you can imagine.

It could be years between late night talks and I couldn't have remembered. Then the whole family were moved into a tiny downtown apartment. Now we know Dad sold everything and brought the business himself, putting all his money in the mortgage.

I can understand him when Dad jumped out of the crowd and made sure that the fire engine got to the right spot. The fire was very close to his business. Luckily it was only a small house fire.

It wasn't until after high school that we moved out. We grew up in a tiny downtown apartment, but had fond memories of the childhood neglected neighborhood. We then moved to a normal new apartment in a respectable residential area that you can bring friends home. Actually it became the club house because we all grew up and there was no supervision. Dad was still doing business downtown.

When he retired, he brought another apartment and a nice big house in a posh neighborhood. It was like he owned 3 houses in any middle class neighborhood in the world, mostly paid off.

My life is pretty good until I married a psychopath who couldn't think like others. It's still good but it could be a lot better.

Now is our turn to do some late night parental talks when the kids are asleep. We have been through worse and we came back. It's early days and we will keep our fingers crossed.

I feel so sad when the parents overdosed and one of them will never wake up. One of the kid's worry is finding someone to sign his homework for him. I have no such tendency but I always felt so guilty when I told my oldest kid I had everything going in my head and I couldn't help, when she told me that she had exhausted the class library, forcefully told me to get some books so she could keep her excellent grade! I still feel so guilty!

I can understand the celebrities that I also wrote about - why they drop like flies. Without your future DNA to anchor yourself to the real world, what is there to live after lived a full life?

I have another confession to make. When we settled down and became good at handling babies, what did I do? My baby liked cars. She would fall asleep in any moving car. If she waked up in a parked car, she would just look around briefly and continued to sleep, sleeping like a baby. Often we left her in the cosy car seat in the drive way to continue her sleep instead of taking her into the house.

When nature called, I booked half an hour, drove to a luxury gated apartment complex. I parked right outside the apartment building I was supposed to go, right under a big fig tree. I made sure everything was cozy in the car and I left her sleeping. I went in and out in less than fifteen!

It was a slow Sunday. The girl in this shift obviously wasn't the best. I could see her eyes momentarily glancing out of the window into the distance, thinking "at this rate, how can I get out of this life?" Since I was getting out right away, I always leave good tip to thank her for her service. Happyness is contigeous. Or maybe I would feel less guilty?

I may still see Margaret and perhaps Lincy too. Not that I prefer Margaret but that is their schedule. Or maybe both. But my worry is that I wouldn't be in the mood when I got there. But my purpose is to say proper goodbye. So when I come back they wouldn't think I abandoned them for other hot girls.

If I manage to say goodbhye, it could be only for a few weeks, a few months, or hopefully less than a year. I would tell them two months. It sounds right!

ps That city where I parked, and the cluster around it, took turns to claim the safest city in the country. And they still do. Only now, when my babies all grown up at high school, the sheriff has begun to beg people to lock their cars at night! Crime rate is way up! That's the very easy way to do to keep the crime rate down!

Friday, September 09, 2016

Chanel II

I know my "loyal" readers are not excited but look at the title, can you be excited for me?

I found her totally by accident. I'm aware that she is around for a year now but I never booked her. That's fate. She has all the shadows of Chanel when I met her at 19. Lincy's face can't compete with Chanel's with eye enhancement, but you don't mind look at it day after day, hour after hour. Lincy is taller and skinner but with meat at all the right places, except for her schoolgirl tits, that I love to torture. I still don't know if Chanel's B/C cup is real or not. But I have no reservation squeezing Lincy's. It won't break and she seems to like it.

It all started when Pretty Schoolgirl, Margaret, came back after many months. At the time I was done with all the blonde therapy. All because I was heart broken by a brunette. Was it Kendal ? Don't remember.

I like her, instant erection, and she is a good fuck. That's all I needed to remind myself of that. I think she likes me but was mean to me at the same time. I almost lost my mojo and my ego and my game. Thanks to Lincy, they all came back. What an ego trip!

Margaret disappeared for half a year because she met a high roller! Us VIP's are nothing. So when I met her it was like Chanel preparing for her Vegas trip. If she is lucky she will met a higher roller who will solve all her money and social problems.

I can't mess up Margaret's lipsticks, her perfect makeup, and her Mrs Robinson outfit. She could have somebody coming up paying double my price, having half the time! And of course the next high roller. She also tried not to let her feelings for me out, lol. Indeed she tried to be mean to me. You have to understand that she has friends like Lincy that could blow her away. Margaret didn't want to invest any emotions or friendship. That would be a waste of time. There are so many pretty girls and then there's her pretty friends.

But I persisted. Once Margaret knew I had a crush on her, or her tits, she changed a bit. She smiled more with less suppression of her emotions. I got decent DFK too. Other than Chanel, she is the one who can resist for so long! Maybe she didn't want to fall in love, lol.

Then one day, Margaret couldn't resist but to ask if I saw Lincy. It's understandable. They are two of the same kind. And I had Lincy on my list for many months. I also chatted with her clients, already knew a lot about her, just not exactly she looked like.

I took that as an endorsement and a recommendation. So Margaret is on her off week, I booked Lincy. She reminded me when I met Chanel for the first time, without the Chanel shoes, expensive naked look. She said she got more tips that way, being humble and like a struggling student. Indeed Lincy's other client told me that she is a student struggling to pay her rent and fees.

What blew me off is her character. I thought I lost my charm but Lincy kept telling me that I'm funny, gay! But what she meant was that I was happy and smile all the time. Indeed my jaw was tired all the time because of her. I like all her body parts.

She was like a bird whom I had charmed dancing on the ground around me. She dropped all her guards, if she had any, and told me everything, where her parents live, where she lives, her high rollers, and something about Margaret that she shouldn't. But really she knows I'm harmless and she is right.

Initially, she is a bit guarded, or a bit embarassed if I would like her. If I didn't and for her high price we would be trouble. But she is my cup of tea.

When Margaret was doing the 69, her ass would be high up in the air. I didn't mind as it was a good view and I could still play with her sexy legs. When Lincy did the 69, she would make sure to cover my mouth with her pussy.

I had no spinner fetish but I am acquiring. I asked for a cowgirl since Margaret was so good at it. When I had enough of riding, I just got up taking her with me easily, and dropped her into a missionary position. She is as tall as me. You can imagine how much a spinner she is.

I wouldn't have any other position. I warmed her up, screw hard, and then intense pumping until I came. I could feel the difference and I know why she has high rollers.

When I cleaned up and was recovery, she slept by my side, body touching from head to toe. I wasn't even telling her what to do. Then we talked about things. And then about Margaret. It was then she texted Margaret and told her I was by her side! Am I charming or not? I'm such a good catch. She is such a straight shooter. But unlike some other straight shooter, I was at ease with her because I didn't need to use my brain. If my big mouth got into trouble, she would be in much deeper trouble.

In contrast, Margaret is mean, calculating and we caught her lying. But it was in a good way lying about Lincy. And Margaret pretended not to remember me, nor know who I was when she got her text from Lincy, telling her that I was next to her naked.

Lincy seriously compared the length of our feet, from hip bone to heel. It was a tie! Then she measured her waist against my cock. And she showed off her small hand and long fingers.

We got on so well that, well, she told me that she had a high roller coming for the next slot. So I left early making sure that she had enough time to fix up herself. I had not much use for the spare time anyway. And I feel so good that I'm not unknowingly in the high roller club, when one may pay double and enjoy half the time.

I hope they don't turn up on the same week. They did last time. Now I think they were doing a tag team for a high-roller.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Meandering Targets

I think I'm over Kendall. There are better things to do than counting who's fucking who. I don't hate her. I wish I could use her service when I need to - she is still pretty good. But I just can't do it. Maybe later.

What made me feel better is that Q's team is sinking. Kendall went on announced and unannounced vacations. Q is also trying everything as usual. One week she may throw out all her team covering almost all weekdays, day and evenings. The other week she may have one girl on one day.

The veteran who joined Q's team at the last meat and greet finally realized what she was into. She worked on her own while keeping the team tag, then stayed low for a good while, and dropped the tag silently. Good for her. Now she knows.

I hit Q's new girl too, just for the fun of it. Actually she has more than one. But now she doesn't introduce them anymore. Guys got clever and didn't lineup for each girl she introduced any more. But this girl is different in that she put out nice pictures, nice legs and tits. I encourage that and hit her. She wasn't disappointing at all. Tall nice body but a little more meat than a teen model. Early twenties. Face is pretty but not mesmerizing. She is a bit business like but that's OK. She gave me some samples of GFE, DFK, cuddling and asked me to go VIP next time. We just didn't click. I could have rated her but since she is Q's team I kept silence to signal that she is good but not that good.

Actually this new girl faked on a Sunday, which caused me grief. I couldn't find a decent replacement. That's OK since she faked on everybody that day. I gave her and the team a 2nd chance. I can see that she isn't popular, and that's the last time she was available.

I'm humble as one guy doesn't make any difference. But I think I do. When Q saw my appearance online, she wrote her classified differently, as if she is seeing a turning point of some sort. The way she put Kendall out, the timing and place, seemed to entice me. Forget about the elusive one that is not so good anyway, get the best one that is available.

While on the subject of Q, she initiated another meat and greet. She increased the entry fee 5 fold, and I know what she's thinking. If a fraction of the people who turned up last time turns up again, she will pocket a fortune. Because of the amount of money involved, she setup small meat and greets to take the fee just to make sure. But I think it's sinking and stinking.

While the noise from the last M&G sounded successful, it doesn't make sense. Say 10 girls gave up their whole evening for the event. On paper that's easily much more than 10K. If that's the way these girls have fun that's very sad. It's all about promotion, if you need it that is. The new entrance fee makes more sense but anybody paying up?

Regrettably, I dumped Bridget. She just don't know how to blow.That is really a surprise. She is able and willing for any other thing. And she is very willing to blow but just don't cut it. Maybe pretty girls just didn't have the chance to learn. I can remember a few mesmerizing jobs that are done by BBW, that I accidentally ran into. It may be just me, but I enjoy all the other girls' blowjob. Since then, I didn't see her coming out to play. So sad.

And of course I found a temporary replacement before dumping Bridget. She is a blond model, Friendly. To me she is a model, at least her pictures are. She claimed mid 20's but she can be 30+. Her body is fabulous for her age. Gorgeous legs and butt. Not exceptional proportions but very nice overall. Just that her enhanced breasts aren't my cup of tea. I can't say she is pretty because I still don't have a good idea what she looked like. She relied on makeup to look good, probably a lot. And she wasn't hiding it going for the naked look. She has sun tan and it wouldn't work. But her makeover is my cup of tea. Tastefully done, not in the way. And her curly long blond hair is fabulous.

Of course her oral skill is great. She kisses too. She hasn't hold back on me yet and I'll test her gradually to see what's her limit. She claims to be very clean, wearing thigh length pantyhose or leggings all the time, before taking them off for the main course. And I don't know how she could afford the nicest hotels. And she encourages me to tackle her feet and toes once I showed interest.

So far so good, but the problem is, ..., she proposed - an arrangement. May be I posted too much on the local board. But if I am a regular so far, that doesn't mean that I'll be a regular next month. Ask Bridget.

I saw the ad of another pretty girl that I had to see. I felt something wrong when she PMed me her number, asking if the deal was still on. And then the hotel was wrong, and I had to wait. When I saw her I wished she had used a totally fake picture. The thinking is that she may be hiding for some reason and find a temporary double to entertainment me. There is still hope that the person in the picture can be found. But this is the girl in the picture. And she is pretty. But her body is all washed out. But it was all relatively speaking. Her breasts weren't naturally perky, nor freshly enhanced work of art. Not model legs nor model anything. But I was fully capably of doing it at the time. She's a curvy woman, not flabby nor off-turning. And she was pretty.

The first thing she said after letting me in was, "are you a regular?" She was checking me out and asked enthusiastically and animated. As experienced as I am, I couldn't answer such an awkward and nonsensical question. Then it was fast and furious to satisfy my physical needs, which I was fully ready for. I enjoyed it but somehow she knew she wasn't the top dogs.

She was straight talking, asking me questions about the board and even leaked something she wasn't supposed to. Basically she is clueless, being recruited by somebody and she just turned up. She asked because she wondered if she could make it here. I asked if it was Q who recruited her. But it wasn't, her description didn't match.

Did I say she was straight talking? She would talk to herself when she knew that I wouldn't be that interested. When I was recovering with my eyes shut, we were talking that I had no recollection of. Then she said to herself again, "It was good, actually." That's my BFE, and I wasn't even trying.

And she is the Nth girl who asked, "is it comfortable?"  That referred to my slippers. I have no idea why every girl managed to look down on my dirty slippers, but still recognize the brand name that is half blacken by daily wearing. Imagine that a semi-trashy girl in a 2 star hotel being able to recognize the label of my slippers, what the other classier girls think? No matter I have proposals.

While Friendly was away for the week, I tried to audition more so I have a good idea whether to accept or reject the proposal, by disappearing. There is a beautiful redhead that I always wanted to see. She turned up suddenly. But just for an hour or so. False alarm. She deleted her classified soon after she put it up. And she didn't turn up the next day.

Of all people, Pretty Schoolgirl appeared all of a sudden, after more than half a year of absence. She might have turned up once of twice but it was very easy to miss. After I booked her, it turned out that everybody unusually turned up on a Friday - Kendall, most of Q's team, including Martha, and The Schoolgirl.

I thought Martha's pink tits are the best, but Pretty reminded me hers are just as awesome. And I thought The Schoolgirl has the most awesome figure. No, I couldn't have decided on the one to pick if the two lineup shoulder to shoulder. Kendall is not bad at all but a teen model fills different needs than cute schoolgirl types.

Today Pretty didn't have much time to paint all over her face. She is actually pretty without it. I think she was only trying to cover up acne all over her face. But that's cute too.

On the other hand, I remembered why I almost gave up on Pretty. She doesn't kiss much. Today I didn't let go of her awesome waist so she gave me a taste of her tongue so as to get off me. And I know why a few girls grabbed my cock once I took off my pants. They are afraid!

Pretty took off her signature Mrs Robinson lingerie outfit piece by piece, unceremoniously. But to me it was a great strip tease. I was sitting hard on the side of the bed. She saw it, grabbed it, knelled down and started blowing. I didn't have chance to do anything! And no one will turn that down!

It was good because she worked hard. I let her kept at it as I was invincible. Her jaws must have been hurting when she backed off a bit and looked at me. I gave her a smile. She carried on the fight. I was certain that she wanted to take me to the edge of climax so she could finish me off in her next move, minimizing the damage on her little pussy!

Hard luck. She gave up at last. She had no choice but to give me the condom, with a tube of lube as a bonus. She squeezed an inch of lube on top of my covered cock, and then rubbed some on her pussy. At that critical moment, I wiped off most of the lube with my hand, then use the other hand to spread the lube. When the moment passed, she turned her attention away from her pussy and spread the lube on my cover with her hand. But it was too late. I was already holding the side and top of the bed sheet to get rid of all the lube on my hands. Even with my good imagination, I couldn't have made it up!

Of course she had to ride me first. Those have a tiny pussy all do. Actually it was quite satisfying. I enjoyed it rather than performing some warm up as a duty for the others. I liked my fav tits dangling right before my eyes. I know she doesn't like me sucking or squeezing them so I just stared. I did enough before that. She even put her hair to the back instead of getting in the way.

Enough time had passed so I tried to get up. But she wouldn't budge. I wouldn't be able to get up without pushing her away. As an easy going person I let her. Just because I am invincible. She kept at it, really really wanted to get me off. Hard luck.

More than enough time had passed. I gave her enough chances and time to do it. I gently pushed her aside, trying to get up and get into position. But the sudden change did it. Instead of pushing her away I grabbed her hips tightly and pulled them towards me and down. I was finished at last.

She is around for a year or two, but she still seemed very new. May be doing it once every few month did it. She had to listen to loud music all the time. I think that's why she missed my knocks, twice. I knocked, went back to the lift, and txted her to confirm the room number. Then I knocked again, still no response for a while. I really thought she didn't want my business. That will be a first.

We did have a bad start. I lost my erection the first time I saw her. I spent too much time on eating her pussy. It was a tough job to get me off. The next time I saw her at the door, I could see her reflux expression on her face, "OMG, this guy again". But it lasted only a split second. Then perhaps I was too good. During the doggy, to stop my one deep stroke at a time rhythm, she backed up to me, encouraging me to do a fast and furious intense penetration so she could end her suffering sooner than later. I think she remembered it well. So this time I had no chance to do anything except to let her ride.

After I finished and showered, I came out from the bathroom to find the room empty! It was a bigger twin double room, but there's no place to hide except for the bathroom. But I just came out of the bathroom! Did she put on clothes and got out? What should I do? She doesn't like me that much? So much disrespect.

The bathroom is at the room door, so I walked towards the window to see what can be going on. It was like exploring a crime scene while someone could still set you up for some crimes. I was expecting danger ahead, or someone may rush in at the door at my back. I was Halloween scared when I realized someone was hiding at the side of the tall TV shelf. But it was only Pretty. She was totally naked so I was relieved. She is exceptionally proportioned but she is still tiny. She was leaning on the side of the shelf with her back so she could refresh her makeup. She even imitated my scared reaction.

She is the only one that my charm doesn't really work on her. And she isn't pretending. She was tame when I was eating her, even threw in the moaning. But when I went after her feet, she was not OK with it. What a pity.

Even though she was always a bit distant, she was quite nice the first time we met. But she is rather straight forward.  When I wanted to kiss goodbye half a year ago, she stopped me, rushed to the bathroom sink, and then rush back to the same position to receive my kiss on her lips. Today she was late. When I started to eat her, she jumped off the bed, rushed to the bathroom, and returned in 20 sec. I bet she forgot to wipe herself clean down there after travelling.

Before she returned, I was thinking Martha could be my next project, my new challenge. But now it has to be Pretty. They are both tops in the looks department, and they are difficult. Martha' passage is less satisfying. But perhaps just because she used a lot more lube than Pretty. Pretty tried too, but I wiped it off with my hand when she wasn't looking.

While I was thinking about my projects, I did another great save! I was looking one traffic light ahead for optimal driving. That was green but the light right ahead of me was red. I ended up shooting into the junction a few seconds after red. I braked and stopped.

It was a 16 lane junction and a lot of eyes were on me, like on an open air theater stage at night. It was eerily quiet and surreally bright in the middle of the busy junction. You have got to experience the act to understand it. Normally all the cars will horn the hell out of me. Surprisingly, it was quiet, and I didn't see any motion when other lanes should be moving across the junction. I saw a clear passage before  me so I drove off, only stopping for a split second if at all.

At that moment, an SUV doing a left turn turned into my lane. I didn't know why because the driver must had seen me I suppose. Maybe he thought I was stopping so he went ahead. But that is still stupid. If I stopped, he will be through but a lot of cars would have driven through me. May be it's one of those drivers thinking that "it's my right of way, I'm right, I turn."

So two cars merged into one lane. I couldn't have politely let him or her go first. He wasn't ahead of me. I built up a little speed from stationary. He had enough speed as he was turning into the intersection. There's no reason to happen but it happened. His SUV was crashing into my car. He could not have taken evasive action. Because once he turned into my lane, it's invasive and he couldn't reverse. I saw him coming and took evasive action - a steep sharp turn to the right while he couldn't do anything. I was confident that there was nothing else in the middle of the intersection.

I could visualize that he was shaken and frozen. He stopped. That wouldn't make any difference. He couldn't have stopped in time. It was an after the fact stop. And I didn't see him move at all on my rear mirror. I was shaken too but may be only for a split second. There was no time to fear. And once the collision was avoided, I was relived and felt as if nothing had happened. I continued on my merry way. I was battled hardened after all.

A few days ago I was following an SUV in the slow lane. I was doing something on my phone or something else. That's why I was on the slow lane. The SUV stopped suddenly. I looked up and I thought I was going to hit it. There was just enough time to use my eyeball to check the left lane. Turning my head would be too late. It was clear and I turned my steering sharping to the left and avoided a bumping into the car in front. Looking back at my dash cam video, the SUV was doing everything right. It slowed down, signaled a right turn for more than sufficient time, slowed almost to a halt and then turned to the right.

It was me who missed all the signals and kept looking down.

And not long before that, I stopped at the end of a line, at the freeway entrance ramp. The right lane was empty so I turned into that lane from stationary. To my horror, a yellow car, yellow I think, was running into my back at about 80 mph, as if I was transparent. He couldn't have stopped in time and I couldn't have done anything to avoid. But still, I turned back to my lane as if in slow motion. I was turning into the empty lane from stationary, and turning back almost stationary. I moved away at most a few inches. But that was enough. I could see the driving gusted passed me close to the guard rail, raising his hand to say sorry and thank me as he passed. He couldn't make any difference if he braked, and he could have swirled and slammed into a few cars.

The fact that I even looked at the rear mirror that long and avoided an accident that happened totally behind me shows that I'm battle hardened. Turning into an empty lane from stationary is a very dangerous thing that a lot of drivers don't realize. The other car will be hitting you at 80 mph, at a relative velocity of almost 80 mph. It's the same damage when a drunk driver hit a tree at 80 mph. You have to look back a mile for collision free space, or 10 sec of collision free time. And often the road is bend so you can't see anything. I have seen a few cars shattered into pieces that way. I had experienced a tourist stopped at the fast lane in a huge traffic jam, then all of a sudden decided to pull into the car pool lane. I was travelling at 90 mph in a stretch of straight road for miles.

I had the option of totaling my car by turning into the right concrete barrier. Or totaling my car and his by bumping into his tail. Luckily, he was only half way into the lane, and there just happened to be a bit of shoulder so I just passed and missed everything by a few inches. If I braked I wouldn't have passed.

For the yellow car incident, the difference is that it was a curved freeway entrance ramp for Budda's sake! I couldn't have seen him coming. And nobody in their right mind will be speeding into a ramp at 80 mph, while the traffic signals at the entrance was obviously operating.

Thinking of Pretty in the bathroom, I got a huge erection and couldn't carry on - sitting on the toilet bowl.

Friday, July 01, 2016

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the clown waking up

or somebody dared to tell him that?

I wanted to write this right after Brexit, but I want to do it more after the attack at Istanbul airport. The Brits have been handling immigrants from the South Asian countries for decades and decades, but now they complain about the Poles? Texas would love them coming, but then in there welfare is determined by states and even cities. 

I would blame Erdogan. Some voters are stupid, alright. Sometimes stupid presidents are elected, fair enough. But, down the line, if you have to integrate freely with the majority of stupid people that elected stupid presidents? No, no, no.

I like Ramadan. There is always a feast after dark, and I got to start early before everybody else! Differences can be overlooked, but core values cannot. A lot of my Muslim buddy's friends came up to his room to pray 5 times a day. That didn't bother me when I was there doing my own things. And he did whatever I did ;-) The point is, what happened in Spain, stays in Spain, or Barcelona, or London, Vegas ... 

Turkey always wants to be a fully European country, and wanted to join the EU from the beginning. But what does Erdogan thinks what the EU is? A boy scout troop where you do your steps and get your badges? And throw tantrum if that's not enough? At the end, it's whether the people within EU want to accept you.

You don't shoot down a Russian jet for nothing. I'll fire you out of NATO immediately if I am in charge. In all Western, NATO, outside of middle east, countries, RU is our enemies' enemies. And any philosophy will tell you that RU may not be our friend but certainly not our enemy. I don't need to tell you how stupid it looks from outside, because now you apologized! 

I do congratulate you to be one level above Ukraine. They want to be European by starting a civil war to conquer the other half of the country. Now they have no value to speak of and no value for anybody. And for all that lost, EU regions are rebelling against having to stop trade with Russia. Money talks. Certainly there are principles. But what the hell is Ukraine's?

You don't lock up beauty queens because they criticizes you! You can never join any of my parties!

You don't sue people in other countries because they bad mouth you. I don't blame you for being stupid, but I blame all the stupid people that voted for you. They are all banned from my parties.

And Spain doesn't bomb Gibraltar, neither England does that to the Scots.

You are doing it all wrong, clown. And what bargaining chip you think you have? EU will disintegrate instead of taking you in. Not in the next century even if you are gone tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Q is going to purge deadbeat members of her club. Basically it's an excuse to ask deadbeat members to see one of her team, or else ...

There are, say, two thousand members and a team of about 5. Wow, if the threat has any degree of realness, the team will be terribly busy. But Q has threatened that before. That's when she admitted that her full expedition force to the other airport was a failure. And they went for the expedition obviously because business was slow locally.

Apparently the threat wasn't carried out. That's when Q planned the 2nd meet and greet. And now basically she admitted that she took everybody in at the time. Because normally you have to see one of her team to be a member. And so, you shouldn't be able to find anybody to purge. Basically Q was taking people in so they must see someone or they will be kicked.

Now apparently the M&G was successfully. Q was planning the 3rd one, not a few weeks had passed after the 2nd. Even if the M&G was successful, it was for a week or two. Business must be slow again so Q needed to do something.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, a new girl may not need any classified. She just post her schedule, a few hours in the morning for the whole week, before the week starts. You can argue that she was fully booked because she didn't advertise. The same thing for some other girls. They may gave a day's advance notice, and then put up an advertisement in the early morning. And that's it. Wow, if they were fully booked for that afternoon and the evening, Q would not have to do anything to drum up business.

The same girls, on other days and places, updated their classified through the day until about last call, saying "I'm available now, now, now.". What does it seem to you?

One of the girls who kept saying that is Q's newest recruit, who has been playing hard to book since she started. The veteran who joined on her own accord started asking people where she should go next to get some business. But she tried to play the game that she was fully book last week. But you have to have the technique to play poker. Basically she has shown what cards she has. For Q I still can only guess, without proof. And Kendall didn't bother to turn up this week.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Welcome, Class of 2016

Now I know why Q sent out all her troops. Just as I knew that there was the final exams, it's now end of school, all sorts of school. Q announced her big plans of the week on Saturday, instead of Sunday evening, or previously more likely small hours of Monday. I didn't realize until Monday that new raw meats were popping up here and there.

And then there were the class of 2015 who knew they will be pushed aside, more so when we are more into summer. And then the veterans who have to deal with it year after year.

So, a few new and old that I wanted to see turned up in my radar! And what did I do? Sat through it. When there are too many choices, pick no one. Tomorrow will be another day, some more choices. As the week passes, I tried to pick the first good choice instead of the best choice. Still it didn't work.

My heart wasn't that much into welcoming the new classes, my cock will deal with that. But I was sorry for those who got pushed off. Lucky Star is one. She never returned. My heart has a special place for her. Later, I met the girl who I actually booked the day when I got Lucky Star instead. That girl looked good, though over priced, tried hard to please, but we had no chemistry. I kept throwing money at Lucky Star, though she didn't do much by my current standards. I was so happy with her that I cleaned up my pile of mails and documents. That's when I discovered my long lost stocks were looking for me.

I was upset about Bridget. Her appearance became sparse and random. She suddenly popped up on a Friday before Memorial Day weekend. I couldn't make it and I thought I blew the last chance of seeing her.

She was MIA for two weeks and I thought I even saw her replacement. Or, maybe it was her copycat. You know, if a formula works, you would run it again and again. I saw another new girl with natural blonde hair, blue eyes, very beautiful face, who looked the same today as when they left high school. And of course they are the same fallen angel type.

I was totally surprised when Bridget popped up, first time on a Thursday, not Monday, not Friday, and not any other day. That was an easy decision. I wished I saw her two weeks ago. Actually I am not that crazy on her. She is porn star qualified, though she looked too angelic for that. I would think porn stars look good when they are doing it, but I don't think it's that good at the receiving end. Her attitude and technique is better than a lot of girls, but she is no Kendall or her coach, Q.

Kendall is 100% porn star who looked like a teen model, give or take :-), and who is good in what she does when you are at the receiving end. Looking back, she came out while I was busy auditing since last summer. She is the one who got away.

I asked myself, why? May be she isn't the type I was looking for. And I wouldn't know for a million years that she is what she is, judged from her profile. Some day, I might just pickup the phone and go to see her. But I know it wouldn't be the same kisses again. And I know I wouldn't perform the same. I also know I couldn't put her out of my mind because I am greedy - she satisfies most of my needs and she is affordable and local.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Just when I was about to dismiss Q and her team, she did a great come back.

With all the fuzz about the meet and greet, I would think she would capitalize on while she could. But I already know that two team members dropped out officially, and one other probably is still on by name. Kendall actually reduced her appearance right after the M&G.

Only a team veteran and the new team member, who is herself already a veteran, came out to play. But it seems that they were on their own as if the team didn't exist. And I can see that the new member should have realized that what she was thinking when she joined the team. She doesn't need the team and vice versa. She can handle herself. Maybe she got the stamp, being accepted in the team of young beautiful girls. But I would say it's all on paper.

In addition, the team work seemed to be in disarray. New team members and non-team associates announced their schedule only to be recalled. And they didn't seem to be working when they said they were. And Q seemed to be promoting hard, hanging hard onto her newest recruit. It seemed this girl is all she has got.

I could have bragged about it but I never under estimated Q. I gave her the benefit of the doubt. May be some girls were on their final exams, or Q herself was. Or may be Q was busy sorting out her life, the same reasons she didn't want to host the M&G in the first place.

Now? Maybe summer arrived. May be school is out. May be tax-debt season is behind everybody. Q is sending all her troops out at the same time next week, and I can count 7!

Maybe she is reclaiming her relevance. Maybe she is trying to treat all her team equally. Maybe they have built up a backlog in their private messages by clueless members. Maybe she is just trying something different to stay afloat.

Is facebook of hookers a good idea? When you can see how many "friends" she has! Reviews have the same feature but it's the difference between Blogger & Facebook. Who is more popular and easier? Also you have to pay to trace who did the same ones you did. "Friends" is the first thing you can do for free, before anything else to get your money.

Now, using 5 star hotels is good, but it looks bad it it's hard to book. When there's not enough interest, there will be a no show without explanations. Or, maybe it's fully booked without explanations. I learned from Chanel sometimes, actually most of her time, explaining is worse than not explaining. But then you are not Chanel. It's not that you have to be like Chanel but it have to be personal. It wouldn't work otherwise. You just don't have that personal touch managing the whole team.

Pre-booking is good but you have to state the times and honor them. When you failed to book, is it cancelled due to lack of interest, fully booked, or some pre-sale for VIP's ? If there's no explanation, one always assume the worst. You can't pretend all the time.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Post game analysis

Two of the Queen's team members didn't attend the meet and greet event. First, I think they are the ones that don't rely on appearance, that is, not that good looking. I'm surprised that one of them, the reliable one and now a veteran, left the team! She was still working hard last few weeks. I think she realized that it doesn't pay off working in the team.

One of the team who went to the event, left the team after. She is new and rarely works. I saw her face picture once and she is doable. If she actually went, it may be a farewell party to thank the Queen. But this doesn't make any sense. It doesn't help anyone. The more likely reason is because after seeing all the client pool, she was disappointed!

Attending or not, this girl may have left long ago after her career launch. The Queen just keep her in the team by name. But why leave now? Perhaps Q got some new recruits and her team looks respectable in number without her now.

Attending was one girl who got kicked out of the team, and an other one who didn't make it. But they are operating just as any other team members.

The new recruit who Q introduced before event received lukewarm welcome. I don't think she will go far based on her pictures, or the lack of it. Q tried to make up with words, with a height about that of Kendall, meaning long legs. Was that written for me?

A veteran joined the team after the event. What for? I doubt if she knows much about the team. The event is indeed successful.

But if the event is really really successful, the team would be booked up for weeks without classified. But then, Kendall, the new one, and the kicked off one all starts the week pre-booking together. I was expecting that. All those who went to the event will be club members. If they wanted to see Kendall, they would have done so. Although Q allowed / invited a lot of new members in, but the same thing apply. They must have seen Kendall's classified if they have been active on the local social network.

For some reason, Q put me on the attending list. An busy error or to annoy me or make me feel bad? So I sent her the entrance fee in the form of points for classified. Money did talk. She talked to me about another new recruit, if she would like to join. But again it wasn't anything like Kendall.

BTW, Q announced that she is going to marry another man, not the one originally announced. Is that another natural born heart-breaker? A joke? To erase an online identity?

I can now stay off Kendall for long without feeling too bad. But as I said, the others, especially Bridget, doesn't know how to blow by comparison. Looking back, I think Kendall deliberately, very consciously put some voodoo into it. I remembered her fully deployed posture, her trance while sucking. It didn't matter whether I was looking at her face intensely or not.

I really couldn't blame her. But I would think girls like her wouldn't create any drama. She didn't but drama came all the same. I wasn't expecting this after invested time and money and emotion on her.

If she calls me up, like Chanel, and says she missed me, I would have rushed to her right away. She doesn't need to say sorry. Doesn't need to say she misses me.  For Chanel it was like, "It's been 3 months now, where have you been?".  So demanding. It was more like, in her obedient girly haunting voice, "how are you?". Or it would just work the same, "get you ass here right now!".

But Kendall is not Chanel. I only got Chanel's number after a long time and some incidents. If they give up their number so easily, they would have a whole court of stalkers.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The meet and greet

No, it's not the Seeking Arrangements' one. It's the Queen's. I was a bit underestimated her and overestimated her at the same time.

Imagine that Martha and Kendall stand shoulder to shoulder!

There's not enough desperadoes to attend so she opened club membership to anybody. That was an insult because she personally rejected me with a lot better credentials than the new members. And she deliberately withheld club membership benefits to me for a few transactions. The new cheapskates will not give any chances for her to do this.

Even though I never said I will go, I was on the RSVP list.

Even her team members weren't attending. I suppose it was less good looking ones who don't want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Kendall and the likes. So, you know how good their team is.

If she is after the entrance fees, it's at most a few thousands. But each of her team members have to spend the whole evening for it. I don't see how to justify the effort. As for future marketing purposes, it could have a negative effect. See, even her active team members weren't attending.

The number of ladies attending is impressive. So, I'm certain that Martha is on her side, though probably not one of her team. Unless the queen is getting something out of it, like helping them with bookings, she is doing all the hard work while the other ladies rip the benefits.

She even introduced a new team member, who looks promising at first. But the reception is lukewarm. If she is any better, I would introduce her in the Meet, instead of putting her to work first before the event.

I'm not even sure if they are working as a team or the Queen just let them fight for survival. Kendall announced her schedule first as usual. The Queen then announced her new recruit working the following day. Who wouldn't wait a little and try new toys? Then there is at least another working the same days.

I can see that Kendall turns up early every time. Good training by me. It's not about the waiting, but about what it looks like to the clients.

I would think Kendall will be a bit out of place in the company of other ladies. Martha would be alien. If I only know that before, I would have thought of something. There is someone else to pitch against. I would have seen them some more to tighten the bounding. It could be fun.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Now I kknow why I have different impressions of Bridget every time. Two weeks ago I caught her right after a make over. The same volume of beautiful blonde hair, but fresh, and not like after work in the middle of the week. More like a teen girl going shopping than an admin.

And I blamed myself for not going after the pink pedicule she showed me right after I entered the room. I even had my all natural baby wipe ready for it. It must had been freshly done.

Now I remembered what she was trying to do. She moved right in front of my face, about a few inches so she could see my whole face and nothing else. And so I must be seeing her whole face but nothing else. She then stared at me with her peiercing blue eyes and a sweet smile. This was what Chanel did to me exactly.

Bridget had those naked makeup on and her face is perfect for it. I didn't know she had makeup on. She did told me her lipstick was gone because of me. But it seemed the same to me. At the time she looked her best. I happened to run into pole position by accident. She was trying to imprint her beauty permanently into my brain. It was like wudu.

When Chanel came right after the beauty salon, she would do that too. But once I realized what she was doing, she would do that with a naughty smile. Happy times! Of course she wasn't doing it for me. Maybe for some other VIP. And for her boy friend. And circle of friends. And her boy friend was paying for it happily. And I remembered she would do that if I was upset or angry about her. She just didn't need to do anything else, like saying sorry.

Last time I saw Bridget, that was yesterday by the way, she had no makeup on. She was still very lovely in a different way. A little more mature. I think she just came back to town and decided not to put up those expensive makeups just for me. And she thought I would like her just the same. Maybe she did put it up later, in case I messed it all up, just like last time.

The hotel was at a prime real estate area. It was large but the rooms are a bit small. After I stepped inside the room, I decided against turning around to kiss her because there was only a very narrow passage there. So I walked right inside until the dresser and then turned.

She was waiting for that, embrased me and gave me a lingering deep kiss. The time that I planned this on Kendall, she gave me the cheeks first as usual. When she realized I was aiming at her lips, she went for my lips, but I was going for her cheeks. Didn't work out.

Then the pressure of seeing Bridget again were all released. There was no other better way to say that she missed me and she wanted me, badly. I was really missing her and I told her so.

As for the sex, it's the same old bad blowjob. But even worse, the hotel pick that day to test their fire warning system. My cock dropped on cue. But Bridget found my weakness or should I say strength. She actually knew what to do. She would leave my cock, crawl up to me and DFK me. My cock would rise again in no time.

This time she said, "see you". I was pretty sure but I wasn't certain. In this split moment of hesitation I didn't say it back. But I hope that she was so certain that I didn't need to say it. My crush on her is diminished a little after seeing her again. But that's natural.

I began to feel sorry for Kendall. Not the kind that I told myself that I should be sorry for her. But I actually starting to feel sorry for her. If this intensifies I may be able to see her soon. It seemed like she was trying not to mess up again when I was VIP. And when I wasn't, she still treated me the same. But just not I wanted. But then again, I can't resist her blowjob.