Sunday, November 22, 2015

The player's phone: Nexus 5X and Project Fi review

Update: World exclusive. It looks like Google Store refunded buyers the Black Friday discount, if you brought it earlier. I did in Nov, when they sent out a lot of invites.

Updated with multi user mode in Marshmallow and some Lollipop phones.
Updated: bugs in user mode and not.

Google (Alphabets) 's Project Fi opened grandly as a global carrier with Android's showcase phones Nexus 5X and 6P. Apple can't beat that with unlimited cheap call and text, pay per MB 4G, works in 120+ countries with 3G data, and works 100% anywhere with WiFi.

I got the 5X because it's smaller. That's the size that men fingers starts to be useful in typing. With voice commands and intelligent browser aids, the screen size isn't that important. For some people, that's always a difficult decision to get a real phone, a tablet, a portable with standup screen or a desktop.

The spec of the 5X is respectable in all fronts while the processor is at the higher end of it's class. There's no 4K video. For extra protection, Google also offers two 2nd chances if you break the phone, similar to Apple's.

First of all, every player needs a really really "private" number. I recommend to setup a 2nd private Google account, get a Google Voice number and use Hangout for your private line.

Of course there are paid service such as VOIP over the phone with voice and text. There's also free, the technology behind Google Voice. But Hangout is integrated with the rest of the phone so some convenient features of Marshmallow are not lost. On the other hand, a totally separate private space in the phone aren't bad at all, if they work in the new Marshmallow API.

Basically Project Fi is Google Voice with carriers, so you are not allowed to have two GV numbers in a single Google account. I don't think it's only because of dinginess. If you have been using GV, you know the requirement of mental complexity to deal with it so private remains private. If you are allowed multiple GV numbers in Fi, there might be unimaginable complexities openning up.

So you always need a social number, the main number that friends find you and in which all the apps are registered. You need to port this number to Fi. There's no different before Fi when you port a number to GV. If you already have a carrier number and GV number, you have to pick one and give up the other. You don't lost any data, just the number.

To deal with you existing GV number as the 2nd private number, the best is to open a new Google account with your Alias profile. Google now even provide caller ID base on this. Then port your GV number to the new account for free. (But if you port out the number, say, to, that's $3 to Google.) All GV number need to have another mobile or landline number as verification. It's of course trivial to get a number temporary or permanently. But I think you might just be able to use the Fi number too, now that Fi is a carrier now. (But are you allowed to add a Fi number to the phone list, even tought forwarding won't work?)

You need to install Hangout dialer to be able to receive incoming and out going calls. You have the option to replace the phone dialer and messenger with hangout, but i think it is optional and only relevant to your Fi number. I wouldn't replace the stock phone (dialer) and messenger app with Hangout, because Hangout uses data only. Another combination that doesn't make a lot of sense.

Your 2nd line should use Hangout, because otherwise you have to use Hangout to dial out anyway, and Google Voice to send messages. And remember Hangout uses only data. In the past you can receive call and messages to your GV number via carrier minutes, and dial out as your GV number and reply to messages with your carrier minutes. Now they are all gone because you can't redirect to your Fi number and your Fi number is your carrier number. You must use all data for your GV number so there's simplicity.

Of course you need to login with both of your Google accounts. You have the option to not sync data such as emails, calender, and if you are sure, contacts on the 2nd account.

On Hangout, you can easily switch the default account to use. Each account also have different settings. To be honest, I don't use Hangout with anybody so my default account is always the private account. HO made it very clear what the current account is, and which account is receiving notifications and which is dialing and sending text.

Now that your private account is on the 5X, you want it to be private at all times. The fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone is pretty good, but it's on the back where you index finger normally is. It's perfect when you pickup the phone and it's unlock instantly. But when the phone is on the desk, you need something like WTN to lock, wake up and unlock the phone. The complexity is that, WTN don't work with fingerprints for now; it's at the back anyway. If you use WTN to unlock the phone, you have the normal choice of unlock methods other than fingerprint sensor. There's no knock sensor unlock on the 5X but pattern works good enough for me. But if you lock the phone using WTN, the fingerprint sensor will not unlock.

When the phone is in the locked state, you must set the notifications to hide sensitive data on phone settings. You know you have messages, missed calls or voicemails but not who's the originator.

But when a called is received, either a phone call or a hangout phone call, the caller ID and contact picture goes straight to the screen and anybody can answer the call (I think). There are apps to hide that and lock that, but the locking doesn't work with Marshmallow yet.

There are apps that allows you to have a secret contact list, and will sent you a dummy notification when you get a call or message. First, the one I tried doesn't work with Marshmallow yet. Second, they will not possibility work with Hangout for your 2nd line.

My solution for the calling screen is to block it. You can just block the phone app in notification settings. The phone still rings but at the screen there will be nothing. You have to unlock the phone, open the phone app, and tap return to call in progress. That's a very discreet solution but the 2nd line is your problem. Also, unlike using an obvious app to do that, people won't think that you have something to hide, just dump for setting the phone wrong. Also, you still have other notifications such as missed calls and voicemail.

You can do the same to Hangout, blocking it. The phone still rings but there's no way to answer it even when you open Hangout. Though you can find out who's call you missed. That's not bad as you can turn it on and then off when you don't need it. You just have to remember to block it when you don't want your contact to appear on the calling screen. Also, all my companions now use text, and only text.

The solution is to App Block Hangout. Super App Block works. You don't see anything from HO unless you unlock the phone. But app block doesn't work on the phone dialer. It only locks the dialer but not when you are receiving calls.

Your 2nd GV number has no relation to your Fi number so everything goes through 4G. Google uses multiple carriers so you may even have better coverage. However, not so long ago I went to an fast growing area that don't even have 3G. GV don't even work and I have to phone Google to dial out with my GV number.

The voice command on the 5X is pretty good and useful. The hot word is "OK Google" and it's always detecting. If you find it awkward you can just tap the mic icon or change it to "Hey Honey" using open mic+ for example. Mic+ is a mess but you can just focus on changing the hot word. It works even when Google doesn't want it to use it's speech recognition server. As for the Google recognition, it put up with the many accents and mood that I am capable of. Though, there are some mic ownership conflicting issues when you use it repeatedly.

"Hey Honey, how to say I love you in Spanish?" My honey didn't miss a beat and works flawlessly. Remember the good old days when I was using a Spanish little travel phrase pbook to lookup "one hour" in Barcelona. It took so much effort to take it out and flip the pages. And when I used a pocket electronic Spanish translator in Buenos Aires, it was so slow to type with one finger that my companion snatched it and type on it herself. When the going is tough my Honey will translate it for me at least. I only need to tap the speak icon on google translate to get it said. It even worked for Chinese!

The voice command is perfect when you are driving around, in 120+ countries. Maps and navigation doesn't use much data and 3G is adequate, or the phone will store enough information even when you browsed it on Wifi. You can actually save some areas for a long period. You can "find" the hotel without worrying about the location beforehand. You can also find starbucks or mcdonald for free wifi just in case.

Now that my new generations of companions all use text and only text, I can say "Hey Honey, text Big N Easy I will be late for 10 mins." And say yes to confirm all without my hands off my steering wheel. That will work flawlessly if she is on the phone Contact list. So if you have a secret phone book voice will not work. And since there's no secure way to hide your contacts on the phone, with voice command you never need to scroll through your contacts in front of other people. You phone is always locked and others cannot look at your contacts without your fingerprint or pattern.

The size of the screen is important when you need to browse and type something on a mobile unfriendly site. This is still needed sometimes to send a private mail to some new acquaintances to verify your handle. And when you are stood up at the last minute. The keyboard is OK for the size. And when you tap on some ambiguous areas on the website, chrome will blow up the area for you to tap on the right place.

Update: When I was looking into how to let others borrow my phone without showing the contacts and history when dialing, I rediscovered multi-user mode. It made many apps obselete that offers a secret phone book and secret storage. It's already on Lollipop but a lot of phones don't support it.

The mode is like login on a computer for sharing tablets. Everything is separate and private! (with important exceptions.) There is a default user 'guest', which fits my original purpose. One wipe and two taps allow you to switch user, plus a little memory swapping delays. You can setup other named users and you are the superuser.

Let's all the normal default user Normal who setup up a user called Secret. First, you need to enable phone calls and sms because they come to the phone. Normal will have my personal Google account, any shared Google account for work, family and play. And any normal accounts such as outlook. Secret will also have my personal Google account to get my contact lists, and any accounts whose information I don't want to miss. You can setup the two to be identical too. Secret will have in addition my Player Google account where all the secret contacts are there.

User separation includes settings. That is, fingerprint lock as well as any other lock works separately. You may use a different finger too!

Then you need Hangout on the Secret user. HO goes with Google account so nobody else will be able to peep into it. So Normal can use HO too without mixing up.

When Secret is active, you can have all the normal notifications provided you are expecting calls and sms from your secret contacts. And that you will switch to Normal as soon as there are any chance of privacy issues. But all the above privacy measures works. Calls and SMSs will always follow the phone. HO will follow the Google account on the phone.

When Normal is active, you will not receive anything from the 2nd GV number. To get it, you set the GV number to forward voicemail, missed calls, text to email. Then you forward email to your normal Google account. The important thing is that there's no secret contact list in Normal, but it's one wipe and two taps away.

To even get secret calls in Normal, you need 3 Google accounts, your personal account, the player account, and a secret contact list account. So when user Normal is active, you have your personal data, Player's HO for in and out, but no secret contact list.

User Secret have all the 3 Google accounts and the full secret contact list. In the Player account, you can merge all the secret list into a single one with a name you pick. So as user Normal, you know a secret contact is calling you and decide to answer. You can have individual 'safe' name too.

What if for legacy someone secret have your personal Fi number? The 3 account method will solve it. For the safe name, you should pick a name or company that nobody will want to answer the phone in a million years, or dial it even if he/she got hold of the contact list. This is just the function those now obsolete apps provide. But you cannot hide users, just give it safe names.

The dialer is the problem because it will suggest contacts when your lent your phone to someone to dial. You should really switch to guest.

The whole account duplication thing cost little storage, unless you duplicate a lot of apps in both users.  You can have secret apps but cannot hide updating. Phone history is shared among users, even guest.

iPhone 6S has the new multi-user feature. You can also have Hangout on it. But I'm not so sure about seamless combination of multiple contact lists.

Update: so far so good. When you have the same phone number with two different names on two logged in Google accounts, both of them will be displayed for incoming calls. For searching contacts including voice search, all the words are searched, not just the names.  So you can add a field that is not normally displayed to hold the full name. This is for the contact list with fake names or companies.

The only bug I have is that my personal account is on both users on the phone. When I switch to the secret user, the default messenger keep notifying me that I have new messages. This not true. All the messages are taken care of when I was in the Normal user mode. It's not just one or two, but one every few minutes. It continues even when I deleted all sms.

BTW, I read a Backpage ad about not allowing VOIP numbers. How to tell?  My home uses VOIP. My mobile is Project Fi, which is a Google Voice number. Update: so it's easy and free to see if it's a GV number if it is supplied by Bandwidth. But if the number is ported to GV you will most likely get the old/original carrier, unless you have some paid searches. The fact is, I doubt if Backpage providers will have the time to check, unless it's a very organized big operation, or very high class low volume operation, both are not likely or not good for you at BP.

Bugs: In multi user mode, phone and sms is still somewhat shared, if the same google account is included in both users. If you want to ban twitter sms 40404, you have to do it in each user. But the number appear only once, in only one list. So you have random but frequent sms notifications but no sms on the user that cannot ban it. I don't know how I was subscribed to the feed and no notification ever how to disble it. Any class action lawyers? The stupid thing is, after I did a search to unscribe from it, it don't understand "off, fuck off, or I will sue". It have to be just "off" and nothing else. Stupid.

Bugs: Only somewhat multi user related. Hangout incoming call works on Google Voice number normally. But it may not work in certain circumstances. During tethering it may not work. If one of the Google account have a unverified Google Voice number, it may disable incoming call for the verified GV number. I'm not sure which one failed me.

So far so good. Do you remember some older documentary about prostition and the internet? Showing someone sitting before the computer monitor, browse and then call? Now is totally different. I'm a full road warrior now. Of course you can do it many years ago. But it was not that convenient as I don't need to do anything on the road except from travelling to work and back home. And there was no absolute to.

Browsing in the car is probably more private than work or home. Then I have to make private message to ID myself and make contact. And receive a junk of alphabets to decode. In the past I maintain a list of backups, second choices, when I setoff. Either I took it with me or I can recall from my phone via the internet.

Now the local boards had evolved. There's no double booking. No upselling. No fake pictures if you know who to pick. So there's little need to have backups. But in case I need it, I can do everything it with my laptop with tethering from the phone. I can also do it on the phone too - sites with mobile versions are pretty good. As this is my only need for 4G, it's silly to pay for other than per MB used. I was happy with limited 3G but the carriers killed it all, one way or the other.

Also, girls were at, and still is stuck at, Craiglist's mode, where you answer the call when having no clients. Reply to voice messages if you are not overwhelmed. And do some screening if you have the means and time. If they have bookers to answer the phone, they are agencies or well paid.

Now non-BP girls have bookers to take private messages and text. (Or they can handle it themselves provided they are low volume not overwhelmed.)  So there is no rush to the phone and whether to keep the notifications on during sex! Everything runs smoothly for evefybody.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The auditions

And the winner is:

Nat. Actually a new winner emerges every time after I see a new girl, putting my auditions into jeopardy. But after today, Nat is the clear winner for now.

I saw her only once, but not today. She didn't claim to be new and she stated her age as late twenties. That's all the surprising because her pictures are the best. I always wanted to see her, if only for curiosity. Either she posted trick pictures or she would ask for an arm and a leg.

At the end, I didn't see her before because she seldom stops in my town, preferring posh neighborhoods (as stated in her ads). My neighborhood is posh, but not big centers that can support a lot of girls. Or you can say the population isn't that concentrated as some well know cities or towns.

I was surprised when she replied my private mail. Her fees are humble relative to her looks. So I have doubts about her pictures, or her face that was hidden. But then, you know the competition; there are plenty of new girls younger than her, younger by a lot.

Her hotel is Vegas style, with parking and entrances all around. The ground level is like indoor plazas and the lobby is large. So you can walk around and take the lift at the lobby without the feeling of staff and guests watching you every step.

She greeted me in a pinkish party dress with matching classic high heels. Not only that she practised the good old escort custom, she looked like a classic hooker too! Her outfit is totally modern. But nowadays everybody wears little if at all when they greeted me.

She has long blond hair, delicate pale skin, all natural, tall, slim, with long legs, in a party dress that fit and show off her curves and some legs.

We were trying to greet each other with a hug, but we had a problem. She had to lower herself a few inches so out cheeks can meet! I discovered a little later that she wasn't any taller than me, but she was in her heels a couple of inches high. I don't know why she didn't kick off her heels when she saw me in the peephole. I know girls do choose to wear heels or barefoot at the door. But maybe she rarely have clients that is 6 ft tall so she might just as well wear it all the time to show off.

Just when I was admiring our first meeting in the old fashioned way, she turned around and asked me to unzip her. Her dress slipped off her easily and she was wearing nothing inside. She was really waiting for me to undress her so I kneel down and pulled her dress down to the floor, revealing her gorgeous bottom and legs. I kissed her round firm bottom.

Everything was beyond my expectations, and that's rare. Her pictures are real, even taken over time. Her body has no visible weakness, tight tummy, narrow waist, medium natural breast that is nice to look at. The other tell tale sign is that she is comfortable in broad daylight naturally gotten into her room. No dimming or drawn curtains.

And her face didn't disappoint at all. Not that sort of beautiful face that you can't take your eyes off. Her face looks very natural, seems to have little makeup on. The more you look, the more you feel she is beautiful. May be not that beautiful but very proud to show off as your girl friend. But her face is actually cute at late twenties. Maybe the little pair of cat tooth helped. Indeed she doesn't look that old. She can claim 21. If she is smaller she can definitely claim that.

On top of that, she is always cheerful. She is conversational but not talkative. I can sense that everything goes through her brain but not calculating. Well, may be calculating but not in a bad way. She's not pretending to be classier than she is, and certainly not trying to be trashy.

When we proceed to the bed naked, she laid flat on the bed bottoms up. I puzzled for a sec and then realized that I kissed her butt a little and complimented it when I took her dress off. How accomodating.

She twitched when I was going down her cracks so I knew she wasn't into that. So I wet her long legs with my tongue, going through miles of pale smooth flawless skin, thigh muscle, lower leg muscle, ankles and all the flesh. Not her feet and toes this time because she was barefeet.

Then I roll her around and dived into her puzzy, perfectly shaved. I had at least two candidates that don't like being eaten. I'm not big on that but, well, it's just not imitate without that. Then I went up and greeted her breasts. Well, they are good looking but not those enhancements that can drive you crazy once in a while.

After I done all my routines with satisfaction, I laid down and let her took over. She was almost on top of me with her body weight fully onto me. And she was holding my cock without letting go for a second. It was strange when some girls just pull off my pants and started sucking.

The strange part was that she started kissing me, not only DFK, but also tongue wrestle, and let me suck her tongue out. And it wasn't me. My head was relaxed on the pillow. When her mouth came close, I would suck or stretch my tongue out. She kept that on for a few minutes, seems like eternity.

All the time I felt that there was something on her mind. One thing may be the size of my cock. Well, may not be the length, but certainly the thickness, the diameter, and the stiffness. Either she was figuring out how to dampen the stiffness a bit or she was letting her juice come out.

Or she was going all out to own me? In any case I wasn't complaining, being under a beautiful woman, being DFKed every three seconds for hundreds of times doing nothing but opening my mouth or sticking my tongue out.

My only worry was that she tried to skip the blowjob, or even worse, tried to give me a handjob finish. But certainly it wasn't a handjob. She was holding it as if only to sense the thickness of it in real time.

Finally, she released my cock and blew. Surprisingly it was mean, a mean blowjob. Not only that it had all the trimmings, suck, lick, roll around, tongue probing, she even throw in some throat work time and time again. It's not deep throat but you feel good and feel the effort putting into it.

She took her time, again, as if she was waiting for her juice to flow. This is more plausible because it wouldn't have helped her by DFKing me marathonly, unless she really liked me.

I had to tell her that my dam will burst if she wasn't going to start fucking me. Of course not in those words; I wasn't trying to be classy or trashy. I think she might have accepted failure and put lubrication on top of the condom.

I always preferred cowgirl nowadays, not because I loved it, but because I don't  want to ram into their puzzies without enough warmup.

When I told her to get off the horse, she asked me if I wanted doggy. Just because I kissed her butt once when I got into the room! I said spoon and she bent over sideways on the bed. I'm too lazy to do a doggy.  It wasn't really a spoon as she was bent but I could watch her butt and waist and played with her legs. I could still reach for her breasts that weren't far away.

She is GFE material so I finished in the missionary position. I was sucking her face hoping she would turn around and DFK, sucking in fluid above and releasing below. But she wouldn't do it. I wasn't pushing as she had done enough GFE.

After I came she wouldn't let me pull out. Well, I always love to stay inside the warmth, and stay on top the soft cushions, who wouldn't. But usually I stayed a little bit and pull out myself before they wanted to push me out. For her I didn't feel some encouragement to stay longer. Even after I pulled out finally, she immediately got on top of me, not exactly but almost. And instead of putting her head on my chest, she put it on my head, crushing my head in a good way.

I enjoyed it but my condom was still on. So after enough body warmth, I told her I needed to shower. The strange thing is, after I got out naked, she came over quick, embraced me and held me with arms around my neck. That prevented me from putting my pants on right next to me.

So I was standing there, didn't know what to do except for holding her and caressing her. Minutes must have passed. Maybe she wanted to show that she would miss me, or she liked me too much to let me go so soon. Maybe she wanted another shot. It's the money but maybe it's the challenge because I mentioned somewhere that nobody read that I once had to reject an excellent offer because I normally couldn't do multiples. The law of diminishing returns.

Finally she let me go because she sensed that the stiffness in my cock wasn't going to come back.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

State of the fucking union

Congratulations, anti-human trafficking seems to be progressing. They seems to be discovering real victims and arrested the right kind of people. Not a joke anymore. They should be credited that they are not trying to link Backpages and the like for silly reasons.

Please take out the anti-prostitution ads in Backages. You should be grateful that BP and the like did a lot of disservice to online hookup. Basically, BP ads without filtering from the "community" are rip-offs, and very discouraging to future hookups for newbies, both financially and emotionally.

Look at Amazon. Reviews are a good thing. Nobody will read newspapers if they can't comment on it. Now that professionals are less hostile to feedback, clients are providers are safer in many ways.

You have to look at on the ground law enforcement to see that BP isn't a threat, but a help to discourage prostitution. Maybe they have no legal reason to go after BP, but they tried to go after TER a long time ago but failed. They did close down The Red Book just because the owners are small flies who don't want to fight. They pay a small fee to stay out of trouble and keep their millions. This is very encouraging to future webmasters.

Cityvibe knows where the money is and started a review site. But knowing what they are afraid of, LE close them down.

A world without BP? On Friday I just had sex with a beautiful 21 year old blonde in a 5* hotel, in a suite!! I didn't pay for any of those nice extras and I didn't even pay for the CV price. I don't know how they break even.

Previously if the girls are late, it's likely their session overran. Now it's likely that they are late because of underestimating the traffic. When they get a booking, they put down other things, doll-up a bit and drive to the hotels. My estimate is that they do one or two appointments a day when their turn comes. Some lesser full timers could only do two a week!

I'm Mr Smith again. Previously, I booked discounted hotel rates for Chanel, mostly 3 to 5 stars hotels as the rest aren't worthwhile listing on the system. That's not too bad as I tend to book different hotels all the time and I checked in myself. Now imagine that a 21 year old blonde girl check-in a few minutes before me wandering into the hotel looking for the lift, all in the slow afternoon with few customers hanging in the lobby.

Some hotels have wings with doors opening during daytime and evening, better than motels that require door cards. Yes, they have cams but that's good discrete security. Very safe. Unlike some lesser motels, who give bounty if staff report hookers, hotel staff are usually helpful and of course they know what's going on. Stay discreet, stay classy, play by the rules and nobody will bother you. When I was at the hotel parking structure exit, wondering what to do with my parking ticket when the sign says you have to use credit card in the reception, the gate mysteriously open to let me out.

On the other hand, one copycat hot teen can single-handedly turn a 5 star hotel into a brothel.

I auditioned and found a leggy blonde that is quite down to earth. She is humbled after doing it maybe a year or half. But I'm not sure how local she is. I need a sure thing this time so I called this 21 year old.

She is model leggy, came with platform high heels as if I told her to. She has enhanced breasts with tiny waist. She is pretty too that's why I picked her in the first place. She is eager to please, like not sure to stay standing up or lie down, not sure to keep her heels or take it off.

With all that, I didn't think she looks 21, a few years older may be. But since I almost see plenty of high school girls running a mile into residential areas most days of the week, if they are under 18, then this blonde may well be 21.

Given half the chance, she asked if there are plenty of girls nowadays. Sure. It seems she doubled down. I think her enhancements are pretty new. If not, others boost their new boob jobs. She seems to have a small patch of tat removal, and some skin treatment too because hers is soo nice to look at and to touch. But her legs and butt are perfect, so much so I got the crazy feeling of rimming the 1st 19 years old many years ago.

Also, I may understand why one after the others gave me such mind blowing blow jobs. I think this is a way to get themselves wet. No joking. They may not get that excited, but the delay may buy them some time. Then, the very wet blowjob is by itself the lubrication. When all else fail, she spat on be before riding on. It could be skanky but in a 5 star hotel suite, it's lovely. It's much classier than another teen who took a tube of lube out at the critical moment.

Talking about tat, it's much different from a couple of years back when there were still complaints and negativeness against it. Now it's pretty much the mainstream with movie stars and PTA parents all having it. But teens always stay ahead of time. Now I can't stand is the body piercings.  Belly button is OK. Nipple piercing is a no no. But those are expected. Now time and time again I see a picture of an angelic face with a nose ring on. Or a bud above the lips. Or right on the cheek.

Honestly, piercings are not bad looking compared to large tats. But I feel the pain when I saw their pictures. And I wouldn't go near them wondering what they are thinking in their twisted minds. Tongue piercing? Freak in a circuit?

The other pet hates are pictures without a smile. Did you girls ever think about that? If you show your face but without a single smile, what does that communicate? Show us that you like to serve, serve with a smile and see how you look like when you do it.

When the going is tough, what do escorts do? Bringing back fake pictures. But this time, you can google to see where the pictures originally come from. The more fake pictures, the more likely is google being able to find the original. Somebody please tell them. A waste of time.